Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Tess...... February Issue

Headline News

We Got Mail


Dad's Christmas Present!!!


Earth Hour



The Sad Side of Blogging


"Hello" I've asked George if he would like to join me on my new monthly Tess as you've not seen much of him over the last month. I know you girlies must be missing him.

Lets get started, George its over to you.


We Got Mail

All the way across the pond from
The Road Dogs.

We took part in their The Duck Tape Festival sending a photo of something made from duck tape.

Duck Tape George!

We got picked out in the draw by Erine
Frankie's New Brother
Thanks Erine, poor little feller is having a bit of a bad time at the moment, with his op not healing, so we wish him a speedy recovery  

 Look at all the goodies

There was a lovely letter enclosed
A Pit Bull calendar, we spotted two of our blogging friends in it Roo and Corbin.

A Modern Dog Magazine, we enjoyed looking through this as you have all different items for dogs, over the pond.


Made in The Road Dogs Home town Charleston, we couldn't wait to try some.

4 Paws Up we love the treats and the other goodies
 Thanks Road Dogs 


Dad's Christmas Present!! 

Well it matches my collar

"Hey George come and look at this"

"Dad are you really going to learn to play that thing!!! I'm not to sure our ears will put up with you practising!!!"

"Mom did you buy him this?"

lol that's funny, no she didn't and shes says its a cheats fiddle cus it has a mandolin fret board on it

There's a LINK to where he got it from

We might both be packing our bags if the noise is to bad!! we have the link so could always send it back :)


Earth Hour

We've signed up to

Which takes place on
31st March 2012 Lights out at 8.30
It is global, and not just about turning your lights off but thinking about how the actions we take affect this world we all live on.



Not Me!

"Its not nice George, aches pains, us girls have to put up with alot you know"

"But thanks for being the bestist brother"

Hey I'm fine, mom and dads not stopped taking me out for walks

That's me on the top of Wenlock Edge

We went with our friends, Tuffy, Ben and Jenny. (that's the dogs) a walk first and then to the pub

Yes it was dog friendly and we did go in :) sorry no photos as mom was having a day off from the camera!! 


The Sad Side of Blogging

Two of our blogging friends have made their way to the bridge

Both Amber and Maggie joined George on his Birthday Steps, you will always be remembered by the both of us.

We are sending our love and hugs
Eileen and Martyn

Sue and George

As they will miss you terribly


Breaking News

George is off to the

With the love of his life Stanzie
They are entered in

 Valentine's Day King and Queen

You can vote for them,
it will cost you 1 American dollar, which is going to a good cause

Its all going on

I wanted to enter in one of the kissing booths but George put a stop to it!!!! he said I have to be older for that sort of thing!!, oh well doesn't stop me paying for a kiss ;) I wonder who I will pick

Bow Wow


Its a wrap for this months Tess 

So from me and George

See You Soon xxxx