Tuesday 29 November 2011

The Tuesday Tess Birthday Issue

I'm so excited, I get to do the draw, I get to do the draw.
But first, George has some Thank You's to say 

"Over to you George"

A big Thank You to all my friends that took part on my steps photo. And for all the Birthday Wishes I got on my comments and to Friends on FB that wished me a Happy Birthday
I had a very enjoyable Birthday Weekend 

To the love of my life Stanzie, she sent me all these bandannys to wear, Love you, just sorry you couldn't send a real steak through the post like on your birthday card : ) and thanks for the Birthday post on your brothers blog (Cheers Wyatt)
To My blogging sister Rubie that sent a card all the way from OZ and also did a post wishing me Happy Birthday  thanks Sis :)

"Thanks Tess for getting me a Birthday Cookie"

  "Thanks George I thought it would be a nice thing to share"

Ok, Thank You's over,
 on to the draw.

Remember we said every friend that sent in a photo would be put into the draw, thats what we did.
All 68 names were put in my dinner bowl and I got to pick one out.

"Dad pass me the bowl please, folks are waiting"

The winner is

Ernie, Frankie's New Brother
Congratulations Ernie

"George this is so much fun can I draw out another one, and maybe one more, and one for good luck, go on, can I George, can I "

"Mmmm that's four all together, Ok yes we can run to that"

"Dad put the bowl back, George said I can pick out three more" 

Let me see, this one 

Sid the cat, Congratulations
"Dad don't hold it so close to the camera its blury"

Who's this going to be

Mitch Congratulations, you know Maggie & Mitch

  Last one to be drawn, dad gave the bowl a shake,
 before I picked it

Holly congratulations, Holly is one of The Thuglets

If you can please email us your addy's they will be posted off to you ASAP

"That sure was fun George, hope I can do it again sometime"

The winning vote was to go to 
The Trentham Estate
Our new header was taken there, we both had a lovely walk around, mom took loads of photos, George will be showing you on this weeks Saturday Steps, but he has said I can show you just a couple. 

Just outside the entrance to the Estate are some shops, George spotted this shop

I told him to stop outside while I went in for a look, this is where I brought his Birthday Cookie, but then he said he wanted to go in with dad and have alook. They  came back with dad carrying a pink bag!!! George said its my Christmas present, Christmas can't wait to find out what this Christmas is.

To finish off the day, we both had 
Beef Stew, carrots, Chicken and to top it off Yorkshire Puding, on peeps plates!!

Mmm tastie, all gone in less than 30 seconds!!

Its a wrap for this weeks Tuesday Tess

From Me and George, thanks for being our friends


Saturday 26 November 2011

Saturday Steps Birthday Weekend

George, don't you see a bit of a problem?

 Its just you and me on the steps!
I don't think you have any friends in blogland.

Yea Yea Yea TESS, you have a lot to learn. 

Well, I have a bunch of friends, in fact 68 are joining me this Birthday Weekend on the steps.
Drum Roll

Thanks to all of you for making this a very special
Birthday Steps

My Birthday is on Sunday the 27th Nov, and that is a very special day for two of my blogging friends that are sitting just behind me on the photo.



All three of us share the same Birthday and the same age, now that is special. 
Please pop by their blogs to give them some Birthday Wishes 



Its also someone else's Birthday on the same day

Asta's Mom. They are busy packing up to move over to this side of the pond. You can go and see Asta as she is helping out with the packing


Ok George, I knows you have friends, I was only joking.

  Happy Birthday George, and to Sage, Eva and Asta's mom 
Kisses from me Tess XXXX

Thanks to all of you that voted, this weekend we will be going to
 The Trentham Estate
Next weeks Saturday Steps will be all about our visit.

In this next weeks Tuesday Tess I will be drawing out a winner from all the friends that were on the Birthday photo with us.

See you then, Tess


Have a good week
See Yea George xxxx

Kisses from me Tess xxxx
Did you spot who I was sat by, did yea, Bow Wow  

The Roll Call
in no particular order

Sarge, Babyrocketdog & Hootie, Amber & Max, Asta, Amber & Anne, Balzac, Wilson & Jimmy, Bridger, Elsie, Finn, Frankie & Erinie, Horatio, Tuffy, Jenny, Jazzie, Kelly, Lionel, Maggie & Mitch, Maggie Mae & Max, Misty, Sage, Rubie, Shad, Stanzie & Wyatt, Tuppence,  Bocci, Blueberry, Bunny & Morgan, Bunny, Colin, Douglas, Eva, Ellie, Boomer, Jenkins, Missy, Roo, Sally Anne & Tavish, Stella & Rory, Sid, Bertie, Inky & Molly, Bart & Ruby, Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy, Winifrid Prickles, Teddy, Monty, Tessa, Teddy, Cora, Webster, Holly.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

The Tuesday Tess......Second Issue

Headline News

Pup Party not what I expected!


I'm in the dog house


George Chucks UP


I Got Mail


Hi everyone and welcome back to the Second Issue.
Its been a busy week in the Bell  household, I like to keep them on there toes in more ways than one.


Pup Party not what I expected!

It was at the vets!!(this was before we spent the night there)
 OK, I did meet other pups there so it was socialising, but I was the oldest and one of the biggest other than a collie pup, Mom said it was a good experience for me, even if I was a bit rough with some of then.

But we came away with a goodie bag full of items.

I'm in the dog house
  This hole in the carpet was not made by me, it was made by George when he was a pup, see he's not always a good dog. In fact, on further investigation, it turns out Dad started the hole when he dropped his cigarette. Naughty dad smoking is bad for you.
Anyway, George as a pup just loved the smell and when they weren't looking turned it into a hole like it is today. 
Mom had the idea to buy a small brown rug to cover it up, George loved this rug and used to sleep on it.
It all changed when I came here, I had an accident and pooped on it, no big deal until dad trod in it! Mom said no way it that going in the washing machine, I'll get a new one.

Sorry Mom but once a hole always a hole,

 I told her not to worry. Just leave our play blanket over it nobody will know it's there, sorry to say but the rugs gone all together as I found it just two much fun to pulling it apart  

George Chucks Up

Over Me!!! I was soooo shocked, no horrified. I didn't know George got Car sick like me,  I had already been sick, I have to say not anywhere near George. Dad was just driving along when yuk on my back and down my leg. I tried by best to stay still until the car was stopped and mom came to the rescue. Good job she had Baby wipes to clean me off. It seems I will have to watch out when we go on long journeys

I Got Mail

George thought it was for him

I had to fight him off

My very own toys

This toy was in the box as well and look, George got hold of it

That's mine GEORGE!

 I think some one's trying to woo me, I'm blushing under my fuzz fur
I'm not telling just yet who send me these lovely gifts to play with  but I will give you a clue, I'm sat very close to him on George's Birthday steps photo.
Its lovely to have my very own toys as I have been playing with Georges hand me downs.  
Thank You Boyfriend XXX

Breaking News

Its not quite if you have paid us a visit in the last week

Its George's Birthday coming up, you can see the full post about how you can join in by going via this LINK or just scroll down the blog until you get to it.
There's really is not much time left if you want to join us.
 Last day for sending in your photos is 25th Nov, there are already 52 friends joining us, I will be sitting next to my Boyfriend, (Bow Wow, I think I've scored there :)

Its a Wrap for this Week

Kisses from me
Kiss Me Quick Tess XXXXX