Tuesday 27 September 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt September

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Hey I'm on all of them this month

Back To School

The Football/Soccer Season

What's in Your Bag



A Pile of Things


Your Desk/Workspace

A Public Telephone Box

Something Taller Than You


A Road Sign

A View From Above

Result 12 out of 12, come on mom you can do the same next month

Have a good Week
See Yea George xxx

Saturday 24 September 2011

Saturday Steps

Glanseven Hall Gardens

I will be doing a post about my day here soon.

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Help!!! I've Come Down With Bloggers Disease!!!

Me of all dogs!!
 I going to have to practice what a preach! if you haven't a clue as to what I am talking about go to the top of my page and click on Happy Blogging
Something has got to give.

I hold my head in shame,

No I don't
I hold my head up high, no shame in coming out and saying things are just tooo busy in the real world at this moment in time.

I am not, I repeat NOT giving up blogging

Just stepping back
until I can get on top of things, we are all ok, just not enough hours in the day!! and the nights are drawing in! 

I will be here on Saturday with a Step photo and of course
The Photo Hunt, paws crossed I will back back on full form the week after.

Have a good week
I will be thinking of you all, as I won't have time to visit
See Yea ASAP
Love George xxx

Saturday 17 September 2011

Saturday Steps... One Very Busy Day

Just where do I start, I think first I would like to say that having had a busy two weeks, plus mom's very long summer holiday is over so shes back at work,
I am behind with all things to do with the laptop!!! that includes visiting the blogs I follow, I will be catching up with you ASAP.
 Anyways I'll keep the talking short and hopfully you get the gist of last Saturday.

Knock, Knock at the door whos that!!

Meet Colin, no its not a photo of me,
 this is Colin the new kid on the block

He lives a couple of doors away from me, it turns out he was coming out with us for the day

So sit back, and see what we got up to!!

Colin wanted a good look around my pad

I was surprised he didn't fall in the pond!

Take it easy Colin your a bit of a blur!!

Now whats he found

I can't see anything!!

After he'd had a good sniff it was time to go

To Attingham Park 
for the launch of Boomer's new book

 and guess what

 I'm in it to, under the Walk
The Spooky One 
Boomer and me are Ghost Pupsters, how cool is that.

Colin meeting my mate Boomer,

I had a surprise visiter turn up,
Auntie Bryonie she's
Monty, Molly Winnie and Taffys Auntie,
she came just to see me

And to walk me around

Dad had Colin, while mom took the camera for a walk!
But another surprise

No that's not me and its not Colin, its Jenkins, mom only had the camera to look after, did she get a good photo of my friend Jenkins, no she didn't, shame on you mom.
 So here are two photos that are my favorite's of me and Jenkins.  

Folk Dancing

Right we are off on the walk

Boomer as always walks fast,
 just look at my ear flapping trying to keep up!

But then he spots something

Deer in the Deer Park

Not sure what Jenkins was thinking

Simon our guide told us all intresting facts about the park, like there are Otters in the river how they manage the woods, and this seat

You wouldn't give it a second glance
But look closer

It is a memorial to all the Norfolk Terriers that Teresa Hulton wife of the 8th lord Berwick owned

Boomer seamed to think it was a good time for fourty

Its time I had Fourty winks!!
Thanks Auntie Bryonie for walking me around
Great to see you Jenkins, will see you soon at Barmouth
Boomer for letting me be in your new walking book
 as a Ghost Pupster

Mom made us a pair of bandannys with Ghost Pupsters on.
Colin was an honorary Ghost Pupster for the day so she made him one as well

So from me and Colin
Have a Good Week

See Yea George xxx