Saturday 25 June 2011

Saturday Steps Just Me and Mom

"Heck mom these are some broken old steps and why have steps like these and trees at the top?"
"There once was a very large house at the top of those steps, come on and I will show you"

"George your facing the wrong way"
"I was moving so you can show folks!!! and tell me about it"
"See that information board, well this is whats on it"  

"Its where Apley house once stood, it was the ancestral home of the Chartlon family, descendents of the king and princes of Powys"
"Where's Powys?"
"its one of the countys in Wales"

"Its sad that its gone forever, nice view from the top of the steps, can we go back down, I'd like to see what them rock things are, and whats though that gap in the trees? "

"What do you think mom, they look like seats!"
"I think you might be right George, I think we'll look though the gap later"

"Which way Mom"
"You pick George you always do!!" 

"See, if you had picked the way we wouldn't have seen this"

"Someone's clever with a chain saw"

"George don't drink it if its real dirty"

"Mom do you fancy crispy duck for tea"
"George don't get saying that folks might hear you, leave them alone"

"Heck that give me the creeps, what is it?"
"I don't know what its ment to be, but it reminds of a film called Dune, there was big worms that moved under the sand, yuk"

 "GEORGE come on, times running out, and you wanted to see what was though that gap"

"A field"
"There a pond behind those trees"

"but I don't do water, you know that"
"Don't be silly, you don't have to go in I thought you'd like to take a look"
"OK race you"

"come on mom keep jogging you'll lose more weight"

"OK George you win, what do you think"
"a ponds a pond to me"

"Hey there goes some crispy duck"

"Mom look up"

"I wonder where those planes are going to"

"Well I know where I'm going to, home for breakfast, you know I don't do morning and what time is it now?"
"Look don't start, just cus we had to give dad a lift into work for 6 in the morning"
"come on lets get you home"
"Love you Mom"

Monday 20 June 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt June

Hi I'm back with this months hunt.
Hosted by

 I had a word with mom, cus I thought it was not right that she was dragging up old photo's, so this month they are all new,

 but shes taken this a bit to far as I'm only on one!!!

A Childhood Memory


A Farm Animal

A Wheel Trim

An Elephant

Architectural Detail




Something With Your Town Name On It

The View Right Outside Your Door 

Tree Branches

Something Beginning With Z........ it had to be Zoomies
 I think when I'm in the shot it makes for a better photo lol!!
"Mom more photos with me on next month OK"

Here's the small print about each photo
A Childhood Memory Dudmaston Hall, just outside Bridgnorth, moms dad was a gardener there from the late 50's to early 60's she was allowed to go to work with him some days, she remembers playing in the gardens  feeding the cows, talking and playing with her imaginary friends Doughco and Peewee, I tell yea she's weird!!
A Farm Animal
These aren't the cows that mom fed, but the photo was taken at Dudmaston
A Wheel Trim
Some well meaning folk must have picked it up from the road, and hung it in the hedge hoping the owner would see it and pick it up
An Elephant
Thanks Auntie Rose for letting mom take a photo of it
Architectural Detail
Auntie Rose helped out again, and took mom to this reclamatiom yard to get this one
Taken at The Good Food Show Birmingham
Its Auntie Rose again Thank You, we do have cutlery in the house but none in a box! 
Did you have a guess want it might have been, It was a lorry on the motorway at night
Something With Your Town Name On It
Our local news letter, that's a photo of the Mayor on the front, he's the one that wind's me up in the pub!!
The View Right Outside Your Door
Not very exciting, but its what I see each morning, and in this photo it was raining
Tree Branches
Taken at, Dale End park Ironbridge, yes dale end lol!!!
Something Beginning With Z...Zoomies 
Me in one of Gran and Granpops fields trying to zoom and knock mom over lol!!! well she shouldn't have been bending down in the long grass

That will teach her lol!!!

See Yea Soon George xxx

Saturday 18 June 2011

Saturday Steps, The Winners and Picnic In The Bark

I'm off to the park in a mo,
 but first I have to tell you who are the two winners of Boomer's book

 All the paper bits where folded up and put in my dog bowl

Mom Picked Out

Dad was away so baby peeps picked out

Congratulations to

The Thuglets
Cranberry Morning

Mom's Email is on my side bar so please send me your addys, and the books will be winging their way to you.  

I'm booked into the groomers on the 13th July, I can't wait,
 moms cut my eyebrows so at least I can see, sorry I got side tracked, but I feel I am disappearing under all this fur!!! 

OK there is a big event going on in blogland
So come on lets go.

To get there we have to walk over a footbridge that goes over the railway line

Just look at this, I don't mean the rusty paint!!

You can see right down to the railway track!!!

The lady at the train station has just said there will be a train passing though in the next 5 minutes, I thought you might like to see it, but while we are waiting, I can show you a photo of the back of my home.

 Its the one on the far left, and the small roof next to it is our garage

Here it comes

There it goes, you can see the other foot bridge that's where the Steps photo was taken, both bridges could do with a paint.

Come on time to get moving, I don't want to miss anything.

Here we are
Picnic In The Bark

Just time to show you around, as you can see this is
The Band Stand, yes Dad has played here 
There a link to a youtube video back at Folkengates 2008!!!

Look my tongue is the same colour as the paint work on the band stand! this could also do with a paint!

This is where the tiny peeps play,
they lock them in so they won't run off lol!!

Here we have an
 Elderflower Bush,
 right at the last minute mom made some
 Elderflower Cordial, for me to bring to the picnic
This is what you will need if you fancy having ago

20 elderflower heads (remove as much as you can of the storks)
1 sliced lemon
2 tsp of citric acid
1.5kg(3.5lbs) of sugar
1.2 ltr(2.5 pints) boiling water 

Boil a kettle for the water
Fill a bowl or small bucket with all the other ingredients
Pour the boiling water in at the side so it doesn't touch the flowers straight away, stir until the sugar has dissolved.
Cover with a cloth
Stir twice a day for five days
Strain though a fine sieve ( mom used a pair of tights!!! they where new ones) decant into sterile screw topped bottles and refrigerate
To drink dilute with 5 parts water.


I must be early, no one is here! while we are waiting I'll tell you whats going on

Pawband will be playing
Pip has a beer tent, I'll be there

Bouncing Bertie will be conducting a series of fun science experiments with a water-related theme!!!

The Road Dogs are having a Jump Castle

Gardening with Wyatt is having boating on the pond and loads of foodable's to eat plus a few surprise guests

Moms in The Flower Show at Alasandra, The cats and a Dog

Shes also in The Bug Show at The Daily Osker

I'm in the following

Tube Steak Dipping at Sarge Speaks Out

Melon Eating at Ronnii's Ramblings

loads of bloggers are taking part  

The Mayor of Blogville
Mr Frankie Furter
has all the information.

So come and join in a fun, I'm sure they will all turn up soon. 
Picnic In The Bark

Till next time
See Yea George xxx