Saturday 27 October 2012

Saturday Steps a visit to Arley Arboretum

Last Saturday we finely got to go somewhere.
Thanks go to ShroppieSue one of my twitter friends for tweeting about

Later the same afternoon we where there taking a look around.
Mom said she was on the look out for some Fun Guy!!
Dad was none two impressed as he counts himself as a Fun Guy 

It's dog friendly place
I would just like to point out that me and Tess where on our leads all the time,
 Mom photo shops then out!!we don't what to miss lead anyone. 

 Mom found more than one Fun Guy!!!

Back to the walk

"Tess get back this side of the fence!!"

"George what's that noise?" 
"I think it's a steam train"

We had walked to far down the tree lined avenue to catch sight of the train, just the steam was visible. 

I've been thinking

Its very dog friendly

They hand out Poop-scoop bags, if you forget to bring any 

The Tea Room has a good selection of cakes 

They taste good to

I'm awarding
Arley Arboretum my 4 Paws Award

Well worth a visit but check the opening times on their web site first

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xx

Saturday 20 October 2012

Saturday Steps

I've lost Tess!

No he hasn't, but we have been taking it easy over the last couple of weeks

 I have a new lounging jacket

George, well he has a wild side to him.

Don't forget, if you would like to join George on his 
"Birthday Steps Group Photo"
 all we need is a photo of you sitting or standing looking at the camera.  
All friends welcome you don't have to have a blog.
Email your photo to

If you would like to be a guest on Saturday Steps, email a photo of you on steps and a little about yourself to the same email as above
Thank You

Have a good week
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx 

Saturday 6 October 2012

Saturday Steps with Frankie, Ernie and Sweet William

This week Frankie, Ernie and Sweet William are joining me.

By the way Frankie is the Mayor of Blogvilla, Ernie is his brother and Sweet William is also a blogging friend of ours. 

"Over to you Frankie"

Loveland Castle   (AKA Chateau Laroche)
Located in Loveland, Ohio, was built 95% by ONE MAN. 
  His name was Harry Andrew.   He had been a Medic in WW I  and was a TEACHER in Cincinnati Schools for 32 years.   It is said that he had an IQ of 187 .    SERIOUSLY..   I did NOT make that number up.    He was also a published author for the Federal Government and also helped to write Text Books.  
     Mr. Andrew hauled all the stones UP a very steep hill in 5 gallon buckets.   He started this major undetaking in the 1940's and worked on it until he was 90 years old.  
     Today it is maintained by a group of "Knights" called Knights of the Golden Trail (KOTGT).   This is a group (MALE ONLY) that Mr. Andrew founded as part of a Bible Study for Teens.  
      Sir Sweet William the Scot and Sir Ernie and I (Sir Frankie Furter)   Met there and we had a wonderful time together.   We played Dragon Hunt... and Sniffed the lovely Flowers and roamed the gorgeous grounds.    The castle and the grounds were just BEAUTIFUL, BUTT the best pawt of our day was being able to meet Sweet William.   I'm just sayin.

Sir Sweet William, Sir Erine and Sir Frankie Furter.

"Wow, I thought you had jumped on a plane and visited the uk!
Was the 5% built by a woman? and I can't believe 187, Great Steps, bet you went dizzy going around them" 
87 is frankie's special number

You can see the Dragon they found on Frankie Blog Via this link

Here's a link to Sweet William The Scot

Loveland has ghost's!!
Did any of you get an electric shock when you visited?

Have a Good Week
See Yea George xxx

Monday 1 October 2012

The Tess October Issue

Head Line News

He Was Pushed!!


Game Fair






Three Weeks of Saturday Steps


A Year Ago


Hello and Welcome to this months Tess
Another action packed month from us.
So lets get on.


He Was Pushed!!

Tess pushed Colin in the pond! 

"No I didn't"

Take a look

He was posing for this photo and then he walked along the pond by Tess, the next thing

He's in!!!

You can make your own mind up, let us know if you think she pushed him


The Midland Game Fair

My first time working.
On show to the folks in the
 Gun Dog and Heritage Breeds Pavilion
Weston Park Game Fair 

We had to get there for 7.30am 
bright eyed and bushy tailed
Colin was working with us

Dad had to have a cup of tea and a bacon butty to get the day started

Look its a doggie prison!

Here's our doggie prison for the day
Can you see us?

My turn to go on the table and say hello to folks passing by

Colin and George's turn.
 Mom's the one in the blue.
 Colin's having his new collar put on by his Mom.

Colin and George got to go in the ring so folks could see and hear about the different breeds

George teaching Dad to sit :)

It was a long but enjoyable day



I'm doing fine, we are both taking Pedigree Joint Care+ sticks they have worked so well taking away my stiffness that my limp was showing up more, I have problems putting my left leg back.
We think I must have damaged it a sometime. I'm not in pain. 
Mom booked me in to see an animal spinal therapist.
 and I'm pleased to say I have no problems with my back, just got to keep swimming
 (no I didn't push Colin in the pond he fell in) 

Pedigree sent me a certificate and a fridge magnet for Mom

Thanks Pedigree 
You can see all the links to my six week report on the page at the top of the blog 



It's over to George for this one

One of my blogging friends has an article in Dogs Monthly

Its Bertie and Gail his owner. 
We enjoyed reading it, as its all about having a Dog Blog
4 paws to you both for getting the word out just what a great and caring community Dogs with blogs (and Cats) have.

Next, its yours truely
 ME! in the 

Its on the letter's page showing me reading my article in the Summer Magazine
That's my Twitter name, give me a tweet sometime


A Year Ago

On the 2nd of October my life changed

I saw this blob of fur in Mom's arms coming toward me.

Yes you got it

Tess joined our family, she was 5 months old, my life was never going to be the same again

Happy Gotcha Day Tess.
 You are the comedian of the family and have given us endless laughs over time you have been here.
We love you dearly

Gee, thanks George, don't keep going on I might start crying.


Breaking News

We are doing a WELTAF walk at the end of October.
Boomerang will be walking with us 

Looks like its going to be a quiet month for a change.
 I said last month we would have more time to visit you, our blogging friends, but it didn't happen.
We are keeping our paws crossed that we can visit more over the next month.


George's 3rd Birthday is creeping up.

Its not till 27th November!!! so plenty of time
If you would like to join us on his 
Birthday Steps 
start sending your photo's in. 
We'd like a photo of you standing or sitting, looking at the camera
You don't have to have a blog or be a dog, as long as you can email a photo you will be on the Birthday Steps.

Please put in the subject line "Birthday Steps" and email to
We will send a short reply so you know we got it.
Thank You

Its a wrap for this month Tess
Thanks for stopping by
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx