Tuesday 28 December 2010

Ho,Ho.Ho, Plus Some Thank You's

Heck I'didn't know that Christmas would be this busy, I tell yea, but I had a Great time.
Santa did find me!!

These are the presents he left

Not to sure about the tooth brushes!!! I only have one mouth!

I  also took part in Jazzi's Christmas Exchange, Thank You Jazzi that was some great organizing you did.

My Exchange was with Martha and Bailey, its been a pleasure to get to know them as Bloggie friends. 

I sent a present to Martha, and Bailey sent me one back

The parcel came the week before Christmas, but I have to tell you a little story about it getting into my paws

I go for a walk each morning at around 7.00am, and from where we live I have four different ways to go. This day I decided we would go up the road to the playing field about 500 yards away, anyhow, I'm having a run about and then spot the postman delivering mail, so I sit down and watch him.
Next thing he shouts something,

 moms going deaf and shouted back "hang on I can't hear you"
 he says "you live at Number **"
 mom "yes that's right I'm very impressed"
postman "its not you, its the dog I know"

 He's got to know who I am with all the Christmas Cards I've been getting, moms face was a picture I can tell yea!! so to save him carrying it around we took it home.


Its a big present, just what's in it?

A Christmas Stocking

Wait there's more

This is very useful, at least I won't get run over when I am walking back from the pub with dad !!!
Mom says she might by one for him to lol!!!

There's more

DAD LEAVE IT!!! its mine, that worked,
look a have a lovely new blanket for the sofa as well, if you take a look at the card it has a guitar playing snowman!!

Thank You so much, Bailey and Martha

The other thing that happened just before Christmas I won
Inky's Return of The Fourth Leggie Special Prize!!!!

So mom made me wait till Christmas Day to open it

Just look, Dads got his paws on it again!!
Dad Its for me!!

Just how did you know my treat bag was on its last leggies, this one is great it will hold a lot more than my old one, it also had a book mark inside it, hang on I've lost sight of it, "MOM"

A lovely towel to dry my paws off

Plus an Australian badge

Thank You

Well that's just a very small part of my Christmas, I hope you all had a great one too

New Year is around the corner, and would you believe,
 New Years Day is My Saturday Steps Day!!
I have something brewing!!
 Beer lol!! no its not and its not a Cup Of Tea 

OK a clue

Some of my bloggie friends might have a good idea what it will be, as it was their idea : )

See Yea, Maybe on Saturday ?

George xxx

Saturday 25 December 2010

Saturday Steps... Christmas Day....


Its just a couple of minutes into Christmas Day here, so I'm off to bed for some shut eye, before Santa gets here.

Have a Great Day and hope your Christmas Wishes come true.
Make sure your peeps don't get stuffing them selves to much, but a good walk will do them a world of good

Is that the time, I have to go.

See you all in a couple of days

George xxx

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Snow, Snow, SNOW

Blizzard Conditions

Remember Don't Eat Yellow Snow

Snow Balls


See I Can Walk on Water

Its Just So Cold!! Maybe Not a Good Idea! 

I Think This is My Best Side, Do you Think?

 Even My Tongue is Freezing

Going For The Burn!!
 You Know Me If There's Steps I Just Have To Go Up um!

The Weather Man, Say's There's More On The Way!!


So Have Fun If You Have It,
 Remember How You Peeps Say You'd Like A White Christmas!
Its looking That Way In The UK

Stay Warm

See Yea George xxx


Saturday 18 December 2010

Saturday Steps and some Christmas Cheer

OK these are some steps that I couldn't climb, but they still count cus I've got my paws on them.
Mom had to use them to put up all the lovely cards I've been getting. (No shes not at the top lol!! I was just seeing if I might be able to climb them)
 Thank You to every one that has sent one and also for the ecards, I am bowled over at how many I have received. I like other bloggie friends have more than mom and dad!!! 

Now you might have noticed, that out of my reach is our Christmas tree, mom said she didn't want me in the vets over Christmas lol!!! Me! I take that to mean she don't trust me, that hurts, I don't want to play with them baubles any how 

They are all baubles, except one. 

These are all out of my reach to : ( 

A tiny fire place that has our names on

These things are called bottle toppers they should have a cork stopper on there bums!! moms taken them off, the snowman with the stripes looks like he's had a few drinks

A week today and Santa will be here,
 I sooooo excited, I've been getting ready

My stocking is up

Just to make sure, I have this on my bedroom door

To All My Friends from around the world

Have a  Happy Christmas

I'll leave you with this video. Cus I thought it was kinda cute 

See Yea George xxx

Tuesday 14 December 2010

A Mixed Bag and My First Rant!!!

The list has gone, well I can't see one can you! looks tidy around here as well. Right lets get you up to date with whats been happening this end.
Mom went away for a weekend with her pals from work, to Cardiff, she knows the place quite well, they lived there for 10 years and baby peeps was also born there and has a Welsh birth certificate
Anyways she took a flat me with her and said she would take loads of photos.
What happened, well apparently it rained none stop on the Saturday, but she did meet up with an old friend Angela she was conducting the local Barber Shop choir 

See the man in the day glow jacket, look at the Charity they were singing for

My name just keeps popping up, in fact I better get moving and do a post on my name and places as some of you have been sending in photos with my name on. I'm so behind, I've helped mom but I now have a long list to get though!!

Back to Cardiff

How come he's allowed  on the bed!!!! 

and at the breakfast table!! but then he goes walk about, well that's not quite right, he got tucked back in mom bag and didn't come back out! 

So these are the only photos she took

Oh look there's reference to us terriers, Earth Movers!!

Cardif Castle

On the one wall that surrounds the Castle are these animals they are all different and there are about 20 of them, I've just let mom put three on, after all this is my blog and you might get bored looking at all of them ;) 

Well that's what mom got up to.
Me well, dad forgot to take any pictures!!! but we went to the folkie singing playing  session, I have taken a dislike to accordion players!!! dad had to tell me to shut up!! I was only voicing my opinion

So that's the mixed bag now on to my Rant!!!
I don't do dressing up, no way, mom thought I needed a nice new Christmas header, well sorry folks it's not going to happen, I put up a dam good fight, but in the end I had to give in!!! 

So just for you a one off set of photo's of me in a Santa Suit. 

First the trousers

Then I put up a fight

OK that's it, take it off now, PLEASE. Where did she get it from!!!

George at Adsa, just look at the sticker that came on it!!!
George caution, yea to right.

The Cheek of it!!!

Just to end on a lighter note this is something I didn't mind doing.

Happy Holidays to all of you

If its dosen't work please go to this link.
See Yea George xxx