Monday 30 August 2010

My Last Post From SFF

Morning to you all, its the last day of the festival, and I'm busy packing up me bed.
  To some up the weekend, I have enjoyed it, lost me temper a couple of times, I do get a bit grumpy when I don't have me afternoon sleep.
 Evey body has been very nice to me, so I am hoping that we can come back next year.
Yesterday I came across something funny, some peeps had brought with them, not one but two stuffed dogs!! how weird is that !! 

To finish off with, we have photos of the Morris dancer's and some of the artists at night

The Procession of the Morris Dancer's

Don't know the name of these!

The Shropshire Bedlams

Crook Morris

Severn Gilders

The Ironmen

The Knots of May

Rivington Morris

Wharfdale Wayzgoose

Billy Bragg Main Stage

Afro Celt Sound System, Main Stage 

Calan, in The Sabrina Marquee

Thanks for all your comments over the posts, will catch up with you all in the week.
Signing off from Shewsbury Folk Festival 2010.

George xxx

Sunday 29 August 2010

George live on Sunday at SFF

Hi to you all, its very windy here, its making me fuzz hair go all over the place!!
We have had some bad rain but its sunny now. 
Some photo's of the site

Tried to get onto the bus, so they could give me an interview,  no chance!!


These are our local Morris men.
The Ironmen and Severn Gilders, the Gilders are the lady's, its a big thing for me,
 to see them for the first time,
So I just had to show um some of me Morris dancing

Signing off for now George xxx

Saturday 28 August 2010

George signing in Live from SFF

I've found a tree, Dad says I'm a tree hugger!!!
Looks like I've lost me head!! I was looking the other way.

To answer some of your questions

Did you really put the tent up?
I don't know how a tent go's together!

Do you sleep well in a tent?
Yes out like a light

What does dad do, sing, shake his booty, plat an instrument?
Dad plays a guitar and sings.

Is he performing?
No, but has brought his guitar for a ride in the car, and hopes to do some workshops. 

Floss a lady WT, she was looking after her tent so was not to happy for me to get close,
Might try again before we go home, I gave her me blog card, so hopefully will see her at a WELTAF meeting.

Some of The Wharfale Wayzgoose Morris team

The Crook Morris Team on stage

I hope all animals can move!!!

Time for some food, No Bones No Way!!!
That's better a pie.

Look at this nice Wagon owned by "Pete the Waggon" with two gg's

He has a tractor called Lady Jane, but left it at home, its done up the same as the wagon

Signing off, gotta go and see some music, sorry but I will catch up with your blogs when I get home!
I have to save on me batteries
George xxx 

Saturday Steps Live from The Festival

Signing off for now George xxx

Friday 27 August 2010

Thursday 26 August 2010

Say Hi to Inky and Molly + Cheesie Tuesday+++

Hello to all of you, first up I would like you to meet my furiends
Two Airdales from Australia, they were one of my first followers. But they have been a little quiet lately, not that there anything wrong in that, we all have busy lives, but there back on the ball, and are Celebrating there 100th post +one year bloggin+ 70 followers, and would like to get to meet some new friends.
 They have a give away going on to celebrate. So if you don't know then pop in and say hi.

On to Cheesie Tuesday at the Pub, now I have to diplomatic here, cus I have two pubs, yes two that I like going in The Station and The Crown, both real ale pubs, and me and the landlords get on great. 
Now Cheesie Tuesday takes place in The Station.

 I will be doing a post about The Crown soon, don't won't the landlord to think I've forgot him!
 (there are rumors going around that he's is doing
 something special for me)  

Each Tuesday the regulars take it in turns to bring some different cheeses into the pub, so peeps can try them. this week was Dads turn, mom brought me my own doggie cheese, biscuits and dog beer.

What she don't know is, I have the peeps cheese and Guinness froth anyway.

You can see there's not much left on the table. Dad looks like he's got me in a death grip!!
He was just holding me glass for me.
Even time to watch a Domino's match

So there you have it, my Tuesdays in the pub.

This weekend I'm doing something I've not done before, in fact two things!! Camping and a Folk Festival. I've been practicing me folk dancing, so I don't show mom and dad up.
 I'm getting quite good at it,  as for the camping I'll let you know, my bedrooms coming with me so that's OK, just hope the tents bigger enough!!! 

They have a live web cast going on so you can see what music is going on in the main tent, and I can get on the Internet, so if it works I will try and put up small posts up over the weekend.    
Just click on the link, and see if there's any of the artists that you know and can recommend us to see!!
That's if you are into Folk!!!
See Yea Soon George xxx

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Nearly to the Top this Time!!!!

We went back to Gran and Granpops at the weekend, this time to get to the top of The Stiperstones.
Of course dad had to have a cup of tea, a sandwich, and do the crossword before we set off.
He's doing the small one on the other side, if he started on the big one you can see we'd be here all week!
Look Grans got a photo of me when I was a pup, on the window sill

Just checking Gran's making the sandwich how dad like its, she don't look like this without a head, but shes like mom don't liked to be photographed. If only I could grow a couple more inches I could counter surf.


Dad took that long trying to finish it that me and  Dougall had time to make up, the last time we met he was being a right pain in the butt fuzz.


That's where we're going right to the top, time for a quick zoomie around one of Granpops fields, I now know that this was a silly thing to do, when I've got a 3mile walk to come!! 

Now if you don't know, mom is the worlds worst at map reading, in this case that's OK we don't need a map you can see the route to go, its not to hard, that's the bit that you can easy walk though the heather. Oh no Dads up for going the most direct route, this started off fine, the heather and the billberry bushes being quite low, but the higher we go the bigger they get, All I can hear behind me is mom whinging, "we should have followed the foot path" and " there could be Adder's under here"  and "if George gets any ticks on him I won't be happy" and "he's to small to jump over the heather" " Mom Please, give it a rest!!"

We carried on but in the end I'd had enough of heather and windberries going in me eye's, and they were to big for me to jump over, so dad came to the rescue and picked me up. Thanks Dad moms still behind yacking on "I told you so, next time we go up the path"  
This the closest to the top we got, I'm not pushing my luck, might break a leg going up there.
(don't know the bloke on the top, we was waiting for him to move,
but them his mate joined him, he messed up me photo!!!)   

There's rocks all along the top


"Mom pack it in, no butt shots please!! and that includes Dad"

This part of the rocks is called The Devil's Chair, more about that later.

It was quite misty on the day we went.

This is some rocks that I could get to the top.

Back down to the farm for food

Now I don't know want had happened in the time we had been away, but Dougall true to form had a cob on, he is one moody doxie!!! can you see the face.


Anyway at dinner I sat nice and quiet under the table, while he's yapping his head off at me!! so Gran put him in the dog house to calm down (that's the back hall to you and me) its got a kitty flap, he could jump though it if he wanted, I'm not sure if he is that intelligent!

Oh I forgot to tell you the story of the stones 

This is just one version of the folk law

The story goes that two great dragons, one red and one white fought a terrible battle over the lonely forests and bogs of south Shropshire and were seen in a dream by the great enchanter Merlin. Finally, locked in the embrace of death, they fell to earth and became the mountain ridges of the Stiperstones and the Long Mynd.
This bit of text was taken from this web site,
 which all so has some nice photos of the stones, it is a bit of a spooky place

Granpops version is as follows, he was told this at school all those years ago, so I'm going with this one.

A Giant was carring stones in his apron all the way from Pulverbatch,
when he got to the hill the apron strings broke, he said blow it (Granpops used stronger words than this,  I'm sure they didn't use them words long ago) , and left them there,
which is where they are to this day.

See Yea George xxx