Saturday 30 October 2010

Saturday Steps and a Happy Halloween to Yea

My local train station steps ,(they could do with a paint if you ask me!!!) I often think I hear the trains at night, mom says its the ghost train going though !!!!!

Well I'm off to two Halloween partys this weekend the first one is at 

and the second one at

 go and check them out it will be a hoot!!

Here's me in me Halloween gear, ready for the partys

Thanks goes to K-9 Katastrophe for the badge

Come back on the 1st November I've got something up my sleeve, Yes, it is itchy, only 'cus I'm itching to tell you,
No its not a pup! I don't want you all getting the wrong idea!! its to do with my B/Day!!  

See Yea George xxx

Monday 25 October 2010

Out by day and night and a photo of a very rare thing!

Ok its that time of year the leaves are turning colour its getting colder, winters on the way, oh and mud! Moms idea, "lets go to an arboretum" she said, well I don't get a say in anything, so I'm packed into the car and end up at this place.

I'll just sit back and let your look at the photo's, but for some reason it was not one of moms best days for taking photos you'll see want I mean. out of focus!!

LOL!!!! BOL!!! that got yea, no it didn't say Butt Pool is said this

I don't know what this is going to be, but it was the start of me getting muddy! 

Now can you spot anything about this photo, other than its out of focus

I'm not in it!!! why, I'll tell you why, I was tied up here

mom spotted this sweet chestnut tree shes over there like a flash, dad should  have been looking after me on the lead he's so busy looking for those dam sweet chestnuts, while I'm there jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof with them spiky things sticking in my feet, I tell yea it was not funny them things hurt big time, what do they go and do, tie me up to a gate post and leave me there!! while they go back and fine some more!!!
The cheek of it!!

Anyways time to get me own back this is a very rare thing, MOM lol!!

This is what I see when I'm posing, I tell yea sometimes I find it hard to keep my face straight. No wonder shes having a hard time taking the photos, no photographer in there right mind would stand like this

Of course I have to thank dad for these photos, but I have to say he has a lot to learn about taking them to

Got a bit of a lean on this one lol!!!

Just time for tea and a ... hang on theres no cake, are we all on diets again!!!

Later the same day, I get bundled back in the car, to a secret place to see a firing of a kiln!
Well spooky it was, and very muddy!!

Out of focus again,

This is the kiln, its full of hand made bricks

Then it was lit

Tony who had made it will stop with it and keep it going with wood until Tuesday

I think dad thought he was warming my ears, this was not the case, I was toastie anyways, it was his legs that were cold!

This is Tony, as you can see he is a wind up merchant, just look at the mud! red clay!

I heard I was getting a bath when I got home, well I got away with me paws being rinsed off in the washing up bowl, but sent to bed with a clod of clay on me butt, mom brushed it out in the morning.

I'll leave you with this photo, taken in my back garden, cus to me it is a better colour than any of the trees we saw at the arboretum, plus its the last photo of me before I go to the groomers.

See Yea George xxx


Saturday 23 October 2010

Saturday Steps

Even when I go out with Dad there's steps!!! these go down to the battle field at Shrewsbury, a bit on the dull side but still steps.

See Yea George xxx

Thursday 21 October 2010

Mom's been slacking +Days out With Dad

Mom's been slacking!!! just what can a dog do, when the pootie's out of reach, I need to see what you have been up to, its the usual thing to tired, well she might be but I'm not! and I want to tell yea what me and dad have been up to.  Finely two days to late, I'm here reporting in.
Thanks Mom!!
 Dads had a couple of days off work, and in time honored tradition,
 he wants to educate me. (fat chance of that).

Day One, and we go to the site of “The Battle of Shrewsbury”. I don't know what he was expecting but there's not much there, just a field and a church.

The Battle of Shrewsbury was a battle fought on 21 July 1403, and was waged between an army led by the Lancastrian King, Henry IV, and a rebel army led by Henry "Hotspur" Percy from Northumberland. (The king won 2-1 after extra time and the good people of Shrewsbury provided the pitch.)
There is a pathway which leads to the church so we have a nice walk.

Day two, and I think me Dads goin' a bit loopy. He's wandering round the house whistling the tune from Captain Pugwash and muttering about me being a “salty sea dog” - just plain nuts if you ask me LOL.. Anyways, it turns out we're goin' to see me Uncle Mel and he lives on a canal boat.

We have a chat about matters nautical

 Then me and Dad are off for a walk.

 Now, you know when you've been for a walk and you say “we've been miles” - well in this case we did go miles (2 in fact) and can prove it. Take a look at these signposts and you'll see a 1 mile difference!!

 So, there and back makes 2 miles (not a bad bit of maths that – I can count to 5 by including me tail. Dad forgot to include me in the photo!!! )

While on the subject of walks, Mum's just given Dad a book called “Short walks from Shropshire pubs” because he's non keen on this dog walking lark, but likes the pub, its a win win situation.

There are 20 walks in the book, I'm sure I  heard him say we would do all of them, so watch this space!!

Well I still can't see, I'm off to the groomers this next Tuesday. 
I will be catching up with you all soon.

See Yea George xxx