Saturday 22 December 2012

Saturday Steps.....Happy Christmas

The run up to Christmas

 "How come I have to wear the antlers?"

 "George stop pushing me!!!"

"Now what's wrong?"

"She's never happy at how we pose for photos!!!stay there George I'll just turn the other way"

"Is that better Mom?"

"Can you hurry up, my head hurting"

"George I seem to remember last year we got extra treats putting up with all this for the Christmas photo"

"Hey Dad we want more treats, as your messing us about!!"

"Ok are you ready George??
One, Two, Three"


Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

We would like to wish all our followers

A Very Merry Christmas

From the bottom of our Fuzzy Hearts we are sorry that we have not been around for a long time.
We have been helping Granny and Granpops to move home, packing and unpacking and now Christmas is almost here, busy, busy, busy. 
We have run out of Step photos!!!! so must get out and find some for next week!!
George has still not been on his Birthday Outting

"Isn't that right George"

Thanks for stopping by.
Merry Christmas
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx

Saturday 8 December 2012

Saturday 1 December 2012

Saturday Steps...... Thank You

Thank You, from the bottom of my fuzzy heart for all the Birthday Wishes and to the friends that joined me on the group photo.
 It made it a very special 3rd Birthday. 

Sorry but we are still tied up, so I have disabled comments on this post.

Have a Good Week
Love George xxx 

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday

Asta's Mommi Ami

Happy Birthday to you.

and To Me BOL

Yes three of my friends share the same Birthday as me, they will be on the group photo coming up soon
But first the result of the vote 
   Me and Tess will be visiting 
Ludlow Castle and Town.
Thank You for voting
Regular followers will know that we have been busy helping Gran and Granpops and we still are very busy. Because of that my Birthday outting will be a while off, you can be assured I will put up a full blog post about it after we have been.

I got a Birthday present from my girlfriend Stanzie

A Birthday card

A Lovely Christmas Collar

Plus a Snuggle Buddy, love you lots Stanzie xxx
Make sure you watch out for the postman Stanzie :)

Roxy and Roger our WT Friends bought me a Turkey, me and Tess are still fighting over that one.
If you saw last Saturday Steps it was Roxy and Roger that was with us in the photo

On to the
Roll Call
 for the Group Photo

Jimmy & Wilson
Frankie & Erine
Mitch & Molly
Kelly & Brooks
Magic, Aoife, Crybbe & Trilby
Violet & Quiacy
Roxy, Bella & Daisy
Sweet William
Misty & Bridger
Sarge & Zona
Stella, Rory & Tyler
Horatio & Harris
Ben & Jenny
Molly, Monty, Taffy & Winnie
Roxy & Roger
Wyatt & Stanzie
Puss & Smokey
Amber & Max

All Smile Please

Ok, who's for cake?

Saturday 24 November 2012

Saturday Steps

Last call if you'd like to be on the group Birthday photo, cut off time is 25th November, tomorrow!! full details on my side bar.

We are still busy helping Gran and Granpops each weekend and will be for the next few weeks.
But we are here live with our fuzz faces on 27th November

Have a Good Weekend
See you soon
Love George and Tess xxx

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Saturday 17 November 2012

Saturday Steps

  We are on a blogging break at the moment.
But please don't waste your vote, details are on my side bar and there's still time to send in a photo 
Thank You

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx
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Saturday 10 November 2012

Saturday Steps Got to have a Break!!!

We have got to take a break due to family commitments.
So won't be around blogville for a while

We will still be posting Saturday Steps each week, and will be here in the furs on 27th with my Birthday group photo and the result of the vote.
 If you'd like to join in full details are on my side bar.

Thanks for popping by
Have a Good Week
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx

I have added a foot note to this post because from the comments I have received it looks like I've given the wrong impression we are super busy helping Gran and Granpop's they are fine and we will tell you all about it when we free up some time. At this rate it will be after Christmas.
 Thanks for being a friend
 love George xxx

Sunday 4 November 2012

Pooch Pack Review

Hello and Welcome to our Review about 

Its a brand new company, they sniffed us out and asked if we would like one of their first Pooch Packs to review, 
and tell you what we think.

  That's a Pooch Pack, a monthly box of  different goodies.
Over the pond you can get a Bark Box, we always liked that idea 
Now we have Pooch Pack in the UK

"George what can you see? I can't reach up there!"
"There's all sorts of things,
 not seen these in any pet shops we go to"

"Come on Mom play fare, lets have look, and a taste would be good" 


"I don't think this is a treat George, looks like a supplement, you sprinkle it over your food"

"Here's something we can eat now"

"I like this Sweet Potato"

"My turn for a taste"

"TESS, BUZZ OFF you've had yours!!"

I'll eat it here in peace


"Next we have Papaya"

"Tess keep your distance"

"I like this one George"

"Mmm me to"

 "I can smell peanut butter"

"I'm just taking in the smell, I'm full after the sweet potato and papaya"

"I'll take one, Tastie too George"

"doesn't smell tasty and its got poo bags in it, I think this one's for Mom. I mean for Mom to use for us when we drop one!"

"Oh no Tess, read the label, Scruffy Chops SHAMPOO, looks like we will be getting a bath!!"

"This looks like it will be some fun"

"Its OK George I know what to do with it, you have to get the treats out"

"Don't worry George I'll just do that for yea"

"This is turning out harder than I thought!"

We liked a lot about the Pooch Pack.

On the leaflet that's enclosed is some information and the websites of all the items, so if you favour one of them you can go direct.

You can order one box, or gift a box as a present.
You can choose your subscription, Monthly, 3 months or 6 months.
They also support dog charity's  
Each box is different, so its a surprise each month.  

Come on Mom can you sign us up please?
You can bath us if you like with that bottle of Scruffy Chops Shampoo.
It would make a good Birthday Present for George, of course we would share it.
"isn't that right George"

Check it out 
Pooch Pack Website

Thanks for sticking out our review
George and Tess xxx