Tuesday 30 August 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt August

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Mmmm, I'm on five this month,

A Boat

A Festival or Funfair

A Fountain

A Picnic

A Sport





Something Ancient

Something Bizarre

Street Food

Here's the small print about each photo

A Boat
Taken at the Menai Straits, Wales
A Festival or Funfair 
This is where I have been all weekend, Shrewsbury Folk Festival, I'll tell you about it on Saturday 
A Fountain
Taken at The Dingle in Shrewsbury
A Picnic
I just knew mom would get chocolate on here in some shape or form
A Sport
Show jumping. Taken at The Shrewsbury Flower show, this is a different photo than the one's on the blog post
Shrewsbury Flower Show again! I can see why mom was pleased she went!
My Bandannys, all made by mom, Thanks Mom love you x
A Market
Ironbridge Farmers Market, did you spot me?
Taken on the cliff top by Aunties caravan, the Welsh Mountains
Something Ancient
Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle, constructed over 3,000 years ago.
Something Bizarre
Car eye lashes!!! what more can I say, take alook at the website CarLashes
Street Food
It had to be Fish and Chips

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx 

Saturday 27 August 2011

Saturday Steps A Dingle, Puffin and lots of other things!!!

We found a Dingle (a steep wooded valley)
on the island of Anglesey,
Nant y Pandy also called Nant y Dilyw
 in Welsh means
Valley of the Deluge
its right by the town of

 25 acres of wooded valley with boarded footpaths and walkways.

The river Cefni runs though the middle of it

Don't think they have had much rain,
 because it looked more like a stream when we visited

Great place to visit on a hot day, plenly of shade
Time to leave, and get mom on a boat to see a puffin!!!

We saw this camper van,
mom doesn't have a thing about photographing them
 but look at the name on it

Moms name is Janet Bell,
so if you see this van its not my moms lol!!!
LINK to her web site

Nice art work Janet ;)

OK mom get on the boat.
Shes sailing away to Puffin island

"Bye mom see you later" 
see we didn't even stay to watch her go
"come on dad, I think its a pint in the pub" 

"Good grief mom is that it, a puffin!!! can you zoom in on it" 

"OK its a puffin"
"George, we have always come to visit at the wrong time of year!! over the last two weeks they have been leaving, but at least I have seen one, even if it was so far away!" 

"As long as you are happy that's what counts, I'm very happy me and dad have spent the two hours you where gone in the pub, I call that a result"

Sorry no photos, well you wouldn't want to see me tipsy now would you, I've  just got to sleep it off.

Before I go there some things I must tell you about.

Last Saturday mom dad and me went on a pub crawl/walk around Ironbridge with Boomer, 

and his furiends, we had a great time.

Boomer  now has his own web page and blog

I also made friends with Rolo the greyhound,
 He has just started blogging.

I'm sure they would love you to welcome them to the world of Blogland

Boomer and Rolo are also on twitter,
  they both said I should join, I have, its been a blast.
Mom being mom, wanted to follow the local news!!! how boring.
Until they asked for, what do you love about where you live, mom sent off a photo and a tweet that said

"The Countryside of Shropshire, Grinshill and Corbet Woods gets the 4 paws up from me"

You remember back in June I gave them the 4 paws up award.

Well blow me down, they used the photo on the evening news
Look out for me, on the link

If that doesn't work here's a photo

I got mail in the week, I entered

Thanks to you all that voted for me,
 I came second, look what they sent

A beautiful home make picture and their favourite treats

Thanks Dex and Lou, its going up on the wall.

I'm nearly done, I know I'm rabbiting on,
Wyatt in the week put up a blog post
 about the B day presents I had sent him,
 no need but thanks Wyatt, he showed you the stamps I had sent.

You would have seen that I have had my very own stamp done,

They are proper stamps
that can be used on a first class letter in the U.K.


Ok I'm done for this post, I have had a great week, but I have been busy, so I am behind on my blog reading.
So miss you all when I don't have time.

 Its a Bank Holiday weekend over here, so I will be out and about, will catch up with you all soon,

Have a great weekend and week, what ever you get up to.
See Yea Soon George xxx

Will be back on Tuesday with this months Photo Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Hello Wyatt, I say WYATT......Can You Hear ME?


I'm going to have to shout so Wyatt can hear me

OK a deep breath



To you



To you



Dear Wyatt



 to you.

Did you hear me Wyatt, did yea?

I'm off to Wyatt's Birthday Fair,
and meet up with my girlfriend Stanzie,
pop along and wish him a
Happy Birthday

See Yea George xxx