Saturday 30 June 2012

Saturday Steps with Finn and a LINK

We found some steps, it was a close shave as the rain didn't stop until late Sunday afternoon. 
I've done these steps before, its our train station and no there's not 397 of them!!

"Ok Finn over to you"

Hewwwow!  I'm Finn, and I live with my Momma and Pops in New York.  Some people say it's the big apple, but we really don't have any large apples around here, I just don't know what's that all about.
Anyway, here I am last fall on some steps to a place called
 a moo-seee-um, it was a historic house where Momma used to work and I got to go with her every day. 
The house was built between 1918-1921 and was called a Gold Coast mansion.  I dunno about that either because we never got any gold there.  Momma says it was the North Shore of Long Island, and back in the 1920s, it was where the elite from New York City came and spent their weekends, like the characters in The Great Gatsby.  The house was in a park and some people who worked there made sure it was decorated for every season, and we love the mums they put out in the fall.  And here I am sitting on the steps to front door.  Where's the butler?  Someone let me in!!

Ok, that's enough rambling for me
Hope you like my steps!

"Thanks for joining me this week Finn, mom loves that door and the flowers are beautiful, of course my eyes are on the steps!"

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Thanks Finn and Sophie.

This months Tess will be out sometime this week

See Yea Soon
Love George xxx

Saturday 23 June 2012

Saturday Steps

Well, would you believe it this is the last step photo in our files!
The weather has been that bad we've not managed to sniff out any steps!!
 Mom doesn't like using her camera when its raining, 
"Mom use an umbrella"

So wish us luck that we find some for next Saturday!!!

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  Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx

Saturday 16 June 2012

Saturday Steps with Mr Pim at Westonbury Mill Water Gardens

Mr Pim is on his steps

He's working on his Oak Tower which will have a viewing platform on the first floor and a water powered mechanism that will work the clock and make a large bird sing every hour!!

Mr Pim's garden is open to the public.

Its dog friendly so we got to have a look around
There are all sorts of interesting things to look at.
We would just like to say at this point that 
"dogs on leads are allowed in the garden"
 we had our leads on all the time Mom photo shops them off.
We don't want to miss lead anyone

We arrived at midday, dad can't do anything without having a cup of tea

We had to wait while they had dinner!!

"George just what is that thing?"

"Its a water wheel, I think!"

"its taking the water to the top of the tower, I can see steps George"

  "Look I know I like steps but these are a bit on the slippy side"

"The water must be filling up the tower!"

"Wow, quick look at this"

"The water's coming out of the funny face"

"and seagulls flying around"

"Heck Tess they aren't seagulls they're Doves that live in the tower"

"come on lets take a look at this"

"someone likes wine!"

"It says in the leaflet that its made out of 5,000 wine bottles"

"The reflection in the pond is amazing"

"They don't look like Wine bottles" 

"I bet Dad could make us a dog house out of his beer bottles"

"Come on Tess nearly at the top"

 "are you going to look, I can see a bridge"

"Tess this is how you cross a bridge, don't look down and keep walking. Are you listening?"

"I can't look, she won't do it"

"don't look down and keep walking, don't look down and keep walking,  George I'm almost there"

"Well done Tess, I thought Mom would have to carry you across"
"I just closed my eyes"

"George do you think we might get some tea, I could do with a rest"

 While we're having a break Mom can show you some more photos 

We enjoyed our time at 

So I'm going to give Mr Pim and his gardens my 4 Paws up award

We will be going back when he has finished the giant water powered cuckoo clock.

Have a Good Week
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx