Saturday 31 March 2012

Saturday Steps with Asta

Why did I put "Saturday Steps with Asta"

Well the other week we received a surprise email from our blogging friend
 Asta the Wire Fox Terrier.

She has not long moved across the pond, and is settling into her new home in Budapest.
 It is a beautiful city, with its Grand Building and STEPS. 

She said, she  took these photo's because I was on her mind when she saw all the steps 

Asta's Daddi George!
We share the same name

Asta's Mommi, Ami we share the same birthday!

"I love walking and sniffing all ovew and steps awe gweat excewcise..I was too sedentawy thwoo the wintew and the move took up too much of my pawentses time, so we only went fow the showtest walks back in NewYAwk fow momfs befowe we came.

I'm loving the lovely spwing weathew and I'm hoping that wif lots of these steps, I'll get twimmew along wif mommi, hehehe"

Thank You Asta.
 I'm glad you are getting to explore now that spring is on the way 

"Tess I've got an idea"

 Would you like to be a guest on Saturday Steps?

You don't have to have a blog, just send me a photo of you on some steps. You can tell us about the steps and about yourself if you wish.
I'll send you an email back telling you which Saturday you will feature

Send your photo to


We'll be back in the week with this months Tess

See Yea soon George xxx

You can pay Asta a visit Via this Link Asta's World

Saturday 24 March 2012

Saturday Steps and a Meet up with Friends

"George you've not told me just who we are going to meet"

"He'll be here soon"

"Look at this Tess all things to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee"
"TESS are you listening"

"Hello my names Tess, pleased to meet you"
"I'm Lucy pleased to meet you to" 

"Hi Gunner I don't think we have meet before"

"I'm glad he's made out of wood!"

"There he is, its Taffy"

"Oh dad got to him first"

"Hello George and Tess good to meet you again, pleased you could make it for my walk around the Sandringham Estate, we will be setting off shortly, now Tess dear, George says you have to rest your leg so you must wait until we get back"

"Taffy wait, I don't know my way around!"

"Thanks Taffy, the walk was great, and meeting other members of WELTAF"


The day didn't end there, we went back to Taffy's home.


"George, Tess come on Its me Winnie, I want to show you the field of Dog Sticks, Monty say's he wants to show you the ponys" 

"George we must go"

"George don't be silly, Stanzie knows you love her, Winnie is just a friend"

"I do hope you are right Tess, do hope you are"

"George you look a little worried, they won't hurt you"

"This is George and Tess, they have come along way to visit us" 
"I'm never seen a pony before Monty, but I'll stay just where I am thanks, George are you going to get closer"

"George, Tess look a Dog stick field, hundreds of them" 

"George whats wrong, I'm your friend silly I know you love Stanzie, we can be friends you know"

"Thanks Winnie, I've enjoyed my time with you all this weekend"

"Thank you, Taffy, Monty, Molly and Winnie for making it a very special weekend away, love and hugs George and Tess"

Molly,Taffy,Monty and Winnie's Blog

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Crufts 2012

I'm here reporting from Crufts 2012 

My home for the day

Just had to check this out!

The view we had before it got busy

My pen pal for the day was Griff

 He travelled all the way from Pembrokeshire in Wales
We took it in turns to meet and greet the public 

Mom made sure my fuzz face was tidy

The show was opened and the public let in

I couldn't even go for a walk with out someone wanting to make a fuss of me

I was allowed to go outside for a comfort break 

That's where I met Flash the Curly Coated Retriever

High Lights of the day was meeting
Eileen and her daughter Carol from

Elaine, Winnie's mom

Plus other friends that follow my blog.

But look at this
The newly crowned 
Miss Teen Galaxy Wales
came to have her photo taken with me and Griff 

While me and Fallon were getting to know one another

Dad and Griff was making friends with an Airdale

Ok enough of me talking you want to see the photo's

I'm back home after a great day, tired but happy.

I would like to say
Thank You to 

For letting me represent the Welsh Terrier Breed on the Sunday 


for their backing to let mom take photos for the blog post

 Of course we brought a present home for Tess

"Thanks George"

Have a Good Week
 It will just be me on Saturday Steps
 as we found some at Crufts! 

Love and Hugs 
George and Tess xxxx