Tips on Happy Blogging

Enjoy writing your posts
If the fun has gone when you are writing your post, have a break.

Post about want you like and enjoy.
Not what you think others want to hear

Blog when you feel the need to.
Not when you think you have to

Don’t fret when you don’t leave comments
There’s just not the time in a day

If you don’t have time to blog don’t worry
You don’t see or talk to your best friends every day of the week
(Ok maybe some of you do)

If your furiend is ill let us know
Positive vibes or a prayer always helps

For the time that all of us know we will face, when a dear loyal furiend goes to the bridge
This is perhaps the hardest thing to deal with, but the support and empathy from fellow bloggers will hopefully help you at such a heart breaking sad time.

If you are going though a bad patch blog about it,
 if you feel you can
It will help just by putting it down, and posting it if you want, remember we are all part of a big caring net work, and will not judge you, we all go though bad patches. Someone will come up with just a small bit of advice that will lift you up.

Don’t get offended if someone posts something you don’t like.
We all have different personalities and points of view,
what one person thinks is funny,
another one might not, and so on.

There is a world out there.
Go and enjoy it, you might fine you cannot wait to blog about it.

And remember the reason why you started
blogging in the first place.
I can’t answer that one, you have your own reasons.

Happy Blogging to you.