Tuesday 28 August 2012

Shropshire Petals

"Oh no Tess, quick"

"They're harvesting the crop!!"

"Well this is it"

14,000 Illios Rose's-Yellow
14,000 Marie Claire Rose's-Orange 
14,000 Wimbledon Rose's-Green
14,000 Aqua Rose's-Pink

48,000 Sprigs of Rosemary
48,000 Sprigs of Apple Mint
288,000 Sprigs of Lavender

48,000 Ears of Wheat from this very field

"George I haven't a clue why you brought me here and you're talking in riddles!!"

supplied the wheat for the Olympic and Paralympic
 Victory Bouquets.
Total amount of the Bouquets 4,800!!"

"Tess where are you going?"

"Come on George, it will take a while for the harvester to come back around, I'm taking a closer look"

"I know what wheat is, it gets made into flour so Dad can make our liver cake"

"Not just flour Tess, Shropshire Petals makes the Wheat into Wheat Sheaf's they are very pretty and last a long time" 

"George can we take a look in that field"

"What are these flowers"


"Are we OK to have a walk in this field?, I don't want a farmer turning up pointing a gun at us!!"

"Don't be silly Tess
Shropshire Petals are fine about us having a look around,
 I asked first"

"These flowers are different George"
"I think they're Cornflowers"

"So tell me George what does Shropshire Petals do with all these flowers?"
"The clue is in the name. They turn these flowers into natural biodegradable petal confetti"

"Mom's got that look on her face, time to show you some photo's"

I seem to have lost Tess!!

Thanks You
Shropshire Petals for letting us take a walk around your fields, we are pleased that a little bit of Shropshire is in the 
Olympic and Paralympic Victory Bouquet's

A Link to

I would also like to thank

I found the link to Shropshire Petals on Rona's website. She has a lot more information about the bouquet's that you might find interesting.  

The Paralympic's opening Cermony is on the 29th August and the games go on till 9th September 
They truly are inspiring athletes that have over come there disabilities.
We will be watching.

Have a Good Week
George and Tess xxx

"Next time Tess you make sure you stop with us"
"Ok George, I hear you" 

Sunday 26 August 2012

Pedigree Joint Care+ Week Five Tess Reporting

Hello and welcome back to this weeks report about
 Pedigree Joint Care+

"I can't do it,  I just can't"
"Tess what's wrong with you?"

Hang on, while I find out

"I had a lovely time on my play date with Ellie, but she's so fast
 I couldn't keep up with her!
 It looks bad George, because I am feeling a lot better really"

"Tess, nobody expects you to run around at a 100miles an hour, you have a bad hip, and the good thing is you weren't tired the next day, so this Joint Care+ must be working, do you want me to stand in for you?"
"Yes Please"

OK Tess is a little embarrassed because
 Ellie can run faster than her!!

Here's the photos and a video of her play date 

"Come on Ellie, I'm waiting"

"Are you up to a run around Tess?"

"Of course I am"

"On your marks get set"


"You're fast Ellie, but I think I can go some more"

"Are you OK Tess"
"I'm fine, I don't think I could of managed that much running around six weeks ago. 
But Joint Care+ has made a big difference, and I've only been on it small amount of time. Next time I come on a play date I might just catch you"

As you can see Tess had a very active hours play at Ellie's

 Next we have a video of her swimming, 
she was going every week but its down to once a fortnight 

 "Thank You George"

That's it for this weeks Joint Care+ report
Next Sunday will be Week Six and the last report.

I don't like seeing my sister embarrassed, please tell her it doesn't matter if she can't run fast.
 I'm happy that she feels a lot better having been on 
Joint Care+ for just five weeks.

 If you missed any of the other reports 
you can find them on a page at the top of the blog
Pedigree Joint Care+

Have a Good Week
Signing off
 Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx