Monday 29 November 2010

My Birthday Outting

7.00 on the morning of my birthday, opened the front door to this

Snow, the first of the year, well for us anyway, mom says she ordered it for my birthday, yea right pull the other one.

The Winning Vote was for us to go to the Water fall.

Dad had come home from work on Thursday and said he had got to work all day Saturday!!! yes working on my Birthday, so mom phoned up her mate Bridget you know the one that took the photos for the interview, to see if she would like to go. Good job she said yes she's very good at shoveling snow and gritting the road!!

So we set off at 8.00 we got within about a mile of it when the road was just to bad to take the car any further, we got out and walked the last mile

Can you see it

Getting closer

You'll have to come up here

Wow, look at that

I'll shut up now and leave you with the photos

Bridget is on this photo just to give it some scale

Niagara Falls are 180 feet high, Pistyll Rhaeadr is 240 feet, I'm going to let mom fill you in with some of the details.

Thanks George, it is such a beautiful place, we did have problems getting there, the snow was not deep but solid ice underneath, it took us over half hour to get up a very small incline, by shoveling the snow and putting grit down which the farmers leave by the side of the lane. We decided it would be safer to park the car and walk.
What you don't get with the photos is the noise of the water, the photo of George looking to the right was him mesmerised by it. It was not safe to start moving around to get the best photos, plus it was so cold. But as soon as the snow goes we will be going back.
A big thank must go to Bridget as without her there we would not have made it.

Well I had a great time, and like mom says we will be coming back, with Dad next time and Bridget cus she would like to see it again. 
It all added up to a very memorable birthday, and that's not the end of it, on the way back mom stopped and got me a Porkie Pie and some Wrekin white cheese to take down the pub in the evening but that's another post.   
See Yea George xxx

Saturday 27 November 2010

My Birthday Steps

"Mom will you open this Door"

"Mom PLEASE my friends are waiting for me"

Hello, there you are, thanks for joining me today on My 1st Birthday. As you can see this is my front door step, no place like home, so the saying goes!

This post is in two half's, I started doing the post and got up to 30 photos, when blogger had a fit and didn't save any of it!!! so me and mom decided it was safer to do it this way, it also should make it load quicker.

I have a couple of things to say before we start. In the last month I have found out that there are three other bloggie friends that share the same Birthday as me ! so please pop by there blogs as it is a special day for them to.

Birthday Wishes From Me

Eva The Sheltie

Asta's Mom


OK are we ready, then lets all step out in style for the biggest collection of steps in blog land.


Amanda from Farmgirlwrites and Patrice from Everyday Ruralty
Plus our girl from Glutengo Bye Bye

Mr Pip
"I think I can, I think I can..."
 Blog- Pip gets back in the game

Violet would like to take the cat tree steps up to get that cat toy!

"Happy Birthday Georgey boy- This is me on my special green steps on my very own 1st Birthday in March, hope that counts I'm  closing my eyes and wishing I make it to your Birthday party

from wishes you all the best on your Barkday!!!

Agatha & Archie
Agatha going for the full flight!

This is me Daisy, the other two stayed home Happy Birthday

On the top step coming up from the barges at Battlesbridge, Essex- Yappy Barkday to George!

Here's Kelly helping me work. You can't see them all here, but there are alot of steps leading up to the state capitol building. Happy Birthday George!

Charli going down the steps to check her favorite blogs :>)

There are two flights of stairs beyond this barrier in my home, and I'm not allowed up there Animnal Cruelty or What? Bouncing Bertie's Blog

 That is Happy Cat.
She is 17 to 19 years old. We don't know for sure.
She came to us the first day of Jan 1998. She had been spayed and she
had had several litters of kittens before being spayed, so the vets
said she was between 3 to 5 years old. He thought she was older maybe
than that!!

I could show you were mom hides all the Christmas ribbon and bows upstairs.
Follow Wyatt down these steps and we will go for a swin on your Birthday!
Blog- Gardening With Wyatt

The Leuradales Stepping Out
G'day George, Its me Noah the airedale from Australia, here we are on the steps in our house. I'm right up the back, then there's Tess with the big happy grin, then Willow and Lucy at the front.

Maggie & Mitch
On the steps through the wildflower garden

This is me looking down into the den

"Its me, The booker man, climbin' these super chunky rock steps
 at table rock state park in South Carolina"

Sallie- Happy Birthday

This is Sky
Photo below
Fudge, Samba, Morgan, Noah and Sky

Holly from Holly Wags Blog


"Jimmy and Wilson from Virginia USA"

Maggie Mae at the top and going down

Lola 7 months old and from Cornwall, and not really understanding why one should have to pose on cold, hard steps when a nice smelly field is waiting to be explored, just beyond the next step. 

Jake and Fergi
Two Special Wires Blog

Take a Rest, get a cup of tea, coffee, Beer, OK, ready for the next fight of steps! lets go


Ruby & Penny
Happy,Happy Birthday George! May bones rain from the sky today!

The one and only famous little Hoot wants to muscle in on the action and wish you a very Happy Birthday. Here is a picture of him going upstairs to bed in his Wee Willy Winky outfit.

Santa the miniature Schnanzer trying to get Beckham, the labrado, up the stairs

Khyra the siberian Husky

Bella the Westie
We send you all our best wishes of happiness and joy for your birthday, have fun!
Lola, having a word with Biko who was one of our guests.

Plus Mini Puddles and Mini Frankie at my front step
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Come over for a spa treatment at my place
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