Saturday 26 May 2012

Saturday Steps

Even the Dingle had Steps

If you would like to join me on 
Saturday Steps 
just email little about yourself and a photo of you on steps.
You don't have to have a blog or be a dog I welcome all friends
I will return an email telling you which week you will be here with me. 

Have a Good Week
See Yea George and Tess xxx 

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Dudmaston Hall a Walk Down Memory Lane

"George what's that down there"

"Its a Dingle Tess, I suppose you want to know what a Dingle is?
 in this case its a deep wooded valley"

"There's a reason why I thought Dudmaston Hall would be a good birthday outing for you.
Grandad Baker was a Gardener here years ago and Mom was allowed to come with him sometimes"

 "They have let the garden get over grown!!"
"This isn't the garden Tess, we are not allowed by the Hall or Garden but can take a walk around the wood."

"Take a look at this Tess its a boat house"

"George you will be in heaps of trouble if you get muddy!"

"Lets just take a rest, and I'll tell you a couple of story's that Grandad Baker told me when he was reminiscing about the place.

 "This  is the front of the Hall, Grandad had to help with the removal of a carpet in one of the upstairs bedrooms, it was very big and heavy, there as no way it would go down the staircase. So an upstairs window was removed to get it out that way. After a count of three Grandad and the other members of staff that were helping ran at the window. The carpet went half out and ended up hanging in mid air!! As this was all going on, a local removing van had come up the drive and parked right under the window where the carpet was hanging out!! of course they didn't know this so picking up the bit of the carpet left and pushed it out of the window. It landed right  on top of the van and to made matters worst put a dent in it!!"

"This is the back of the Hall, Grandad and the other gardeners were asked to move a mill wheel, they had managed to get it on a trailer being pulled by a tractor and where moving very slowly passed the back of the building, it didn't help that it had been snowing and was frosty.  All of a sudden there was a loud crack, the pin holding the trailer box broke!!  Next thing the mill wheel made a run for it. Jumped off the trailler and bounced all the way down the garden and ended in the lake at the bottom!!" 

"Wow George they were funny story's, I didn't know he worked here. I will take more notice when he's telling story's next time.

We have the other side of the dingle to walk back along, so while we make our way back Mom can show you some photos


Mom remembered that she had some very old photos that Grandad had taken when he was working here, we think they are around 45years old!! So she printed them off and went back on the Sunday to try and stand in the same place for an up to date photo.

"I enjoyed my birthday outing down Memory Lane
Thanks George" 

Dudmaston Hall is owned by The National Trust
I think most of you know I am in their Summer Magazine.
You can check out my reader's snapshot
via this LINK, see if you can find the page I'm on
We will be giving a copy away, details will be on the next months Tess 

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx 

Saturday 19 May 2012

Saturday Steps With Posie

This week Posie is joining me, she's not been blogging long so lets give her a warm welcome

"OK Posie over to you"

Ma nayme is Posie, n I iz a blackk n tan border terriorist!! I iz too yeers owld n I livve in da Norfth Eest owf Scottland!  It raiyns sum tiymes herre or snowws n it is almosht always windery, butt I loves ma homey, evenn tho I prefer nutt to gowt when eetz raining or i get soggy, so I has to wear a coat n i haaaate wearin coatz! meh! heehee! 

Ma favrit colorr is red, even tho dat is da wun color dat doggies see poorestly heehee, but ma collars arr red n so arrz mosht of ma leeds so i jusht go wiv it! heehee!  I lovve watchern da tv, I watcchid Flipper today!! Butt ma favrit movie is Babe kuss there is doggies in it and a piggy, YUMMERS! Oh yesh n i liyke snorsages n shteak n chickern.  Oh and ma dadders' mum n dad haz reel liyfe chickerns n duckkies n Iz liyke to chasey them, eetz troo... eetz a hobby! Yeah!

I has been bloggin since da shtart of Aprill n I loves it veriy mutch!! My bloggy is at  I haz met lotds owf nyoo gratye freends n enjoy rreeding what awll yoo guyz haz been upp to! YEAH! eetz troo! I okkashurnalyy yoos ma bloggy to do film revyoows but moshtly to tell everywun whot I haz been up to wiv sum fotographic evidernce!  I thot I mayy azweel uterlise da fakt da mummer shoves da blackk flashery box infrontt owf ma fecey n goes clikk cliik awll da tiymes!  I also diskuss da triyals annd tribularshuns owf havvin an uncel Wesley da lhassar apso n auntie Rowie da jackk russel oh and thenn therre is Uncel Bob da budgie butt hes anuther story awll togethir!! heehee! 

So, Iz went own a mini tripp lasht weekend wiv ma mummery n daddie to da Caiyrngormms n it was a grayte playce n we had a niyce tiyme, maiynly kus Iz didnutt haz to wearr a coatt!!  I took ma piktyoor owf me own sum Steps in Aviemorre when i was awaiy!! I hopes yoo liyke it!!!

"Thanks for joining me this week Posie, they are some great steps love the water fall :)" 

You can visit Posie 

 If you would like to be a guest with me on Saturday Steps just send    
an email with a little about yourself and a photo of yourself on steps to
I will send an email to let you know which Saturday you will be here with me.

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxxx

excuse me, hello its me Tess
I'd just like to say a quick
Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes, we will be catching up with you soon as its been a busy week!!
Love and (((hugs))) for now xxxx

Saturday 12 May 2012

Saturday Steps.... and the Magazine is?

Now if you read the May issue of The Tess, she told you I was going to be in a magazine, well it dropped through the letter box yesterday.

Its The National Trust Magazine!! 

 I sent in a write up about my favorite National Trust place
Attingham Park  for their page "Reader's Snapshot"
Regular readers of my blog will know I have done quite a lot of blog posts about my walks there.

Hang on, I just want to read it.
 So if you don't mind I'll let you take a look at some photos Mom took last Saturday when we went for a visit, Tess was tired after her swim so she was sleeping it off at home.

Mom borrowed  a 75-300 lens to try out

I think she likes it!

Thank You National Trust for publishing a write up from a dogs point of view

 I'm also going to give
My 4 Paws up Award for being so dog friendly.

Don't forget you can join me on Saturday Steps, just send an email with a little about yourself and a photo of you on steps to
I will return an email letting you know which week you will be here with me.

Have a good week
See Yea George xxx