Saturday 31 July 2010

Saturday Steps

On Wednesday we went to Hawkstone Park. I think mom and dad thought I needed some training for my sponsored walk this Sunday 1st August,
 O no British superstition say's the first thing you must say on waking up on the first day of each month is White Rabbits, White Rabbits,
White Rabbits
 three times so you will receive good luck for the whole of that month, do you think it would still work if I said Bunny Burgers, Bunny Burgers,
Bunny Burgers!!!!! 
Look I got side tracked, we went to Hawkstone Park, this is just one of 40 or more flights of steps we went up, and down, mom didn't get pic's of me on all of them, Good job I'm not to keen on butt shots, there is just to many for my Saturday Steps, so I have put them on a slide show, its on the right hand side, you can double click on the picture which will open up my flickr page with the full set of pic's.
 Lots of yea have said how you like me new header pic, thank you very much, I will tell you all about it in one of me holiday journals
Well I'm on me walk tomorrow, I'll let yea know how I get on. 
 George xxx  


Thursday 29 July 2010

I Got Mail, I Got Mail

All the way from Melbourne Australia from my friend Bella the Westie 

There was two postcards enclosed and a letter, on the one post card it has authentic aboriginal Tobwabba art, its all painted in dots.
and the other one has pic's of Melbourne on it, one of then in the top left hand corner has some steps up, you know how I love steps. Just look inside the card a pic of Bella with her new baby brother Ollie.
Thank you so so much Bella, I will put this up in my bedroom.
But that's not all have a look see at the front of the card.


Bella's Dad had helped her write it, they got it for me because of the pretty garden and the steps, but he noticed that it was taken in Chelsea the UK, so me and dad have been trying to find out just where it is. 
It was taken at Chelsea Flower show in 1995, so I won't be able to see it, you can see the photo with this links to the mans web site that takes them, it is worth a look, there are some beautiful pic's to look at.

 Would you believe it the Woman that designed it is called Bunny Guinness!!
 I keep seeing rabbits pop up, but I do like Guinness.

Bella would like you all to send her a postcard of where you live,
 and she will send one back to you, its great getting mail.
 Thank You Bella and little Ollie
Bella the Westie's Blogg this is the link to the post with her address on

See Yea George xxx

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Holiday Journal Part One

Now you all want to know where I went on holiday, it’s a place in Wales called Anglesey; it’s a big island off the North Wales coast, we stopped in a place called Trearddur, Thanks to auntie lilian for letting us have the tin box on wheels, Mom and dad have been going there for years,
so pretty much know their way around.
The first three days I thought going on holiday meant each time you went out you got your fuzz wet!
The rain at one point was coming down side ways.
So you will see from the pic’s there's not much blue sky

This is the view from the tin box, and look at the dam rabbit, I tell yea it kept cropping up all over the place!
I'll give you a tour around the box when the sun comes out.
The first trip out was to Penrhos Country Park.
Mom didn't want to get her pic taker wet so there's not that many

My first look at the sea


Down on the Beech

I found the waves funny things, kept getting my timing wrong and me paws got wet 

At least I got to have a run round, and found out I loved eating sea weed much the moms disgust she thinks my salt intake would get to high.

The weather turned bad, turned bad it won't any good to being with, so we went into the woods.

Jeepers Creeper it was dark in there, the dam rain was coming though the tree's, it seamed like it was coming down in cup fulls   

We came across a pets grave yard


So sad all those much loved pets had all gone to the bridge, I paid my respects by saying a little prayer.
After that it was back to the box, and I decided that it was best to sleep though all this rain.


So from one Soggie Doggie See Yea xxx

Happy Birthday Puddles

She's at the Butt end today for a Roasting, I''ve not had the pleasure of knowing her that long, so I won't be giving her a roasting, only to say she's given me some laughs over the weeks. If you don't know her go say Hi to a Doxie with attitude      We Three Doxies  
So a Happy Birthday and xxxxxxxxxxxxx from me Puddles

See Yea George xxx

Tuesday 27 July 2010

I got pee-mail

Just look at the Pic's Wyatt and Stanzie sent me, Thanks so much.
 I'd love to get me chops around one of them. They must be good with a name like George.

If your out and about and see my name, I'd just love to get a piccie.
you can email me mom
Blog land is playing up, and me linky, widet thing a me Bobs are not working!! 
They were OK the other day, so  try this link to find out about
 Wyatts Riot 2010 and send in your Recipes 

Thanks again Wyatt and the lovely Stanzie xxxx
See Yea George xxx

Monday 26 July 2010

Sunday Ramble on The Stiperstones and piccies for Frankies Dad

Now I promised Frankie that next time we were going up to Gran and Granpops I would take some piccies of the brand new John Deere Tractors in a dealership we pass. Well these are for Frankies Dad

This one came all the way from Baltimore.  

The steps on this thing was just to steep to climb on.

A while later, we get to G&Gs only for me to be met by a rather grumpy Doogle Dog. I think it’s the spring water he drinks, or the high altitude, mind you he doesn’t see any dogs from one week to the next, he thinks he’s a peeps!! I wanted to ask him if he’d like to go to Frankie’s wedding, on second thoughts I don’t think I could put up with him on the flight, sorry Frankie he won't be coming.

Anyways Mom and Dad had a surprise for me; we were to meet up with other members of WELTAF for a walk up the Stiperstones, that’s the hill Gran and Granpops live on. I’ve not been to the top before so was looking forward to it, and meeting dogs the same as me.

Now it don't look to high from here, but let me tell you it is, G&G lives half way up it.
We got to the meeting point to find 13 or 14 WT's, there was so many, we all had a little meet and greet
One of the rules when meeting up for rambles is all dogs must be on leads, so you'll see me with Dad attached to the other end, it helps that way he don't get lost.
Yes that's me, a bum shot.  


Wish I could have been on this shot WT's in formation

But look at this, me and me new pal Jenkins, he's into Folk Dancing to, so we had a little jig together 

Off we go

This is the view from G&G,'s side, and we are not at the top!

This is the view from the other side.

Now I don't know how mom managed not to get any piccies of the rocks that were on the top. I can only think she was glad we were on the way down, must say she looked a little red in the face! It caught me and dad out, because we thought we would all be going to the top. Dad said next time we come up he will take me to the very top where there is a flat stone. (so more piccies next time)

My first encounter with a cow, I don't think chasing one of them would be to clever

Just one last look at the view before we get back to the meeting point,
in total we did around trip of about five miles and were walking for about two and a half hours!

When we got back to the car just look what was on one of the cars!!!! Me eyes went like dinner plates and the hair on the back of me neck stood up!! Now I like Maggie and Mich the Airedales, wheelie Wednesdays, maybe I feel safe because we have a bit of water between us, but my pal Eric square dog has a different angle on them, if you want to know why take a look see at his post on them here
I’m sorry to say they put the wheelies up me I just hope mom never brings one into the house!

So I was pleased when we made a sharp exit home.

See Yea George xxx

Saturday 24 July 2010

Saturday Steps

Hi to all my bloggie pals and followers, I'm back from me holidays, I can see I have a lot to catch up with! so will be paying you a visit over the next couple of days.
These are the steps up to the tin box we have lived in the last week.
I've had a think and will be doing a Holiday Journal, broken down into six parts, which I will put up over the next few weeks (don't want to bore you with to many piccies in one post) and there's so much to show you.
Hey you don't even know were I've been! I'll keep that till next time.
See Yea Soon George xxx

Saturday 17 July 2010

Saturday Steps

This was a quickie piccie take, moms getting her knickers in a twist, We're off on holiday today, baby peeps is looking after the fish, Joey the attack budgie, and the house, she's had to leave a note on how to use the washing machine, hehehe. shes busy packing, its my first visit to the sea side I'm sooo exicted. So I won't be around to leave you comments, mom said I can take the pawtop but she don't thinks we'll get the Internet, if we can I will put a piccy up, so have a good week and see yea when I get back.
George xxx   
PS I forgot to tell you this is me local park, and the steps to the band stand.

Thursday 15 July 2010

Wait for it............Wait for it.........

Ok I've had quite a long day, as you know at the groomers, I thought they cut your hair, O no seems the best way is to hand strip, I had know I dear what this was, well I know now, mom said it would be like plucking a chicken!!!
I was OK, and didn't fall out with Dave he was very good with me, and his lady helper. The best bit of having it done is I can see, and hear a bit better to.
I can see your all gagging at the bit to see the new me

Here goes, of course you must have a before piccy, strapped in the car and ready for an hours drive.


Wait for it

Wait for it

da da.............................


You can see on this close up I am like a plucked chicken, and still have some of me baby fluff, but in a week or so it will look just fine. So hopefully I will look the bee knees for Frankies Wedding.
Right I'm off for a sleep, and tomorrow, I've got to fined some steps for Saturday.
See Yea George xxx

Monday 12 July 2010

I've got an Award

While I'm sitting here waiting for my hair day, I thought I better tell you about an award I picked up

Thank you to The Road Dogs for giving me this award for my British accent. I must say, one didn’t think one would notice it, so to speak!!!
Anyways on accepting this award, I must tell yea 7, yes 7 things you don’t know about me. Here goes

1) On taking me morning walk there is one place that I love to sit down. Its on a small bank coverd in grass, I like to smell the air, mom can’t move me, she has to wait until I’m ready.

2) I don’t like bin bags, don’t know why they just scarce the hell out of me

3) I have a gammy ear, the left one, I don’t mean from the outside, it gets full of wax, and I have drops to put in. Moms hoping I’ll grow out of it.

4) Dads naughty and smokes, he dropped his fag on the carpet, we have a small rug to cover it up, but I found the burn mark it had quite a nice smell to it, when they weren’t looking I managed to get me molars around it, they were none to happy with an even bigger hole. Well whats wrong with that the rug still covers it.

5) I’v got two of those Kong thingies, you know you put treats in um. One small and a large one. We canner find the small one, don’t no where its gone.
I think them squirrels that Frankie has, had something to do with it.

6) I hate being stroked on the top of me head but love to be stroked under me chin.

7) The local mayor who knows me from going in the pub, has always wound me up, I think he gets more excited than me, it always ends up me land sharking him

The other thing that I have to do in accepting this award is to choose some blogs that I have recently discovered to pass it on to.
I’m not been blogging that long and have a lot of blogs, on my favourites, some of you have already got this award, and I like looking at all your blogs, it was hard to pick some out, so my nominations are.

Mischka for stunning photo's

Lucy's Human for the post on Dogs & Ice

Molly, Taffy and Monty  for Taffy's driving

Ludo, Ludwig van Doggy  for  Showing his Holiday photo's of Scotland

Bobe for having his photo's in magazines

If you have not visted any of the blogs please take a look.
Just click on the name they are all linked to there blogs

For the Bloggers I have nominated please take the award if you would like it.
Remember...there are a few duties that come with accepting The Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Thank the person/people who gave it to you.
2. Tell seven random things about yourself
3. Pass the award on to 5-15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and think are fantastic. Don't forget to let them know! :)

Don't forget to put the Versatile Blogger Award Badge somewhere on your blog so everybody will know you won an award

I'll be back Thursday with the new look me

See Yea George xxx

Saturday 10 July 2010

Saturday Steps

Weston Park I think its the back way in, but the door was locked.
I have to tell yea, I over heard mom and dad saying I'm off to the groomers, heck I don't want to go, but if it make me cooler then perhaps its OK !!  looks like this is the last piccy you will see me in my pup hair!!!
See Yea, not a pup anymore George xxx

Look what I found in the kitchen this morning, It appears that dad had taken this sheet down the pub and got peeps to sign it!!!


I've had a count up 12As and 17Bs, mom says it don't work like that, I'm booked in and going Monday!!!
Unless the car breaks down. (there's hope yet)

Please keep your paws crossed that I come back with a good cut 


Update the groomers just phoned and I'm not being done until Thurday.

Thursday 8 July 2010

Flat me goes to Liverpool

As in the last post mom took flat me away to Liverpool.
The journey started in the mini bus, and took around two hours 

They parked up at Albert docks

And went on a boat ride across the Mersey, he had to be stowed away in a hand bag because no dogs are allowed on the boat

As soon as the ferry was away from the docks mom got him out.
No its not mom, she's taking the piccies 

The Liver building from the boat

This ones just for dad a ship that's a bar!

Hey a street with my name

How many George's on this one?

They ended up on a street called Hope Street at one end is the Liverpool Cathedral at the other Metropolitan Cathedral.

This is Liverpool Cathedral, Giles Gilbert Scott designed it at the age of 22. It was completed in 1978, and is the largest cathedral in Britain and largest Anglican cathedral in the UK and Europe.
The organ has a staggering 10,268 pipes.  

Half way along Hope street is a yes you've guessed it a pub, called
 The Philharmonic, The Beatles used to go there, it has not been touched in years and is in the art nouveau style. 

Then they walked to the other end, which has the Metropolitan Cathedral.
which is Roman Catholic, it is built in a circular shape and boasts the worlds largest stained glass window. which is all around the top. It was built in the early 1960's

Mom says its stunning inside, with all the blue stained glass.


Now this looks like fun he got to go on a "Wacker Quacker" its a thing that can go on the road and also in the water.

In yea go hehehe

Look at that, the man that did the talking is holding on to him!!


Well he had a great time, I've put him away, as mom has the real me, to take out now she back.

See Yea George xxx