Sunday 16 June 2013

Later The Same Day

After my photo shoot at Vet's Klinic see the post A Matter of Taste.

It was time to Chill out

 Our first taste of ice cream this year.

On the way back home we stopped off at
Croome Park

More photos of our day on my Flickr page

Bye for now

Love & Hugs
 George & Tess xxx

Thursday 13 June 2013

A Matter of Taste

We know that every dog has his favourite dog food for one reason or another, we do, ours is Vets Kitchen. 
Me and Tess have been fed on it for over 19 months.
 Our reason for starting to buy it.

It’s a high quality food that can be bought at most major supermarkets, Mom picks it up with her weekly shop.

"Are you going to tell them what’s in it George"

"Lets start by saying what's not it in Tess"

There's NO Wheat, Beef, Soya or artificial colours and flavours.

The Salmon & Potato
For healthy skin & Coat
40% delicious salmon
 Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin, coat & immune system
Prebiotics for healthy digestion
Glucosamine & chondroitin for healthy joints
Natural antioxidants

Chicken & Brown Rice
Tasty chicken for high quality protein
Nucleotides to help maintain healthy immune system
Prebiotics for healthy digestion
Glucosamine & Chondroitin for healthy joints
Natural antioxidants

"Hey, Mom how about feeding us?"

"Tess have you got the right amount?"

We never turn our nose's up at it, the kibble is a good size, its OK for me and not to big for Tess, smells good to. 

All gone!!
 Mom says it's very cost affective as you don't have to feed large amounts, and after being fed we always settle down for a sleep!!
Our poops are hard to!

Mom always picks some up from the Vet's Kitchen stand at Crufts as they always have good offer's on, 
we are also on their emailing list.
Not that long ago they sent an email out
"Is your dog the next Top Dog Model?"

Without me knowing Mom sent in a photo of me!!
I got through to the final 10 dogs, 5 would go on to have their photo on the new Dog Food packaging

We had to go to the Vet's Klinic
and I had my photo taken!!

We were made very welcome, that's us and Mom with Joe Inglis the vet that created the Vet's Kitchen foods and runs Vet's Klinic.
We also got a goodie bag to take home.

Was I one of the 5 to be put on the new packaging?

No, I didn't get picked this time


 But they did say they might use my photo on another product.
I'll keep you posted on that one

So now you know why me and Tess have clear eyes, shiny coats and white teeth
We are fed on Vet's Kitchen

Click on the logos for more information

Thanks for popping by
Signing off for now
George & Tess xxx

Saturday 8 June 2013

All Change

We're not sure, its a big change to our blog.
You may of noticed that its now back to George The Lad
The setting won't let me change it, so gone is
 "The George and Tess Adventures" 
 Tess is here and will still be blogging along with me.
I have also put a page at the top of the blog called 
"My Sister Tess" with some photos. 

You can change how you would prefer to view our new look blog.
 Go to the top left hand corner with your mouse where it says Magazine a drop down menu will appear, take your pick.

On the right hand side are small icons. if clicked on you will see it's like the old side bar.

Click on any part of a post to open it up.

There is a reason I picked this lay out, I started blogging to keep a diary, blogging is a great way to do this but the more you blog the harder it is to go back and find posts.
 The Flipcard layout on the drop down list is a very easy way to take a trip down memory lane.

We do apologize

 Firstly for being out of the loop and not visiting our friends.
Also after having one of the longest blogging breaks we have ever had I now have bloggers block!!
 I hope its not a long term condition, bare with us, normal blogging and visiting will return soon.

Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx  

Sunday 2 June 2013



"George there's no need to shout!"

 Hello we thought we better let you know what we have been up to over the last month!!

OK here's goes.

We got to meet a well known Vet 


We met Cousin Celia, and we will be going to see her dogs
 Ted and Twiggy later in the year.


Have had two Pooch Packs, this was April's

This one was May's


Playing with the hose pipe, as you can see George doesn't like water


Having zoomies with Colin


Went on a Welsh Terrier walk with all the above fur friends
(Can you pick us out as we are in the photo?)


We got to meet two friends all the way from 
Denver Colorado, you can't see Sally's face as George just wouldn't stop kissing and hugging her!!!


Birthday celebrations in May


Lots of playing with  fur friends


Me and George always up for a play


We got our first taste of ice cream this year.


We let Mom have time out with camera.


Our paws haven't touched the ground, we have had a great month.
We just need a little more time to get the blog posts done.

Mom has been updating George's Flickr page. 
We like the new look Flickr
 here's a link  

You will find sets of photos 
Check out
 Sandringham 2013 
Roxy's Birthday Party

We hope to be back blogging soon with a new look blog
Thanks for stopping by

Love and Hugs
George and Tess xxx