Saturday 28 May 2011

Peeps on Parade, Saturday Steps, Paris and a Party

OK  I am doing Peeps on Parade this idea came from

You have to do a post about telling things about
 your peeps!!! you pick what you would like to post about 
I got full permission first, yes I did have to work on mom lol!!

So here goes

Dad works for

Mom works
at a local college

Dad hates
Mince Pies

Mom hates
Raw Tomato's

Dad has a fear of
Don't know why we don't have them in the UK!!

Mom has a fear of
High Bridges
 photo taken from

Dads favorite flim

Moms favorite film

The place Dad would most like to visit

The place Mom would most like to visit
The Grand Canyon
Photo taken from

Dads Hobby

Moms Hobby

Something special about Dad
He always makes time to play with me
"Dad its rude to point and your not looking at the camera like me"

Something special about Mom
She gives me lots of kisses and cuddles,
but I always sneek one back
 But that's between you and me OK.

This weeks Saturday Steps

My favorite step

Our front door step.
It takes me on different journeys every time
 I go down it,
 and when I jump back up it,
 I know I'm home

So there you have it a snippet of my peeps, you will see other bloggers on my side bar doing Peeps on Parade over the weekend, so go give them a visit 

Did you wonder why I put Paris on the Title

Anita from

Today is hosting a party with fellow bloggers
 doing posts about Paris,
As its to far for me to go and I would need a passport
I'm on my bike!! blog hopping, any one out there want some French Onions. 

On the 30th May, my blogging friend
 is holding his Superhero Party

I'll be there

Till Next Time
Have A Good Week What Ever You Get Up To

See Yea George xxx
Thank you to my brother, baby peeps Simon for taking the front door photo and dad for taking the other one

"Whats that you say mom, hang on that wasn't on the agreement I'm not tiding up all week!!
 the photos were fine, stop going on about it!!"

Finely Blogger is letting me comment again after a fur pulling three days!!!!

update- got up today and I can't comment again,!!!!
It depends on your comment setting, I can leave a comment as Anonymous on the drop down box,if you have that on your setting, but if you have that word verification I can’t   

Monday 23 May 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hello and welcome to May's
Photo Scavenger Hunt

A Bicycle
Taken at Blists Hill museum

A Butterfly
Taken at Attingham Park  in the walled garden

A Cartoon Character
My Scooby Doo, you can see I suck his ear!!

A Portrait in black and white
Well had to be me : ) not long after my last cut "hey mom I think I need a hair cut again!!"

A Red Door
We seam to have more of these post boxes around where we live but it does have a red door, be it only a small one!

A Sign of The Zodiac
Opps missed this one off  when I first posted, Moms Birthday Sign

A Street Light
This one is right outside our house 

An Emergency Vehicle
It was on the move at the time, and did have a reg plate but mom though she better shop it out.

An Interesting Local Building
This looks like a very grand house but its the factory and offices of Entanet based in Telford,
Wholesale Voice and Data Communictions Provider 

Something Blue
Sky, taken on my trip to Lilleshall Hill back in October 2010

Tree Bark, no it didn't bark for me!!  mom thinks its a paperbark maple.

Think Vintage
We think Rolls Royce is petty vintage, taken at Plas Newydd Anglesey before I was born!!

Here is the full photo so you can see the car

Thanks for looking in on this months photo hunt.

 Saturdays post will be a bit different cus its not all about me!!
Its Peeps on Parade Weekend  hosted by Sarge, and yes I have got mom to sign a piece of paper saying she agrees to me putting her photo on my blog not once but twice!!!
 I have to say it took over 87 photos by the Frankie scale before she was happy, and them shes still pulling faces
 (you wait still you see the one on the photos lol, I'm only joking I love her shes my mom)
There's still time left for you join in, if you can get it in writing from your mom or dad!!!

Till Next Time
See Yea George xxx

Blogger's being a pain, for the last two days I have not been able to comment they say they know about it, I hope they fix it soon its sooo frustrating!!!

Saturday 21 May 2011

Saturday Steps and an Old House

Mom and Dads getting their money worth out of
 The National Trust.
This is Sunnycroft, in Telford Shropshire
A Victorian middle class family house, its unique because the inside is as it was all those years ago.

We waited out side while mom went in to take some photos and find out about it

"Oh no you weren't allowed to take photos!!! how will we know what its like inside?"
"don't worry George I'm pretty sure I can find a link on the Internet when we get home"

Oh well lets show you the outside

Chickens and one Cockerel

Thats a mighty fine head peace you have!!

A carcoon !!! thats what it said on the sign
  • Isolate from the constantly changing temperature and humidity of the ambient environment.
  • Stabalize by removing excess moisture, fuel/oil vapor and other contaminates from within the mini environment.
  • Ventilate using the patented Active Airflow Concept.
  • Circulate isolated circulation within using Activated Carbon Filters under pressure.

"Hey mom you could do with one of them for your Motorbike!!"

"Dad come on lets have a game with them skittles" 

"You throw it I'll catch"

"Not so fast, I missed that one!!"

"aren't you supposed to hit the skittles not me!!"

" Hang on these balls are made out of wood!! I don't want to play any more I might chip a tooth!!"

"come on pass us some!!"

Mom's flower photos!!

And a Tree!!!

A walk back down the driveway though the Red woods to the car

Mom's found a link so you can see the inside and find out about its owners over the years.

I'll be back in the week with this months Photo scavenger hunt
Till next time
See Yea George xxx