Saturday 28 April 2012

Saturday Steps with Bridget

Bridget is joining me this week

 I know Bridget she's a peeps!! in fact mom's friend, she was quite happy to have her photo taken but said Mom could do the write up!!!  

"Ok Mom its over to you!!!"

“Thanks George, this is my friend Bridget we have known each other for over 15 years. We met through working together, and although I no longer work at the same place we still keep in touch.
Its because of Bridget I found my interest in taking photos. Both of us love to have a day out when possible, not to go shopping but to visit gardens or country house’s, stop for a coffee and the biggest piece of cake we can find, to catch up on things and enjoy taking photos.
It was Bridget that came with me and George on his Birthday outing to the water fall, and also took the photos for my interview with Coffee with a canine. She’s the only person I trust to take a half descent photo of me, as I hate having my photo taken.
I would have loved to have taken George and Tess to Powis Castle as its a National Trust property and we are members, but they don’t allow dogs in, “sorry George will take you and Tess somewhere soon”
I’ll leave you with some more photos taken on the day” 

"Thanks Bridget for joining me this week,
 and to Mom for the write up"

You can always join me on Saturday Steps, just send in a photo of yourself on Steps plus a little about yourself and email me at
I will return an email telling you which week you will be here with me.

My pesky sister will be here later in the week
 with up to date news in
The Tess

Have a good weekend
See You Soon George xxx 

Monday 23 April 2012

Happy St George's Day

Hey its my day George's day,
 Ok OK I'm no saint.
 If you want to find out what the real St George's Day is all about then check out this LINK

Don't forget to finish my blog post first
I've got loads to show you 
Also my blogging friend Anita from
Castles, Crowns and Cottage's
share's this special day with me as its her Birthday
Happy Birthday Anita from me and Tess xxx.

First up, I didn't have my pesky sister Tess last St George's Day,
 so I had to show her how to slay a Dragon

No Dragons where destuffed in the making of this smile box

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 Tess you did alright for a girl, I'd just like to point out, the stunt Dragon used is a Welsh Dragon and as I'm Welsh Terrier I wanted to look after him

Next up My local pub
To see if there was any beers on tap named after me

 By George there was!!

By this time in the day, I was wanting my beauty sleep, but Tess thought it would be fun to slay me while all I wanted to do was sleep!

Thank goodness we both got some sleep later

Hope you enjoyed joining me on my day
Have a good week
See yea George xxx

"Hang on George I've got some photo's to show folks"

"You know the one's they call out takes, as you are always having ago at me for not posing for the camera" 

Take a look at how I'm sitting waiting for George to get is act together!

See he's no Saint

"You can say good bye now George"

Good Bye from me and Tess xxxxx

Saturday 21 April 2012

Saturday Steps With Annie

This Saturday Annie is joining me and Tess.
I met Annie's Mom at Crufts she has her own blog, I'll give you the link later.

"Ok Annie its over to you"

"My name is Annie and I'm what my Mum calls a rescue dog. I was looking for a forever home and my Mum found me on the internet. It's coming up to my 5th gotcha day in a few weeks time.
My Mum doesn't know what happened to me in my first year of life and I'd rather forget. The rescue said I was underweight and in need of some tender loving care which my folks give me in oodles :-)
I was being fostered in Essex and Mum calls me her Essex gal. So I travelled a long way to my new home by the seaside. I love ice cream by the way :-) I live in Kinmel Bay which is near Rhyl on the north Wales coast.
So what am I? Well, I am a whippet x terrier so I am a Whirrier if I want to be posh. The rescue called me a lurcherette and I am so like my cousin Eric who is a lurcher but twice as big as me :-)
The rescue called me orphan Annie and Mum kept my name Annie because she says it suits me.

In my photo I am on the steps to the beach in Rhyl. My beach in Kinmel Bay hasn't got any steps and is a bit too pebbly so we often come into Rhyl so that I can run on the beach and boy I do love to run.
My Mum found your blog because she grew up with Welsh terriers and has a soft spot for them. My Mum and Dad have always had rescue dogs and boy am I glad that they found me...
just like my Mum is glad she found your blog so she can admire you two as often as she likes :-)"

"Thanks Annie, I know we are going to set up a play date in the Summer, looking forward to meeting you in the furs"


If you would like to join me on Saturday Steps just send in a photo of you on some steps, and a little about yourself email to
I'll send an email back letting you know which Saturday you will be here

You can visit Annie's mom at

Another Coffee to Go

I've been showing Tess how to slay a Dragon.
 Monday 23rd is
St George's Day
Pop back to see how we got on.

Have a Good Weekend
See Yea George xxx

Saturday 14 April 2012

Saturday Steps with Bryan

This Saturday Bryan is joining me, guess what

He's a Welsh Terrier.
"Hi Bryan over to you"

 "My name is Bryan and I am a welshie living in Devon with my owners Dave and Aimee. I am 9months old and whilst in my picture I don't look like I enjoy steps....I do really....I just don't like having my photo slows down a good walk. I've also attached a more happy picture of me for you! "

"I loved the picture of George at Crufts, my owners went on the Thursday and met Max the Welsh Terrier in the Discover Dogs booth, they brought me back some lovely new food to try and some new treats.
The steps were on a walk in North Devon from a place called Watersmeet which is a valley walk down to Lynmouth on the North Devon coast. It was my first big night away in a hotel with my owners and I got lots of treats because I was very well behaved in the hotel and restaurant - hard to find a good dog friendly place so thanks for the links tips - much appreciated we'll be looking for more places to go away to"
"Bryan thanks for joining me, good to hear mom and dad are taking you places, its the best thing for a pup of your age, plenty of socialisation, and make sure you get paid for posing :)
 Maybe one day we might just get to meet up" 
If you would like to join me on Saturday Steps just email a photo and a little about yourself to
I'll send an email back telling you which Saturday you will be here.

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx

Hang on I'm not letting you go just yet

Today Saturday 14th I have been blogging for two years!
To mark the occasion I've done a smile box 

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Thanks for your comments and friendship over the last two years
Love and Hugs from us both xxx