Sunday 28 April 2013

Chasing Our Tails

Thanks for popping back to find out why we missed my day
St George's Day

As the header says we are chasing our tails doing blog posts, this weeks Saturday Steps was last minute

"George are you sure you want to go through with this"

As I was saying, we are doing blog posts at the last mintue that's not good if you post each Saturday and have a monthly "The Tess"

  She crying isn't she

"Tess pull yourself together, I've told you how many times, we are not giving up blogging"

We are having a blogging break, so we don't have to chase our tails anymore. We have a busy month coming up so we'll have a lot to tell you when it's all over.


 Tess and I pledge to you, our faithful followers, that we will be back at sometime, might be a couple of weeks or a month


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Bye for now 
 Love & Hugs 
George & Tess xxx

Saturday 27 April 2013

Saturday Steps with Sara & Gruff

In the shade


We met up with our WT friend's on a WELTAF walk

 Sara & Gruff where on the walk
We made friends with them when we worked together at 

Great meeting you both again and we are looking forward to you joining us on a WT walk at Bridgnorth later in the year

We missed my day 
St George's Day
In fact we have missed a lot over the months
See you soon, when we will tell you why.
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx

Saturday 20 April 2013

Saturday Steps with Molly the Wally

"George I'm sure it's back down the steps and to the left" 


Molly the Wally sent in a photo of her on the Bandstand Steps

If you don't know Molly go give her a visit.
 She always knows all the up to date things that are going on in the world.

Thanks Molly, wouldn't like to be sat there if a band was playing!

Have a Good Week
Love and Hugs George & Tess xxx

Sunday 14 April 2013

Belated Birthday Outing To Ludlow Castle

I have waited a long time to go on this trip, it was worth the wait as it ended up a beautiful sunny day
There's a Smilebox and links at the end of the blog post


Because Ludlow is a small town it can get over run with cars.
They have a park and ride, we had to wait for the bus to take us into town

Tess sat on Dad's knee

I sat on Mom's knee at the front of the bus

On our way to the Castle

Lets open the doors

A big open space inside the Castle walls.

That's my flag they are flying

Lets take a look around

Tess take's a run up some of the tower steps!!

You can see for miles out of this window

There were pigeons nesting under the wooden floor, Tess was wagging her tail so fast it's a blur!

Back at ground level while Dad went up another tower to take some photos

Can you see us with Mom

See the Church, Mom went to the top of the tower!
 photos to follow

Trying to pose for my Saturday Steps!

We just had to sit and wait

Until Mom got the photo she wanted

After a good look around

Time for a break and rest

 Mom makes her way to climb the church tower

St Laurence's Church

The Church Bells

200 Steps to the top

Can to see us with Dad?

Back down the 200 steps

Good to see you back Mom

The Feathers Hotel built in 1619 and it's Haunted

Two dog shops together

Its been a long day for us, and we are waiting for the bus back to the car

We sat a the back of the bus this time as there was more room

Time to say good bye to Ludlow, we need a sleep


Hope you enjoyed joining me on my belated Birthday outing, as I enjoyed my day

Love and Hugs George & Tess xxx

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