Sunday 30 May 2010

Well, I don’t think I would have got up this morning if I knew we would get lost today!
The morning started OK. A bit of a lay in till 8.00 after all it’s Sunday.
Straight out for me morning walk, Breakfast on the return, then a sleep, 11.30 things start to happen, I’m getting good at picking up the pointers, peeps have to put shoes on, get my travel bag sorted and that means we are going out in the car, this time another NT place Dudmaston Hall
I was OK on the trip, at the gate a man peeps gave us a map which mom got her paws on and was told that because of Me, Me of all dogs is only aloud in this place called The Dingle. What the heck is a dingle!
Dad seamed to think mom is good at reading maps. This is the first time I’ve seem mom with a map and I’m none to impressed,

           Time for a quick drink

Then off to this place The Dingle. we'd been walking for a while and by this time should have got to a mill
pond, its left says mom
 (who doesn't seem to know left from right)
some time later we end up here, and I mean some time later, in the middle of nowhere, me legs were turning to jelly and  me pads were aching, Mom then pipes up were lost, lost! I don't want to be lost they should be looking after me, I want to go home back to me bedroom, not sleeping in a field, Dad took the map, it seamed to him better to keep walking the way we were rather than go back. So on we went.

Back on track, I was so pleased. they had me worried   

Stopped for a drink and to cool me pads off.

Then off again, we ended up on the ruff side of the lake the other side is where the peeps that don't like dogs go
Another piccy of the lake

Came across a dog friendly gate, I had got my second wind but by this time, Dad was flagging 

Then just when things are looking up,we come to this. A not so friendly dog gate with this sign on it.
What do us dogs do to upset you peeps? Mom and dad always pick me poops up, I get on with other dogs, OK some peeps can get on my pip,  just let me get on with what I'm doing


We had to walk all the way around the outside fence, I was none to pleased I can tell you.
Finally something nice, the end of moms ice cream, I think shes trying to make amends. Please dad don't let her get her paws on another map.

Safe back home, me pads are aching so time for tea and a nap
See yea till next time George xxx 

Saturday 29 May 2010

Just a quick post before me bed time, I've been catching up on me blogging pals, and thanks to my hero Eric on A square Dogs Blog, would you believe it, I over came my fear of tin foil, (mom dropped a roll on me head opening the kitchen cupboard I was only 10 weeks old). and managed to pinch me dads nan bread, he was none to happy, running around the lounge, with mom laughing, I got quite a buzz, so this won 't be the last time
I'm now on the naughty step, its OK bedtime soon and tomorrow is another day.
Mmm tomorrow, gotta keep these peeps on there toes

See yea George xxx

Saturdays Steps

At Granny and Granpops place, with clare the cat, and no I didn't give chase because she always
gives me a bat around the head!

Sunday 23 May 2010

High up in the Hills

I've been up to see Granny, Granpops and Dougall dog my cousin, they live way up high in the hills, makes me ears pop. You can see for miles and miles all that doggie sniffing ground.

Dougall is long with short legs and has a number of funny faces which he pulls at me. I got the upper paw of him in the wrestling game

Just look at the face

This is a better piccy of him

Game over, for now, its just to hot
Back home and its still hot, I think I'll sleep though it

So 'till next time sweet dreams

Doggie pals and Peeps

George xx

Friday 21 May 2010

Hi dog pals and peeps, mom and dad have joined this thing called
The National Trust.
National Trust of what Dogs, Peeps? No its lots of doggie walking land with some building thrown in.

It seams they think I need up market walks, and some education on how to read signs.
This piccy was taken at Attingham park.
The signs are at dog height, why is that, the last thing I want to do when having a sniff around is read a sign, but they make a very useful comfort break.
I now know why they joined, Attingham is a short car journey away, and I can make it without being you know "sick".
We can now come as may times as we want and don't have to pay.
Looks like at the end of the year I will know the place backwards, forwards, side to side and up if I learn how to climb the trees.
See yer around George x

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Thank You mom
I do get to taste liver cake again; we had run out of it, had to have treats from the dog shop yak. I only get it when I do something good, from jumping though hoops, learning me folk dance, sit ,stay, that’s funny I used to get in when I was on a walk, wonder why I don’t any more?
Anyways mom cooked it tonight; she goes a funny green colour when liquidising it
Don’t think she likes the red colour, and then puts it in the oven, the smell yum yum.
So will have to get me act together and behave before any pass my lips.

Moms let me put the recipe on it came from the puppy club I went to, so get your peeps to make it for you; she also said “remember it’s only a treat and you have to work for it”.yea yea yea She doesn’t want you to have runny tummies

12ozs Liver
8ozs Wholemeal S.R.Flour
2 Eggs

Liquidise or very finely chop the liver
Stir in Flour and Eggs
Grease a Tin and spread in the mixture
Cook for 20 min at 200c or Gas Mark 6
When cool cut into cubes less than ½inch and freeze
Just take out enough for a couple of days
See yea George x

Saturday 15 May 2010

Saturday Steps

As my walks always seem to have some sort of steps in them I thought it would be fun to post each Saturday the steps I have been up or down on my walks. So this is the start of Saturday Steps.
Snedshill going to the top

Monday 10 May 2010

We have another member of the family, he lives up stairs with his door shut, mom won't let me in there she says its a health hazard, his name is Simon he only comes out to get his food and go to work, he's a bit on the pale side, needs to get out more.
Mind you he does always say hello to me on the times I see him.
Anyways moms been letting me go up stairs by me self (she's always behind me) but I can go quicker, this time his doors open "yea", I just had to take alook, it smelt ok to me, in fact the different smells where quite over whelming didn't know where to put me nose first. A quick scout round and the safest thing to pick up was a coat hanger, sharp exit and down the stairs. only to come up against this gate at the bottom, with mom close on me paws.

Note to self don't try to get though a space when the thing you have in your mouth is bigger, next time must pick up something smaller.
O well still got a treat for giving it back.
See yer around.

Sunday 9 May 2010

A Busy Weekend

My new bedroom came this week, I like to sleep stretched out, and was getting stiff in the morning curled up, got up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed with some money that came from the Tooth Fairy, no, honest I thought it was one of me moms hair brain idea's, but its true. To all my pup friends don't swallow your first teeth spit um out, let you peeps find um make sure they put them under a toy in your bedroom, next morning yea this thing peeps call money is there, you take it into peep places and change it to something you want.
So I'm off to the Dog shop

Look at all the toys

In the end I didn't know which one to have, I had gone off the idea, as they said after this we would be going to Bridgnorth, O hek my tummy and long car jounarys just don't go together, so in the end mom picked one out for me. as I didn't feel like playing she thought it would be funny to put it on my head and take a piccy Ha Ha not

Soooooo,Off to Bridgnorth.

Mom was bred here, so knows her way around, so to speak. We parked down by the river and walked up a hill called Cartway it's very steep and made my legs ache.

There are some more piccys of the day, The Cliff Railway

Steps Steps and more Steps

Dad asked me to put this on hoping that all pubs would take this up

Surprise Surprise..................... More Steps

Met this girl today, Wow, wot a paint job. thought I'd show her some of me Folk Dancing, doesn't look to impressed,
I have until August to get it right . Watch this space.

My first paddle in a river

My First ice cream yum yum I needed that

Well back home and I'm wacked, just time for a sleep before I have my George O'clock hour as mom and dad calls it, wunder if dad will take me to the pub tonight.

sweet dreams my doggie pals
All the piccys from today are on my flickr page you can get to it on the links.
Take care till the next time
George XXX
PS I was OK during the car journey

Thursday 6 May 2010

My walk today took me to this place, I thought it was where you peeps play games, mom said that's not far from the truth.

A big room where you stand in wooden boxes with a place of paper, looks like peep kennels to me, fold the paper up and put it in a black box, what for? I, asked mom,

"That's how we get our leader by voting,"

That wouldn't go down well with us would it my doggie pals, you've got to have a good sniff first, any sign of fear and there off the list.