Saturday 30 July 2011

Saturday Steps and back to Baggeridge Country Park

I told you we would come back,
 just look at all the things we missed on my  sponsored walk

Did you think I wasn't talking to you!!!
 just so much to see and do, can you see me?  

I'm going to give

The 4 Paws Up Award

Well worth a visit if you are in the area

I'm stopping up here for a while.
But I will be back live behind the laptop next Saturday,
I've missed you.

Have a Good Week
See You Soon George xxx 

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt July

Hi I'm back for this months Photo Hunt Hosted by

Mom told me I would be on more photos this month, I'm not happy
Anyways here we go

A Flag 

A Kite

A Celebration


Flip Flops

Ice Cream

Red, White and Blue


Something That Makes You Happy




Here's the small print about each photo

A Flag
Taken at the 1940's weekend at Attingham Park
A Kite
Its a Red Kite you can go and see them being feed at Gigrin Farm I will be doing a blog post about it soon, its was moms best photo, out of 250!!! only because he desided to fly past the hide.
A Celebration
Mom had to get this one out the archives, we've not had a celebration this month, anyways it was my 1st Birthday, 55 of you sent in photos of you on steps!!! if you would like to go down memory lane here's the link to the two posts
Taken on the way back from the groomers!!!on the road between Ludlow and MuchWenlock, yes I am a puff ball but you won't see the new look me until 6th Aug, sorry you will just have to wait. 
Flip Flops
These are baby peeps, he's got big feet for a baby!!
Ice Cream
Hey, one with me in, about time
Red, White and Blue
While I was getting groomed Mom and Dad had the day in Ludlow, she picked these toy cars up from the market, the photo was taken in our back garden
Trust mom to find chocolate ones!!
Something That Makes You Happy
We were not allowed to use a person or animal so that ruled me out, this is what makes mom happy.
"A walk, a sunny day and a stuning view" its make her even more happier if she can get a half decent photo of it lol!!! This was taken on the Mawddach Estuary Barmouth, when I went for a weekend away with my WELTAF friends Link to post
Moms Side Plates
Brought from the supermarket!!!! "should have picked your own Mom"
You must have seen part of this photo on this weeks Saturday Steps, taken at Attingham Park 

If you don't mind I'll just finsh this ice cream. 

Till Next Time
See Yea George xxx

Saturday 23 July 2011

Saturday and Sunday Steps at Attingham Park 1940's Weekend

You've see me on these steps a few times but not with the pillars
This is another one of my local walks.
 Owned by the National Trust.

This weekend just happened to be  a 1940's weekend

I'd like you to meet Felicity and Tony

"Tony is that a real gun!!"

"er....yes and it dispenses dog biscults"
"LOL!!! no it dosen't Felicity gave me one, you are a tease!!"

I got issued with an ID card and had to get it samped
 at the police H.Q.

I was told by the man
 that if I was stopped I must produce it
so they would know who I am.
How can they not know who I am!!

Lets take a look around

I don't think I need nervous pills!!

"Has anyone got a can opener?"

Thats alots of stripes,
 "Hey mom you could use this for this months PSH"

It was all done up inside as the 1940's

"Mom folks don't want to see the butt end of me!!! PLEASE

What is she playing at, this isn't any better!!
We sure had a good time
 mom wanted to come back on the Sunday
and take photos by herself!! without me!!!
The Cheek of it
But lucky Felicity and Tony said they didn't mind looking after me, while mom went around taking photos,
 so thats what happened.

Sunday Steps

I had a great time,
they said I could be a stand in Military dog

I also met Bruce and Lynda Macefield
 who are members of

I realy thought I had gone back in time,
thanks for taking the time for a chat

"Go on mom I'm fine, I have a job to do"

Thanks Felicity and Tony for looking after me,
 and giving me a good time.

I'm still on a bloggie break,
I tell yea I'm working hard behind the scenes.
She said spring clean its summer!!!
If I can sneak on the laptop when shes not looking I will.

Have a good week
Till Next Time
See Yea George xxx

Oh I forgot to say, I will be back in the week with this months Photo Hunt.