Sunday 27 February 2011

Another Walk From The Book

Now mom picked this book up at a charity shop, it was first published in 1995, I remember her saying at the time that some of the pubs might not be pubs any more.

Well that is the case with this walk.
We are in a small village called Pontesbury

The following photo was taken from google so you can see how it used to look.
Both mom and dad remember it like this with all its lovely hanging baskets.

But today it looks like this! but keeping with the book we will start from here.

On this walk there is not that much I can tell you, we did at one point walk over the top of a small hill fort!!
Which you will see on the photo of the map, but we didn't realise it at the time! 
So its just all photo's, until it drawns on me that this is the second time I don't get to go in the pub!


"Dad What are we going to have for dinner, I'm running on empty here!"
"Well George we know we won't be going in the pub, but there's a fish and chip shop by the church they must do sausages" 

St George's Church

"Hey what you looking at, this church is named after me ok"

Opposite is a row of 18th century labourers cottages

Just by the steps at the church I got my new header photo.

Fish and Chips
"Dad is that my sausage"
Dad "Could be"

"Come on I'm starving"

"hang on why have you been eating my sausage dad"
"Its only cus I don't want you to burn your mouth and to check that the quailty is good enough for you"

"Dad don't you dare have any more!! its for me!!"

"Thanks dad it was very tastie and good quailty"

Well I'm stuffed after that, see I got more than just that bit of sausage.

Then just a short walk back to where we started.

Hope you enjoyed joining me, the next walk is a belter,
 steps, pubs, yes more than one pub, and I have my own flat Stanzie that puts in an apearance ;)

See Yea George xxx  

Saturday 26 February 2011

Saturday Steps

Stand off with a swan on this one, Mmmm I backed down in the end. I've not got size on my side!
This was taken at middle pool, one of my local walks

Anyways right at this time, flat me is in space on the STS-133
I have put a post on Flat George's Travel Blog about it.
So pop over and take alook

See Yea George xxx

Sunday 20 February 2011

Dad Takes Charge of Camera!!!

Yes thats right, see he had no choice, cus mom went out all day Saturday!!! and left us to it,
Dad came up with a plan, "Lets have a pub crawl of pubs named after animals!!!

The First One

The Blue Pig.

 One pint of Guinness and the froth for me,  

Then a walk to

Yes the next place to where I live is called
St George's!!!

Anyways on to

The Bulls Head

Its all tiled out. 

Here he had a pint of

Pig On The Wall, we'd just come from The Blue Pig!!


The Talbot

We went in here cus we wanted to find out why there was a dog on the pub sign 
The landlady said a talbot is an extinct snow white hunting dog!!!
He's a LINK that we found

Next to

 The Elephant and Castle

Now, I do like to be on all my photos for the blog well 99% of them!!
I did go in all of them, but its seams drinking and taking photos don't go together lol!!!
Mom asked why I wasn't on then to which he repled
 "The road was to busy for George to pose"
"Ok dad I'll go with that"


A meet up with WELTAF
Which stands for Welsh Terrier and Friends.
Mom gets out the car and says to dad,
"for a change I'll take George you take the photos!"

This will be fun!!!

Can you spot me?

We were at Haughmond Hill

 I've done a walk around here before, called
My New Local Walk that's a link to it.
Its the place where you flick it with a stick!!!

If you want to find out why, you best go to the link

This is my third meet up with a group of just WT's, and we all seem to greet each other the same way! 

This next photo is me not with a Welsh Terrier but an Airedale, she's called Holly,
its OK Stanzie I told her I have a girlfriend and to leave me alone, I promise I never touched her again.

We get to the viewing point

What are we looking at?

Dad didn't take a photo, so this is one I had from my last visit.

Then a walk back to the start, and a group photo

Can you see me?
 I think you will have to make it bigger by clicking on the photo!

I'm now back home after another busy weekend, 
and have some sleep to catch up on.

See yea George xxx