Saturday 29 September 2012

Saturday Steps with Molly, Monty, Taffy, Winnie, and Roxy

What a fun time me and Tess had last Saturday

We meet up first with Roxy, for some fun on the beach

Then, Molly, Monty, Taffy and Winnie turned up

 Me and Molly


Me Monty and Taffy

Roxy, Monty and Tess

Winnie, Monty and Taffy

Monty on the left Roxy on the right and in the back ground
Me Tess, Winnie, Molly and Taffy

We had come to Barmouth for the day to meet up with members of WELTAF

This time each year we get together for a walk 
and to have some fun 

But we had to say good bye and leave them to their walk, Dad was playing in our local pub for folk day so we had to get back home.  We did have just enough time to go back to the beach for another play and an ice cream before setting off for home.

The Sun shone all day.
 It was great meeting up with so many friends from

You can Visit
Molly, Monty, Taffy and Winnie at Terrier Fun 
Via this LINK
Birthday Wishes go to Molly and Taffy as they both had Birthday's this week.

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx

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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Fish 4 Dogs

Hello, we're here to tell you about something real tasty for dogs

FISH!! how many of you dogs have nicked cat food or have gone mad for the smell of cat biscuits!! come on own up.
Have you seen the video of me swimming?

While I was watching it one day up pops an advert
Mmm, I know cats eat fish so decided to take a look.

They do dog food and also treats

We had to work at The Midland Game Fair, and the Fish 4 dogs stand was there.
I got my first taste of a "Sea Jerky Treat"

It was very tasty, mom bought the 
"My Dog Loves Fish goodie bag"

"That's a lot of goodies Tess"
"They sent us some to try as well"

There's allsorts in the range they do.
 Complete Food, Sea Jerky, Sea Biscuits, Salmon Mousse, 
Salmon Oil, Super Star Training Treats.

*No artificial additives
*No artificial preservatives
*No artificial colourings
Wheat Free

"What do you think George?"

"Very tasty"

"Mom get on line and please order us some more"

"Don't worry fish we won't eat you, but you look like you could do with feeding?"

"Mom time to feed the Fish"

Give it a try.

Signing off George and Tess xxx

Saturday 22 September 2012

Saturday Steps with Annie

Annie came to Attingham Park so we could have a walk around together
Do you remember Annie
We met up with her at Ty Mawr Country Park and went over

Annie's Mom has a blog called

"Hang on where you going?"
"Me and Annie have a lot to catch up on, come on George get your act together"

"Annie can you smell the deer?"

"George don't be so ruff, Annie that's not a deer"
"Tess I know that's not a deer!"

"lol George is flying"

"Now look George, there's three of us and three treats, so don't you have all of them" 

"Come on Annie, this bridge isn't so high"

 "Can you tell us her name please? she seems to be shy"

Meet Lottie the pup

"Listen to Uncle George, the more dogs you say "Hello" to, the less shy you will be"

"We didn't know these pigs where here until Roxy showed us last week"

"George don't you feel a little uneasy?"
"Why Annie?"
"Because we've just had some pork pie for lunch!"

"Well Annie hope you enjoyed you walk around Attingham Park"

"Hey Tess I spot a Welshie, and its not Roxy"

"Hi Flo, nice to meet you, Roxy lies down just like that"

  "Hope we see you again one day Flo.
Did I hear someone say ice cream?"


"My tongue's gone numb!!"

"Wait a minute George and you can have some"

"Thank You Eileen its the first time we've had ice cream bought just for us. 
Take note Mom ice cream on our next day out"

We had a lovely time and hope it won't be to long before we meet again.

Have a Good Week
George,Tess and Annie xxx