Sunday 30 January 2011

Ironbridge NOT!!!

Well OK yes, that is a photo of the bridge that mom took about 2 years ago!!! Can you see the flower?
So Saturday afternoon as it is only a 15 minute drive away we decided we where going to take some photo's for a blog post. 
Saturday in Ironbridge is not the time to try and find a parking space!!
Plus there is work being done to it.
 So we decided to give it a miss this time.

Instead we turned around and parked back at the visitors centre at Coalbrookdale.

We had no intention going for a a route march, just there to take photos,
but dad pointed out a sign with a walk.
The Coalbrookdale Watercourses
 so mom went in and got the map.

Just take note that dad now has the map!

We pass a shop window, its Valentines Day soon,
 I am in love, I just hope she loves me back.
 I will have to wait and see, a card to her is in the post.  
Do hope she will be my Valentine, paws crossed for me,
 she a very special girl dale. 

Its not a pub, but dads second favorite drink is Tea, he can't start a job unless there is a mug of tea in his hand! we will be stopping here on the way back.
Notice its called Delidale!!

I don't see no Airedales! where's my girl!

These are the Upper Forge Sluice Gates- built to control the flow of water downstream

The building on the left is the Coalbrookdale Youth Hostel,
 it used to be a former literary &  Scientific Institute 
The road we are standing on is called Paradise, not today its not!!
Note- Dad still has the map and is reading it!!!

Former Methodist Chapel, Site of early pumping engine.
Can you see me?

Up some steps, so fast I'm a blur! 

Into woodland

Its about here things start to go pear shaped, mom who hasn't got the map pipes up.
"I don't think it is this way" dad seams to think it is!!! so off we go up to the top, we went on a head as mom was flagging she still is not 100% but made it to the top OK, I can hear her saying to dad its still not the right way, she takes the map off him!!  and again says
 "we're going the wrong way"
 Opps don't like the tone of voice!! I'll just keep my head down!
Dad " Lets just keep going this way, we will pick up the path soon" 

Well if we weren't lost we would have not seen these frozen puddles,
 see always try and find a positive out of a negative.
This is the last photo Mom took on the walk!! why,
she's walking 20 foot behind us muttering something!! 
well the next thing her arms are up in the air, and she shouts,

 "I'm not going any further I'll meet you back at the car"

Heck I've not seen her like that before, must be a full moon!!
Anyways, we decides to let her have a head start and then follow her back!!!

We caught up with her in the end, and stopped at Delidales,
 luckily she'd calmed down by then. Good job Dad had no money on him to buy the drinks!

Look at all the lovely fruit and veg.
Mom and Dad had a Tea and a Tea Cake each, when the shop owner brought it out to them,
Dad said "look George only two plates but you can have some of ours"
The shop keeper said "Is he allowed a treat" yes I am!!!

He give me my own cooked sausage, a result yea!!!!  

Thank you Mister Shop Keeper you made my day.
I needed calming down after mom spat her dummy out the pram!! 

 She went in the shop after and brought some Sweet Potatoes,
 chilli's ginger, garlic, Welsh Cheese, and Irish cheese. 
Makes me wonder what the heck she is cooking for tea!!! 

Well I can't leave you with out a photo of the Ironbridge, here is is from a distance.

But wait a minute the sweet potatoes from the shop where for me!

Mom sliced them and dried them off in the oven

Mmmm Tasty

So a bit of a mixed bag of things for a Saturday!!
Thank goodness Sunday was more chilled out!

See Yea George xxx

Saturday 29 January 2011

Saturday Steps

Even on a Canal you can find steps, these are at Grindley Locks,
 full story on my last post.

See Yea George xxx 

Sunday 23 January 2011

A Walk From The Book

Its the first walk in the book at a place called
 Grindley Locks near Whitchurch  
As with all the walks in the book it starts at a pub and is a round walk ending back at the start.
Our starting point for this walk was

The Horse and Jockey
On the A41 between Whitchurch and Chester.

Quote from the book by Robert Smart
"The Horse and Jockey is a typical roadside inn. Rather too close to the town to ever have been a coaching inn, it nevertheless would have been used by road and canal travellers. built about 1780, most of it appears to be original with very little in the way of recent additions".
The book was printed in 1995 so in that time I think there have been some additions,
 but they are in keeping with the old part of the pub.

We had to cross the main road to get to the lane.

"Dad your pulling me the wrong way!! its up the lane Can't you see the sign post!!"

Oh this doesn't look to good, lets go though the gate.

Looks like they are doing up the locks in the winter months!

We carry on along the canal

This is the first unfenced lock we come to, heck that looks a long way down!


This is the next lock we came to, you can see the semi circle of bricks, well when the water is level on both sides of the gate you can open it up by putting your butt against the wooden arm which is the white part, and push backwards and use the bricks for grip.

Mom and Dad know how to open and close locks they have been on canal boats, but this sign even had mom scratching her head!!! 

This bit is taking us under the main road, you can see the start of the staircase Locks,
 that's the lock gate at the end.

We get there only to fine these are also being done up!

This is the view that's in front of us, there's me and dad reading a sign.

Looking back, you can just see the fenced off locks on the left if the photo.
 This bit of the canal is like a car park for boats!
In busy times you would have to wait your turn to go down the locks so you can moor up here and wait.

Come on lets get going.

We've been walking for about 20 minute's, when we get to that bridge the book tells us to turn right.

A quick sniff and a turn right

 Right into a muddy field!

"what did you say dad? the tree in the middle!"
Ok that's where we have to go, to the tree in the middle and turn, right ,RIGHT

"Mom what you doing I don't like it when you get to far behind"

Fresh dug rabbit hole's. I didn't see any!

A quick right at the tree, and we end up on this funny road made up of strips of concrete in the middle of the fields, we can only think it makes it easy for the farm machinery to get to the crops for harvesting

Then we pass some very big holes, that big they might be badgers!!
 Mom was screaming to get my head out lol!! 

Another 10 minute's walk and we join a lane that takes us to the main road

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because there was a Welsh Terrier behind it!!!

Just a couple of yards and we are back at the pub

Now you might be looking at this and thinking why didn't I go in the pub?
I was allowed in because the barmaid said to mom,
that I would be more than welcome. 
But mom thought my feet where just to muddy and I needed a rest!!!
 The Cheek of it!!

Just look who gets to go in with them!! and sits on the table!!!

FG!!! well I'm not having that next time, if the pub lets dogs in
I'm going in and thats another RIGHT!!! MOM!

So here ends the first walk in the book, hope you will join me when we do the next one.

See Yea George xxx