Saturday 30 April 2011

Saturday Steps and a Stroll on a Sunday

Its just me and mom again, Dads busy learning to play lol!!
 so we need a break.
We're at Hodnet Hall and Gardens,
its only open a few weekends in the year,
spring is in full bloom,
so there's lots of flowers to show you
 as we have a slow walk around.

 The grass is lovely and soft on your paws,
 its OK dogs are allowed to walk on it.

There was colour all over the place, I'll let you soak up the photos

It was a total chill out walk

"Hey mom I have an idea for these steps,
make sure you take a good photo of them"

"You don't have to shout I can hear you"

"Quick mom look behind you"

"George your shouting again"

"Look at them waiting to have their photo taken"
"I've got a photo OK" 

"Mom have you taken plenty of photo's of the flowers 'cus their real pretty"
"Of course I have, You are just to busy sniffing to notice"

Will someone please tell her thats what us dogs do!!

You're not falling asleep are you!!! there are just a few more, it seams. Mom took loads!!!

"Hey mom tell them to move, their spoiling my photo"
"No George they are allowed to walk where they want"

I'm back, bet you thought it would never end lol!!

Look my tongue is the same colour as this Azalea

There's even Daisys in the grass!!
Thanks for joining us on our Stroll though Hodnet Hall Gardens

All the photos were taken with moms point and shoot.
 Panasonic FZ38 as she can't manage the SLR when its just me and her ;)
The camera is at its best when taking close up shoots.

Till next time,
 Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt- April, and Thank You "The White Eagle"

Hello I'm back with the Photo Scavenger Hunt. that's hosted by

This month is

A Church
You will have seen this before, St Georges Church, Pontsbury
LINK to the post 

A Cross

A Sculpture
This was on one of my blog posts.
Shsssssss I Shouldn't be Here!!!  its linked if you want to know why!

A Set of Keys
Just how many keys do you folks need to get into one house!!

An Interesting Shop Name
Its not a shop, but mom thought this was funny, as they look like they need to do some filling of there own.

April Showers 
Coming back from our lovely sunny weekend away it started raining!!

Well shes trying, but Chocolate!!!!

All made out of assorted stones

Something to do with Shakespeare
No surprise it's a pub.
The Shakespeare in Bridgenorth, there's something missing!! me!!
She was there shopping!!....... (Elvis Live!!)

Something to mark St Georges Day
Mmmmm if you've not seen the last blog post take alook : )

Something Yellow
Rapeseed, we have loads of fields full of the stuff, it stinks!!

Your Camera
Moms set up, but you have to have a camera
 to take a photo of you camera

This is moms other camera,
she use's it when its just me and her going out.

Thanks for popping by this months Photo Scavenger Hunt, we'll be back next month with another set of photos

I must tell yea, I got mail in the week

A lovely penned letter from the owners of
remember the Dog friendly pub that I gave my first
"Four Paws up Award"

It says
Dear George
        Thanks you so much for the "Four Paws" award which we are houred to receive at The White Eagle
The dog biscuit sticker and certificate are now on disply and we hope to feature them in the next White Eagle news.
I hope you enjoy many more walks that end up at The White Eagle
Best Wishes
John and Alex

Thank You John and Alex

We will be back to visit you in July

See Yea George xxx