Saturday 26 March 2011

Saturday Steps + Kinver Edge and The Rock Houses

Take a close look at the back of this house, its built into the sandstone rock!!
I'll show you more later.

We took a visit to Kinver Edge

A climb to the top

Just a small part of the view

Dad plonked me on the top of this thingy me bob

Come on I've had enough, lets get going

I met this mad five months old hound, called Bentley

Then this dog

Heck he was big, didn't get his name but his owner said he is a Leonberger!!
I thought that was a type of cheese!
Opps, mom just said the cheese I'm thinking of is Leerdammer, don't have a go mom I'm still learning 

Not heard of that model before, he was very friendly. Good job, I don't think I would have stood a chance!!

The Rock Houses
 Folks lived in them up until the 1950s

This is what's above them, big lumps of sandstone

They even had a rock house for there dogs!!

Ok enough of rocks, time for a pint.
We took a small detour on the way back to show you this place.

No mom's not photoshopped it.

Its The Crooked House!! the links to there web site.

If you ever get the chance to go, take a marble with you and put it on the bar!! it goes uphill!! 
I tell yea you don't need a drink, dad came out and he couldn't walk straight, its like one of them fun house's at the fair. Mom wouldn't go in, she says last time it made her feel sick!  

Happy walking wherever you are this weekend, hope the sun shines for you.
I'm slowly getting round to see you, so bear with me on that one, I'm still busy this end! Mom says thanks for the comments on her photos ; )

 See Yea George xxx

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hello, I've just come back from a lovely walk, its been one of the warmest days of the year, and sunshine all day, the Daffodils are coming out.

Now let me tell you about

Mom's taking part, it is being run by

Each month Kathy puts up a list of items, all you have to do is photograph them and add to the photo scavenge hunt flicker page.
So this is mom's photo's for March

A collection 
Mom's uranium glass!!!

A Fancy Gate

The gates to Tewkesbury Abby, taken on my first weekend away.

A Lamb

A Lion

A Rainbow
You can just see it!! taken at the top of The Wrekin

A Ring
Mom likes to think out the box!! this is a gas ring!!

A Shadow

An Empty Chair
Granpops work shop

Peeling Paint

Something as old as you
That's mom's birth year!!!!

Something Green

Something Sentimental
This is mom's Boo Boo, Gran made it for her when she was a little girl out of her sheep skin coat, if you look under his nose you will see a worn bit, its where mom kissed him all the time!!
You will let me know if my beard starts to go a bit thin, cus shes always kissing me!!!

Some of the photos we had already got in the bag, but mom enjoyed trying to find the rest, so we will be doing the photo hunt at the end of each month.
Thanks for popping by

See Yea George xxx 

Saturday 19 March 2011

Saturday Steps and Sunday Morning

Sorry, Sorry its another bum shot, shame on you mom. I'm sure I turned around to come down them

Good grief mom is that the best you could do!!!

To make it worse I've been told I can't tell you where it is!!
Well not just yet, you see last Saturday we had to go on a secret mission, can you believe that, no really.
All I can say is, its to help Boomer, who's Boomer he's a dog, he found out about me from the owners of Delidale, you know the post that mom spat her dummy out.
Anyways I will be able to tell you soon.

Mom's only given me limited time on the laptop so I'll just tell you what we did on Sunday.

We stopped Saturday night at Granny and Granpops

A quick run from the back to the front of the house to show you the view.

That's a view to wake up to.

Granny was there but where was Granpops

Dougall was quick off the mark to tell me.
 Oh no he is in hospital having a new knee!!

Poor fella was missing his dad, it was written all over his face

He kept looking to see if he was coming home

So we just sat there and soaked up the sun

Granpops is fine, back at home and walking on two legs, I think Dougall will be happier this weekend 
So I can't just blame mom for having the laptop, as I was busy to.
She says I can come visiting sometime this week.
Have a Good Weekend

See Yea Soon George xxx