Tuesday 29 January 2013

Pet Face Review

Me and Tess have been trying out some of Pet Face products

"OK George lets start with this packet"

"Alpine Fresh grooming wipes"

"Disinfectant Spray"

"This is the one George is not happy about, Dog Shampoo with "Hello Vera"

Mom will be here later to tell you her thoughts on the products, but we can tell you about the Dog Shampoo first hand. 
Can you see George has a glazed look over his eye's lol

"Come on George its bath time"

"Doesn't it look nice clean water"

"Hang on Dad I'll just help you get him in the bath"

"George don't look so worried, its great when you get used to it"

This is the last photo of George, as it took all three of us, me Mom and Dad to stop him from jumping out!! silly boy.

 Me on the other hand loves the water

"Dad your strangling me"

"Singing in the rain"

"I'll give my teeth a swill"

Two shiny curly coats.

It wasn't to bad, Tess wanted to stay in the bath longer, and we both feel better.
Over to Mom


"Thanks George, maybe next time we bath you you'll enjoy it more. 
Getting back to the products

  The Pet grooming wipes
They are very strong, smell fresh and are a very useful item to have handy. One of my tips is to always have some in the car to wipe muddy paws and fur.
 George and Tess are not the best at travelling so wipes have come to the rescue many a time. 
They are what they say on the packet.

Disinfectant Spray
There are some pretty strong claims on the bottle.
Kills 99% of bacteria and viruses including kennel cough, canine distemper and parvo virus
24 hour germ protection
Neutralises odours and leaves a fresh clean scent
Suitable for areas where pets live, sleep and feed
Ideal for cleaning cat litter trays and small animal cages.

I use mainly blankets as they are easy to just stick in the wash, but have used it around the sleeping areas and sprayed the cushions on the sofa also in the car, and it does take away the doggie smell

Dog Shampoo
George has never been a smelly dog, in fact he has a lovely natural smell about him, well I think so anyway. I have never felt that he should be bathed that much, Tess on the other hand, maybe its because she goes swimming once a fortnight and it strips her natural oils but she does have a hum about her sometimes. I'm very impressed with the shampoo, days later and no smell, their coat feels conditioned and they have not had any reactions from it, itching or flaking skin.

All three products are manufactured for Pet Face by byotrol 
Check out the byotrol website as they make a wide range of hygiene products, you might already be using some in the home and not know.

Back to George and Tess


   Just remember if you see these products while surfing the net or in shops they get the four paws up from us.
Thanks for reading this product review

Signing off for now, your friends
George and Tess

Saturday 26 January 2013

Saturday Steps

"George I smell Cakes!!"

  Blow the cakes, I had to have a bath!!
Me and Tess will be back in the week with a review about
 Pet Face Products

Have a Good Weekend
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx

Saturday 19 January 2013

Saturday Steps...We Got Snow!!!

Got to make the most of it.
 Colin joined us

"Come on George, Colin, time to go"

Have a Good Week
Love and Hugs George, Tess and Colin xxx

Monday 14 January 2013

The Missing Parcel !!!

This is it the missing parcel
We didn't know that it was missing as it was supposed to be a surprise Christmas gift from my Blogging Sister Rubie. She lives in Australia

Rubie got in touch with us after Christmas to see if we had received it. 
Sorry but no we hadn't!!! Australia is a long way so it would take along time
Right, no wrong.
Rubie was thinking out the box and sorted out a company in the UK so it didn't have far to travel.

Where could it of got to? the company said they sent it and we didn't doubt that, so after a wait of 20 days it turned up!!!!
Even the postman said he didn't know where it had got to!!

Lets see what's inside

Wow, lovely cakes and biscuits with our names on 
Thank You so much Rubie.
So pleased they turned up in the end
The company they are from is

That name rings a Bell with us 
They are the same folks that run Doggie Fashions
 They have a shop at Trentham Gardens

 That's the place you voted for me to go on my 
Birthday Outing in 2011

Here's the Link to the blog post

Back in 2011
We stopped to have a look inside

Tess bought me a Birthday Cookie.

I went back in the shop to buy Tess a Christmas Present
Her trade mark Bling Bling collar.

Well her collar broke in October last year 2012 and she was so upset that we decided to go back that weekend and get her a new one.
Guess what. 
We arranged to meet our Welshie friends Roxy and Roger up there for a walk around.

Tess's new Bling Bling Collar

We were driving Mom nuts, she wanted all four of us posing on the Steps, but we weren't having it 

This is the photo that made it to Saturday Steps

So there you have it, we got the parcel in the end, have enjoyed playing with the toys and eating the cakes and cookies.
Tess got her replacment bling bling collar and we got to have a great day out with friends
We are two very lucky WT's
Thank you to my blogging Sister Rubie love yea.

Me and Tess both highly recommend
Wilson's Pet Bakery and Doggie fashions that I'm going to give it my Four paws award

Have a Good Week
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx