Saturday 29 October 2011

Saturday Steps The Spooky One

Its Halloween Weekend

So I thought you'd like to come with me and Tess on The Spooky One from Boomer's new Book
 Dog Friendly Walks in and Around Shrewsbury

Me and Boomer are Ghost Pupters on it, Boomer has very kindly let me use his write up's about each ghost to go with my photo's

Plus has let me use his walk as a sample walk for my blog this means at the end of the post I have put a PDF file that you can print out and use yourself if you ever visit Shrewsbury.

Thank You Boomer and his Agents

The first thing Boomer tells you for this walk you need your lead on throughout as it is in the town centre, so for this post mom has not photo shopped our leads off, we don't want you to think Mom and Dad don't look after our welfare.

We start our walk at St Alkmunds Square

"Tess are you listening"
"Sorry George I thought I heard something"


"Over there George"

"GEORGE its coming from over there now!! you heard it, didn't yea, didn't yea"

"Is it a Ghost George!!! I can't look"


"Maybe if I pull my Tongue out it will go away"

"Don't be silly Tess that won't work and its rude"

 "I think its gone George we are ok now, so sticking my tongue out worked didn't it George"

"Dad can we get on with the walk now please, as Tess is getting worried"

St Alkmunds Church, you may see the ghost of a lumberjack called GEORGE!! Archer who fell off the steeple after being bet that he couldn't climb it. He did climb it but fell to his death and it is said that his ghost can still be seen falling from on high!!

Onto the church next door St Julians where a ghost of a man mistakenly buried alive is said to wander the graveyard

The Lion Hotel. A well dressed ghost in a grey ball gown is said to haunt this hotel and can be seen wandering down the stairs and into the ballroom where she vanishes into thin air

Barracks Passage, it is said that us pups refuse to pass on the side of the street that the Tudor House is on. (Tess is only a pup so she's on the other side of the road with mom.)

Faces of men and boys dressed in military uniforms, perhaps from the Bosworth battlefield can be seen in the windows.

We take a walk past Shrewsbury Abbey to the next haunted place

The Dun Cow Pub, it is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a Dutchman who was executed for the murder of Prince Rupert's steward. There have been several sightings of the man but perhaps the most creepy was when the landlords family all overslept to find out that every clock in the building was showing the same time 6.45am the time of his execution. Monks have also been seen on the premises.

"TESS,MOM" dad says do you want to go in for a drink?"

"No way George, you and dad come back over this side of the road, there's things flying around outside!!!"

Back over the English bridge, to make our way up to the town

We all stop at a slim passageway named Traitors Gate where you may see skeletons hanging from the archway

Shrewsbury Castle, Sorry but couldn't get a photo as its well hidden behind the castle walls and no dogs are allowed in. The Castle is built on the site where a notorious villain called "Bloody" Jack he used to lure innocent young women back to his home on the promise of love and marriage where he would imprison them and cut off their fingers and toes which he kept as souvenirs. He can sometimes be seen on the lawns dragging a screaming lady by the name of Mary Ann by the hair and followed by shadowy figures. he was eventually caught and hanged.

A Walk up Grope Lane

Up Bear Steps

To The Prince Rupert Hotel. We've saved the best for last as the Prince Rupert is ranked one of the top 10 most haunted houses by The Guardian. Rooms six and seven are reported to be haunted as a jilted bride-to-be hung herself in six, and in seven a young man killed himself when his betrothed ran off with his best friend. More recently in the filming of the Christmas Carol members of the crew saw a man in a nightcap walk through a closed door.

So are you spooked?

Boomer you did such a good job with this walk my canine chum, for the work involved on this one walk, for your great walking books, and raising over £1,200 ($1,935) for
The Dogs Trust
 Through the event you put on
The Hair of the Dog

I'm pleased, no honored, to award you

You can go to Boomers web page by clicking on his book on my side bar or going via this Link

If you would like to print out the walk
 this is the LINK to the PDF

Thanks Boomer

"Time to say good bye Tess"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! I told you its rude to stick your tongue out didn't I"

"Sorry George, so sorry, I really thought I heard another Ghost"

"Bye every one"
"Heck, I didn't know having a sister would be such a paw full"

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx

"Kisses from me
Kissme Quick Tess xxxxx"

"TESS do you always have to have the last word!"


Thursday 27 October 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt October

Hosted by

Moms let the sides down I'm only on two!!and Tess is on two!!

A Black Cat

Taken at Liverpool Cathedral when mom took Flat me with her-LINK

Crunchy Leaves
Tess on her first walk out with us

South Stack Lighthouse taken on holiday 2010

My favorite treats

Can someone tell me if this could be a banksy?, its to be found in Holyhead Wales

Yes that's what the Welsh Terrier in the UK comes under a Vulnerable Heritage breed, because there are fewer than 300 registrations each year.That's why I was at Weston Park Game and Country Show, to get more folks to know about us. 


The River Severn as it winds through the fields

Something Eerie
My friend Tony is eerie, this was the first firing of a traditional brick Kiln at Blists Hill Museum 

Witches Hat/Broomstick
Just look at my sister!!! she's not wearing lip stick but looks like she's puts boot polish on her nose!!and where's her eyes gone! and as for dressing up!!!

we don't do dressing up in this house.
I will be having words

See You Soon
George xxx

Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Tuesday Tess

Hello, so pleased Georgie has let me have my very own slot on his blog and thanks to Wyatt for coming up with a name for it.
I've been thinking hard about what I should talk about each week.

 "The Tuesday Tess"
 sounds like its one of them things that come free through the letter box once a week that peeps read, whats it called?

Then when they have finished with it us pups get it to piddle on

Well not me, I know I have to go outside, I do forget myself sometimes when me and George are playing!!! you will understand why later.

 "The Tuesday Tess" sounds just like a free weekly newspaper that's the word I was looking for newspaper

I will be giving you all the latest gossip, you know us girls love to gossip.

So I'll be telling you whats life really like in the Bell household.
 Ahh, I can see your getting interested, I can't wait, I've started making notes of things that I see happen so I don't forget 

But first I better tell you a little about myself   
You know my name, and how old I am, that's on the blog side bar.
I've been in my new Forever Home just over three weeks, I was just coming up to 5 months old when my new mom and dad came to pick me up, they got me from the same place where Georgie goes to get groomed, the breeder didn't really want me to go but knew I would be happy and well looked after with Georgie and his mom and dad, so she was pleased for me, and we will be keeping intouch.

Me and Georgie have the same Dad,
 Champion Whittinford Warrior Bold of Demorner
also known as Dennis

So that makes us true half brother and sister

My kennel Club name is
Demorner Kissme Quick,
 make an orderly queue boys :)

In the three weeks I have been here

I've lost all of these teeth

Learnt to walk on a lead, in a fashion

Can now go down steps with confidence

Got a lovely bedroom

Plus found out what's its like to have a brother, you just have to put them in their place

If you are having trouble loading the video please click on the youtube button which will take you direct to the web site. 
We do get on really well.

Some last minute news
How do you fancy taking Ripply the virtual dog for a walk, it won't cost you a penny, Pedigree will donate £1 for every walk done, you can take her for a walk as many times as you like. 
Lets get some money donated

Just click the kennel on the blog side bar.
Not sure if it will work outside the UK
Georgie has just passed me a note, I must mention this months
 Photo Scavenger Hunt
 will be on Thursday, I tell you boys you will be lining up when you see the photo's of me. 
 Hang on a minute!!
My first post and I have a complaint!!
Right at the bottom of the note its says my name is GEORGE not Georgie, ok GEORGE if you say so, lighten up I'm your Sister you know.

 Its a wrap for this week's Tuesday's Tess, better go and make it up with George 

See you next Tuesday 
 Love and Hugs Kissme Quick Tess xxxxx