Monday 16 January 2012

A Walk From The Book

A small town more the size if a village, north-west of Shrewsbury
If you are not up on your Roman Numerals its

The Walk is around 2 miles 
Starting at the pub

The Admiral Benbow

The book tells us to cross the road

The first thing we come to is Steps, note Tess is not with me on this photo, because mom thought the one with the two of us was more of an outtake! but I'm going to show you anyway.

Its looks ok, but see how Tess looks like she is balancing the lamp post on her nose lol!! now look back at my photo and the lamp post has gone! We own up and I have said this before, we are always on are leads.

Ok lets get on with the walk.

First through the church yard that has the remains of a Norman castle built in 1155

Time to move on

It was a cold night and the frost was still on the ground

This poor goose had a frozen breakfast

Out of the church yard and a walk down the road, always doing what the signs say

"George why do you have to do as the signs say?"
"Because we'd all be in a pickle if we didn't!"

That round building is the old toll house, you would have had to pay money to get across the bridge years ago.

"George, that sign says there is a bull in this field!! is it safe"
"Well it dosen't say you can't walk across it, I'll let you and dad check it out, mom and me will be right behind you."

Ok so we didn't stop right behind them, dad went off looking for the bridge that was on the map, while mom thought why walk all that way to walk all the way back if the bridge is no longer there.
What happened mom was busy telling me she can't see a bridge and not looking where she was going and we both ended up in deep mud!! she was laughing at me not thinking that she was sinking in it.

Dad didn't find the bridge so we had to walk all the way back to pick up the walk on the other side. 

We didn't see a bull. so luckly we didn't end up in a pickle

Back across the cattle grid

Passing the black and white house.

Back on the right track, on the other side of the stream
we saw loads of intresting things
 so I'll shut up and show you the photos 

Not Tess's best shot, but its the first time she got her head down a rabbit hole.

Look at the shadow on the left is it a horse? no its mom taking the photo!

The four of us together

Back to where we started hour and a half later.

The fire place inside The Admiral Benbow.
Note the lovely real fire and us two missing!

We were dumped in the car!!! they didn't even ask the landlady if we could go in
"The Cheek of it"
"They" as in mom and dad thought we where just to muddy. Do we look muddy?

"Hey mom and dad check out your boots and see who has the most mud on them. Oh and there was a bridge dad just didn't go far enough, we saw it when we were walking on the other side

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx  

Saturday 7 January 2012

Saturday Steps Looking Back

You might be thinking, I could have found a better steps photo than this to finsh on, well this is where it all started back on 15th May 2010 on these very steps.
(note Tess is in focus!! and not me,shes getting to be quite a poser to)

Here I am as a pup of just over 5 months,
Since then there has been 84 Saturday Steps.
So close to Frankie's magic number that I'm going to show you some that didn't make it to a blog post  

That makes 87


My Farorite Steps has to be a place that is a local walk to us 

Attingham Park

They where the first steps we took Tess to


Two of my favorite Saturday Steps

My first Birthday
 When you sent in photo's of yourselves on steps.

Mom had to do it in two posts, as blogger didn't like the post being soo long as 55 friends joined me on the day

My Second Birthday that's just passed

Thanks for making it a special day


When I first started it was just a photo on the post but as time went by I added a post to it, the following are some of mom's favorite's

Saturday 31st July 2010

I put up a slide show but it slowed down the blog, so took it off, if you would like to see all 43 photos of the day you can see them on My flickr page Hawkstone Park Steps
Mom also loves this photo of me!!


15th October 2011
Consall Hall Landscape Gardens

Me, Mom and Dad really enjoyed our walk around this place, even though it rained,  I gave it the 4 Paws award and emailed it off to them not thinking we would hear back, but the next day I had a lovely email from the manager thanking me for the award, and that he liked my blog post, so much that it is now on their main web page with a link to my blog and post. 
Thank You Consall Hall
We will be back to show Tess around later this year 

Web page


29th October 2011

We have become good friends over the last year with Boomer and his Folks, and without him this post would not exist, it was also around this time I realized just what its like having a sister!! 


We could go on as we have so many favorites.
I have put together a smile box with all 84 in the right date order that they appeared on the blog, so if you feel you can sit through 84 steps take a look, perhaps you have a favorite.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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Thanks for joining me each Saturday,
 I'll just be posting as and when from now on.

I've not given up on steps, 
if I come across some when out and about
 I'll be on them posing for a photo.

See Yea Soon George xxxx

Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Tuesday Tess Bumper Issue

Headline News

Snap Shot of Our Christmas


Flat George's World Tour


New Year Resolutions!!!!

We're Back, no silly head gear, just us in the furs.

We have alot to get though in this post, so lets get started

Snap Shot of Our Christmas

Christmas Eve we went for a walk with our friends

The pups, Ben on the Left and Jenny on the right

Tuffy, George's long time girlfriend that goes in the pub
(Stanzie its not real love she just a friend)


George who didn't look to happy, mom made us all the same bandanny's to wear.

But he soon had a smile on his face when the walk ended at the pub

But it didn't go down well when he found out there was just water in the dog bowl and not beer, he said when its just him and dad at the pub, he gets beer in the dog bowl!

A good end to Christmas Eve


Christmas Day

 We went to Granny and Granpops, and took a walk to the Stiperstones

Its was very very windy. Mom couldn't hold the camera still

Coming back down, thats baby peeps Simon
he didn't want to come but said when we got back he enjoyed it.
We were all ready for Christmas dinner when we got back.
Mom put the camera away so there are no photos, I think she'd had to much sherry to take any good photos :)

Its at this point we would both like to say a big Thank You to all the friends that sent us Christmas cards, ecards and pressies. It was a surprize how many we got, no need to, but we loved recieving them, we are just pleased you are our friends. 

Christmas didn't end there
I did alot of this

While George did some of this!!

Dad made up this game based on "BuckaRoo"

The idea was to see how many toys
 he could put on me before I got up! thats my tail sticking up at the back, I just fell asleep for a while.

One present I will show you remember George and Dad going in that shop at Trentham and coming out with a pink bag, this was in it

A bling bling collar from George, thanks George he did say it was a good job I have a short name cus he was running out of his dog biscult allowance money!

What do you think? as I don't class myself as a bling bling girl.


Flat George's World Tour

Yes FG is off on his second year of his world tour, for those of you that don't know about FG he's a George you can download and take with you on holiday, take a photo and email it back to
The Real George
He will put it on FG's World Tour Blog, FG got to go to loads of places around the world in 2011 so lets see where he ends up this year
For full detail on how you can host him visit and see just how many places he got to in 2011 click on link

Its also on the links at the top of the blog


New Years Resolution!!

We are not happy, I had a lovely first Christmas, then I find out about this thing that folks do
 New Years Resolutions.

Bocci my blogging friend has just put up a great post on resolutions that folks make for there pets.
Go check it out its a good list of things to do this year.

Well Mom came up with one.

You won't belive this,
 To give up blogging!!!
 yes give it up.

 We had to fight our corner

We had to make a stand, time for the negotiaton table

"George don't sit down there like a wimp"

"Look Tess if she has made her mind up then that's it"  
"Don't be silly George we can pull her around that's why its called negotiation, some give and take, OK" 

"Look mom its like this, I've not been blogging that long, heck all of 3 months George as had a good run of it, we can't let our followers and readers down, we've been on a blogging break long enough"

"Please Mom don't do this, we need you to help us blog!!"

  "George help she won't listen to me!"

"Mom, I know it takes a long time to do the blog posts and we have been blogging a long time every Saturday with Saturday Steps, then Tess comes along with The Tess, but we can't stop all together, we have put a lot into this blog, plus all the friends we have made, lets just cut blogging down and see how it goes"   

Seems George's approach worked,
"Thanks George, that was close"

George has negotiated the following

The Tuesday Tess will now be The Monthy Tess

Oh well better than not at all

This weeks Saturday Steps will be the last one, but the good news is George will still be putting up posts as and when we get to go somewhere intresting.

 UK is holding the olympic games this year and we live just a short drive away from where it all started, so I can see some blog posts coming up about that.

Don't give up on us friends we have been told we can keep up with what you are doing and join in with things going on in blogland.

 She is letting us on the laptop some of the time to go visiting which we are pleased about.

So for now

Happy New Year
Hope you can join us on Saturday for a Special look back at
Saturday Steps.

Love and hugs George and Tess xxxx