Monday 26 April 2010

Well that's me done for the night, I don't look fat do I? I think I have a nice slim lined body, but I have grown if you look on the right hand side of the piccy you will see two empty cola bottles, when I was little mom and dad thought they had lost me, it was my hiding place and is quite big under the cupboard, they soon stopped it, I cannot believe I was that tiny, cannot hide anywhere now

Mom took me to the vets today
I'm ok just to have me weight checked, got to have the worming stuff put on me, and the last lot was for up to 4kg well I am 8kg. Mom thinks I might grow up to be an Airdale because of me long legs.

She wanted to join this thing they have where you pay monthy for bits and bobs. But if I get to 10kg mom will have to pay £1 more per month, I think she put me on a diet Im sure I get more tham this for me tea.

Sunday 25 April 2010

Morning Walk

Well how are you all, Had a good weekend? I have been out and about, today dad dropped me and mom in Ironbridge, he went off to do his folk playing.
I was sick on the way mom Say's I'm growing out of it, I hope so. We had a nice walk along the river. With stops on the way to take piccys.

Ended up waiting for dad at the pub, and yesterday was the first bar be of the year.
I have found a great way to get treats you have to pinch things, works great, anything will do, the secret is don't give it back until you get the treat how cool is that.
I keep a tally in me bedroom,
Socks- I think I'm up to 12 they don't have to be pairs
pants- 2 pairs
Cappo-got that twice
TV remote-3 times
pens- 3
dish cloth -I cannot really count this as mom found it in me digging hole
Filters- Dad's smokes, some times from his ears lol
Bar be cue tongs- 1
Slippers- lost count
screw driver- 1
Top from a jar of horseradish-mom thinks it was this that made me sick in the evening, I don't think I will be doing that again.
Have ago guy's and girls great fun.
see you around George

Friday 23 April 2010

Well blow me I am only 4 months 27 days old and they have named a day after me Saint Georges Day, I have herd its to do with the English but I stand by my Welsh heritage I am a Welsh Terrier and proud of it
Well I had my final meeting at the puppy club last night, what a laugh that was, the first test was mom to tap her foot and I would go down, well all week we have been doing this at home but mom always put a treat under her foot first and the only way I could have it was to go down then I hear the pass word YES! I get the treat.
They must think I'm a bit thick being a pup showing me the treat and then not dropping it, and thinking I would go down just by tapping the foot, blow that.
Then from behind came the trainer "can I have George" she gave me the evil eye so ok I thought a sit was good enought O no she won't having it,ended up her putting a foot on my lead had no choice in the end, got the treat YES.
When you get to know me I am a bit of a Jack the Lad, but I say George the Lad, and lived up to it in the second half, I say what's the point in doing things if you don't get a buzz from it lol.
Let him off the lead I hear her say, mom chucked a treat I was quite happy to get it, then me mind wandered hey gang come and play they were all dead boring and just sat there I was the only one off the lead yahoo a run around.
I could hear someone shouting in the back ground "bugger it I need a run" O dear my collar go'es tight and a word I hate NO NO NO that's it I have a short temper at the best of times and it just got shorter, before I new what I was doing I had a nip blimy it's the trainer she's not happy, pointing out that I am strong willed and need a stronger hand, cheeky madam, I'm no lap dog and wanted to show me mates how to have fun.
When I go for a walk with Mom or Dad I don't get all this doing on, my mind do'es wander and they have me on one of those long thingy's and I feel safe.
At the end of the hour we were given a piece of paper, fat lot of good that is, what about a treat

Sunday 18 April 2010

This is my watering hole and swimming pool. I had only been here a week and decided I would take a dip, luckly Dad was there to get me out, to say it was cold is a under statment, I am now waiting for the summer to warm the water before trying again

I thought I would show you around my place,
This little thing mom calls Joey the attack budgie.
He can get noisy at times and drops these white fluffy things on the floor and seed. Not been aloud to play with him. If you get to close to the bars he'll have you.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

This blog is about our Welsh Terrier George, we picked him up from the breeder at 8 weeks old on the 23/01/2010.
His Kennel Club name is "Dobelands George the Lad"
He has given us many laughs over the time we have had him and I thought it was about time to start writing his antic's down.
If you own a Welsh Terrier I would love to hear from you.
Jan and George