Tuesday 28 September 2010

Weekend Away

Hello to all of you, we're back home, so will be catching up with you over the next week, hello to my new followers will come and see you to. Right I don't think I need to tell you but this is one of the longest posts I've done!!! so make sure you've got yourself a drink and some nibbles, there we go

Ok if you read the Saturday Steps Excusive, you will know that we ended up in this place called Barmouth.
Right by the sea, the weather was good and not to hot, the best was we were stopping in the same B&B as Molly, Taffy and Monty, it made it even more special because it was Molly's Birthday on Saturday and Taffys on Sunday, I got them both presents, but Taffy please don't drink the bottle in one go!! you might end up doing more zoomies than you can handle!!
This photo was taken first thing in the morning, just before they dumped me in the car, so they could go and get breakfast!!! Dad said he'd bring me a sausage but I don't remember seeing one all weekend!      

Anyways they came back a while later, got in the car and we ended up at this place

yep a hotel called George The 3rd Hotel.
 Now I may be a dog of very little brain but why put a sign there, know body in there right mind would picnic on water! and were the heck is the hotel, its not this way

Only joking here it is, just look what mom did missed the G off!!

I was going to leave this out and put it in one of my posts about my name and places but, this George the 3rd came back to haunt me on Sunday!

We had to get back quick, other wise we would miss the walk. The meet up was at the end of the sea front, walking down it we came across a pup called Buster, it was the first time he had been out after all his jabs.

I told him not to worry, I'd play gently with him.
I have to say he was a cute little feller.

I'd not met this little lady before, she was called Bonnie, "Bow Wow".

Then out the corner of my eye I see the one and only Jenkins on the beech

"Dad quick lets go down and say hi" 

Jenkins is into Morris Dancing to, we always have a little jig together.

I'm tired out already!! and the walks not started. The rest of the gang turned up, including the famous Molly, Taffy and Monty, and we were on are way.

When we got to the other side of the hill we had a break.

Monty and me had a chat, he was telling me how funny it was that most of the entries into the who did it competition thought Taffy did it lol.

We knew it would never be taf, us Welshies would never do anything like that.
 Taffy got a neck rub from dad.

A group shot

Time to move on.

I need a drink!!!! it's WATER not BEER

 We got over the other side of the estuary by walking across the bridge, you can just see it in this photo, the peeps had to pay 70p return!!!

Anyways we were walking back across

Mom was just taking this photo when the hole bridge started to shake, what the heck was going on!!! 

Then this appeared from no where, right above are heads, now I'm used to trains, but not that close, it scared the living day lights out of all of us.


We quickened up the pace to get across before another one came.

On getting back to the town it was fish and chips for tea, yes I did get a tiny peace
of fish. Then back to the B&B for a sleep. 

 do I look worried well yes I was!!!

"DOG SHOW" did you say "DOG SHOW"
I've been in one of them before, and got unplaced in the category  "The dog the judge would like to take home" ( click on this link if you want to see the post)

So we get to this place called Arthog, Dad enters me into "Best  Graduate" and "The Best Welsh Terrier" group
We take a seat and wait and wait and wait, one hour yes over an hour I was sat there!! with not one sign of a treat, how I held meself together I don't know.

"Dad how much longer"

"Soon I hope, my legs are going to sleep, wished you'd lost that Kg in weight!"

"have we got to do that dad"  


"Right we're on, don't worry George just follow me, no back on the black mat"

"How did we do dad, how did we do" 

"Shhh the judge is watching"

"Dad I feel sick, how much longer"

"Will you be quite, you sound just like your mother, it won't be long" 

"Yey George your 3rd, well done"

Hang on that was the name of that Hotel George The 3rd, how freaky is that!!
3rd there was only three of us in the group, that makes me last again!!

"Right we're in the next round to, The Best Welsh Terrier"

"Do yea think if I do a bit of me folk dancing I might get points for it"

"You can try if you want"

"You know dad I'm not into this show lark, promise you won't put me though this again"

"George its just a bit of fun,we love you as your are, so it doesn't matter where you are placed"

"Hey mister judge how have I done?"

"Dad it aint looking to good"

Ahhhhh LOL!!!! BOL!!!!

I got two rossettes for me trouble, plus some dog food.

They are on my bedroom door, I don't mind coming last some one has to, I bet them other dogs don't have a dog blog with furiends from all over the world, that means more to me, so I won't be going to any more dog shows. Did you hear that dad, no more dog shows.

So there you have it, my Weekend Away.

Till next time have a good week, what's left of it.

George The 3rd and last lol !!!!!!!!

Saturday 25 September 2010

Saturday Steps Excusive

Well, we are here at the surprise destination, its a beech, its in Wales, its
Thank you for all your comments wishing me well, I am back to full health.
I've had a meet up with Molly,Taffy and Monty  and all the rest of the gang, we all went on a walk together.
From the front, me, Monty, left Molly and Taffy on the right. Taffy was just telling that dog its a Terrier walk only.

I've passed on your best wishes, but something you might not know is its Molly's Birthday today!! and Taffy's tomorrow, its would be real nice if you just popped by and wished them a Happy Birthday.

I'll  put in a full report in the week. 

See Yea George xxx

Saturday Steps

Weston Park, Shropshire steps up to the conservatory, I had a bit of a Zoomie on at the time.

See Yea George xxx

Thursday 23 September 2010

Thanks Taffy

Hi everyone, Moms been a stick in the mud,  and not let me go on the pawtop, she said I was not well enough!!
(no its not, shes been busy at work and flaking out when she gets home!)

 OK yes I did have to go back to the vets, cus I was chucking up, it was all to do with the pain in me ear, the vet didn't think so, she gave me another jab and said if this didn't stop me from being sick I'll have to have a
 X Ray! I don't think so. The best bit was she said to put me on a chicken diet for the next three days, yea a result.  Anyways I'm fine, not quite 100% put getting there. 

The thing that made me feel better was I got a parcel from Taffy   I'd entered his who did it competition and  came runner up.

Thanks Taffy you made my day 

In the card he sent me, he'd put, look forward to making your acquaintance next weekend at ********
Now I didn't know what that meant, come on mom want does it mean.

"well this weekend we are going to a place to meet up with members of WELTAF which stands for Welsh Terrier and Friends, Taffy is a member, I don't know if Monty and Molly will be there"

"Wow mom, does that mean I get to meet one of my blogging furiends for real "

"Yes that right but I'm not going to tell you where we are going, it will be a surprise"

"OK,OK I'll let you put me ear drops in without a fight, honest"

I'm soooo excited, I'll keep you posted,  will catch up with you all soon, when these up and down days pass!!!

See Yea George xxx 

Sunday 19 September 2010

My Up and Down four days

I've had a funny four days, two ups and two downs

Lets start with an up, 

I got my photo in the paper, not just the local free one, but the county one!

A down

I have an ear infection

An up

I have been to the vets and got me medicine  

A down

The vet says I have to lose weight!

How that's the quickie post!!!
If you would like to know the full version them please read on  
I do warn you it is a long post!

It all started on Thursday, dad gets a phone call from John the landlord of The Crown in Oakengates, Dads playing at a folk day in the pub, the paper wanted a photo, so peeps knew it was on.
 He was just about to go out the door and I stopped him. Hang on dad, what about me, I'm a local at the pub and put up with your playing and singing all the time at home!!
 (maybe that's where me ear infection has come from!!)
So off we go to the pub, the photographer said I was a natural LOL

Friday, Mom gets the paper there we are page 19 in
The Shropshire Star.

Friday morning was when mom noticed me right ear, I'd tried to tell her before going to bed!!
It sounded all watery when she massaged it. Now I have had this with my left ear not that long ago, so she's straight on the phone to get me to the vets.
Turned out the only appointment we could get was Saturday at 11.50. 
 The idea was that  mom would go and take some photos of dad playing, then come and pick me up later, I was quite happy about this, like I say I get to hear him all the time, so  bit of a break is always welcome.  Well that went out the window, dads playing at 12.30, so we just had time to go the vets then straight  to the pub to catch dad.!

I got checked over, ears cleaned out, pain killing jab, ear drops put in, and to top it off got weighted,
 oh no. seems I need to loose a bit. 
 I'll get back to that later.

Anyways we turned up at the pub, and there're Morris Dancers!! we stopped and watched, then it was time to go and see dad.  

 Dad and Andy
They played, Mingulay Boat Song, Pale Shelter, Home For a Rest (tell me about it!) and Tainted Love!! don't think that's a  folk song ! you can YouTube the songs to see want they sound like, mom needs to get sorted with a video recorder! or maybe not LOL

Lord Brockon (he's not a real Lord he's in character) and  Dad accompanying him on the guitar, to Waltzing Matilda and Walk on The Wild Side, now there was tears coming down moms checks, I didn't think it was that funny, but according to her they are not the proper words to the song!!! you peeps do some weird things! Looking at the photo dad looks like he's got a bad ear to!

While I'm laying there I notice something behind the bar and got mom to take a photo, 

Have a look

no don't think you can see it on that one, "take one closer mom"

"By George" on a pump clip , will put this in my collection, thanks you to all of you that have sent me emails of photos, I have loved looking at them and will be doing a post soon with them all on.
Now this brings me to beer, hope you are still all awake I did tell you it was going to be a long post!

Have a closer look at the poster behind Dad not the Folk one 
The Telford BEER Festival, 


Its The British Biggest Cooled Hand Pulled Pub-Based Beer Festival. that's a mouth full.
Anyways, if the rumours are true, one of the brewery's is naming a beer after me ME, thanks to John the landlord.
They have come up with some names, Saturday Steps, George's T'ale, or Georges Lead (For P.C. reasons we can't have George the Lad BOL). I will have to wait and see.
This is just a one off beer, peeps come from all over to taste the beers ciders and perries and tick them off a scratchers list. So will keep you posted on that one.
Hang on that's a BIG UP

Back to my so called weight problem, the vet said, give him carrots as a treat, yes you heard right CARROTS, no sooner had we got home and mom gives me one! 


Now I don't mind carrots, but some meat and gravy might make it a bit more appetizing! 
So I've got to go without my lovely golden paddy-wacks. Some of you have said I have very white teeth, I put it down to eating paddy-wacks, it breaks up like that floss stuff you peeps use,


We're at the end of the post, that took my mind off me ear, I think it is just a little bit better.
"Mom time for a walk me thinks" 

See Yea George xxx