Saturday 10 December 2011

Saturday Steps

Happy Christmas and New Year
to all our friends and followers

We are on a blogging break. 

You can catch up with us after new year,
we will be back blogging on 
The 3rd January with The Tuesday Tess 

With a new look blog, new format and a report of what we got up to over the Christmas and New Year

So till then from our home to yours

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"Tess ask dad if we will get more treats for doing this photo shoot"

"Hey Dad more treats OK"

"Look my antlers are all wrong now!!" 

Have a Great Christmas and New Year

Love and Hugs
George and Tess XXXXX 

Tuesday 6 December 2011

The Tuesday Tess

Headline News

George at the vets


I'm Scuppered


Mom gets a surprise in the bathroom!


Do You Love The Frozen Planet?

Tess here with the goings on in the Bell household, seams I have got the nack to keep them on their toes LOL!! 


George at The Vets

 He's got an ear infection, its ok cus mom knows the signs and took him early. Thing is, looks like its not just the turkey that will be pucked in a couple of weeks. His ear hair has got to come out. Ouch!!


I'm Scuppered

Dam it, mom caught me. See, I can get onto her bar stool that's in the kitchen where my bedroom is. My idea was to do some counter surfing. 

She's put a stop to it by turning the chair around when she going out. There must be another way?


Mom Gets a Surprise in the Bathroom


Now I think most of us dogs at one time other another have to put up with these things - gates, as George just said "The Cheek of it" anyways me and George had been working together on a way to open it, and it worked. George pushes and I jump up and move the catch, Mom had gone upstairs to the bathroom to do what folks do, so me and George put our plan into action and it worked. I belted upstairs to find mom, she was sitting down at the time and didn't look to happy.

Dad's since fixed it and we can't open it anymore, boo hoo, can you see that metal pole on the left hand side, I could get throught that gap until dad fixed it, is there anything dad can't fix!!

Do You Love The Frozen Planet

I do

Mom says I should keep quite when its on

Breaking News

We are coming up to a blogging break as from next Saturday one more post before we go, wait until you see just what I had to wear for the photo!!.
Its a wrap for this weeks Tuesday Tess
Kisses from Me
Kiss me quick Tess xxxxx

Saturday 3 December 2011

Saturday Steps The Trentham Estate

Here we both are at The Trentham Estate, the place that came first in the vote to where we went on my Birthday

"Hey George how we going to do this post, cus mom took like 87 photos"

"It was more than that, we don't want to bore folks showing them what we got up to"

"why not, we had a good time, lets show them all the photos"

"GEORGE are you listening to me?"

"Two can play at that game"

See what I have to put up with!!

"ha ha, George you love me really"

 I think its best if we just roll out the photos, so are you ready to take a walk with us around The Trentham Estate

Looks like I've got Tess off my back for a while.
Till next time
Have a good week
See Yea George xxxx

"Hang on don't forget I'm back on Tuesday with The Tuesday Tess"

"I don't think they will forget"

  From both of us, have a good weekend see you soon xxxx