Sunday 29 July 2012

Pedigree Joint Care + Tess Reporting- week One

My package has arrived
My job for the next 6 Weeks is to Trial Pedigree Joint Care +

 "Look at this George its got my name on the bag, Wow"

"Hang on George get your nose out, I'm the one doing the trial"

Right, first up let me tell you what I've got
Six weeks worth of Joint Care+ 
Some balls and a wanger
Back pack with my name on
Plus a video camera, this has to be returned at the end of the six weeks 

Plus a letter, wait a minute while I check the small print!!
Yes its all OK I can do it  

Now you might be thinking why does a pup of 14 months need joint care supplements.
It all started second week into my first season, I found my back legs were getting stiff after a had been sleeping. A got a check up with the vets and had to have an X-Ray he say’s I have Hip dysplasia in my left hip! 
Me and Mom talked about it lots, I’m still growing, it could be other things that have contributed to my condition.
 Playing to rough with George.
Or the time I swallowed Dads anti inflammatory tablets and me and George had to spend the night at the vets, it was me that had taken them as I had to go back in the next night! 
The time my left foot got caught in the seat belt clip. (Mom thinks that’s where my problems started, even though it was months before, and I didn’t show any signs of being hurt)

Who knows but I have it and life goes on and I am going to live it to the full. Mom is careful I don’t over do things and get too tired.
Which brings me to the trial, after I had been signed off by the vet he said that swimming and taking Joint supplements could help, I had nothing to lose so I got booked into swimming lessons and  Mom got me some “yumove” joint support tablets, which I have been taking until pedigree got in touch to tell us about Joint Care+
Mom had to check that is was OK for me to have these treat sticks as they are for older dogs

Hannah from Pedigree replied

"Joint Care+ may well be a more convenient way for her to get her supplement each day in order to look after her joints. Dogs over the age of 6 will be most suitable for the Joint Care+, but this is simply because they are getting older, slowing down, and their joints need extra care and attention. As Tess' joints already need this care and attention, there will be no problem with Tess taking part in the trial.
The sticks are also low calories and low fat - and we have created sticks which suit each dogs' size - rather than a 'one stick suits all'!"

Thanks Hannah
 Great, I get to have a treat stick instead of a tablet.

Mom has done a video of me and George on one of our morning walks, she may be OK at taking photos but has a lot to learn when it coming to video’s!!

When you upload to YouTube it says this video is shaky do you want to put it right, so she pressed the button to do this and it came out a bit funny!! I’ve told her not to go pressing that button again.

"Come on George fancy a game of ball"

"Got to get it off me first"

Next Week I'll be telling you what's in them that's so good for your joints

Tess Bell reporting about Pedigree Joint Care+

Saturday 28 July 2012

Holiday Saturday Steps









Hello, its me Tess, I asked George if we could have some fun with our holiday steps.

There are 8 Saturday Step photos, I'll give you a list of 8 places that the photos were taken on our holiday, all you have to do is match the photo with the right place.

 Easy, its only a bit of fun, there's no prizes, just put your answers in a comment. eg A-5 and so on.
 If you get all 8 right I'll let you know in next months Tess.

1 Whitby to Sandsend
2 Rievaulx Abbey
3 Castle Howard
4 York
5 Rievaulx Terrace and Temples
6 Whitby
7 Staithes
8 Treasurer's House York

 I'm busy getting my blog posts sorted, I've got myself a job for the next six weeks, George is letting me report about it on his blog.  
I'll tell you more on Monday.
 Plus The Tess will be hot off the press later in the week.

Have a good weekend, don't forget to keep up todate with the Blogville Games, they'ed started
Link on the side bar.

Hope to see you Monday
Love and hugs Tess xxx

Opps sorry, its George's blog!! Sorry George 
Love and hugs George and Tess xxx

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Run up to The Blogville Games

Its nearly here, July 27th start of the 
 Blogville Games

This is a big event, I think I'm right there are 47 different events going on, that's way more than the peeps Olympics, and they are going to be more fun.

We are in a total of 8 of the events

 "No George your wrong, I've entered 4 by myself"

"I'm in "The Roaching and Rolling" event is with my boyfriend Colin"

I stand corrected we're in 12 events!!

Here's the list of the events we are in

Friday July 27
Opening Extravaganza, with an entertainment program of
"Sports Bloopers" "I'm in that one George :)"
Parade of Athletes

Saturday July 28th
Tess- Swimming

Sunday July 29th
G&T -Synchronized Snoozing
George- Bouncing

Tuesday July 31st
G&T-Couch Potato Peeling

Wednesday Aug 1st
G&T-Tongue Curling

Saturday Aug 4th
Tess-Tuneful Farting

Sunday Aug 5th
George-Camera Avoidance!!

Tuesday Aug 7th
G&T-Freestyle Zoomies
Tess and Colin!!-Roaching and Rolling

Friday Aug 10th
G&T-Snoopendous Sniff-A-Thon

Sunday Aug 12th
Closing Ceremony

We hold our heads up in pride that Blogville can host such a big and great event.
Thank you to all the hosts without you it wouldn't happen.
We would of like'd to be in all of them but time just ran out.

For links to all the events you can click on the badge,
 or the one on my side bar

So sit back and wait for the event of the year, here at Blogville

See you there
Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx

 "George are you yawning"

"Oh that's so embarrassing"

"Anyway George how come you are in the Camera Avoidance event? you're always posing for the camera, I should of been in it"

"If I don't get a treat there's no way I'm posing, you on the other paw are always to busy sniffing to even look most of the time!"

"Ok point taken, Come on then, lets get some sleep before the Olympics starts"  

Monday 23 July 2012

Whitby, Sandsend, Staithes and Grosmont

Poor Tess had to wait all week before getting a taste of the sea, no I didn’t put her head in the water, as the e-card looks like I’m doing!


 We started the walk at Whitby Beach Huts only to find a sign, No dogs on the beach!
We carried on walking all the way to Sandsends dog friendly beach, where Dad did a Neil Kinnock, somehow he didn’t get wet!!! Mom got a photo “Well done Mom”
After our dip it the sea we hot footed to Staithes. It’s very much like Robin Hoods Bay as you have to park at the top and walk down to the sea front. 
Watch out for seagull plop, check out the car!!
After that, a stop off at Grosmont to see the steam trains. Dad took a video. We were very pleased that at this point me and Tess were back in the car. If you look at the far left you will see a rare bit of footage of mom taking photos and putting her hands to her ears. The noise level didn’t pick up on the video but it was ear piercings. We don’t like things like that.
On to the last set of photos from our Holiday





Happy Holidays

So ends our holiday at The Yorkshire Moors, Thanks for coming back to see our photos we sure enjoyed looking back at them.
The whole area gets the 4 paws up from us, put it on your places to go on holiday. You won’t be disappointed.

Now where to go next year “Tess get the map out”

The Holiday posts have been a bit of an Olympic Marathon for us, from the 9th July when we sent you the first E-Card to 23th July that's 18 posts in 15 days!!! 

We're going to take a break from the laptop for a couple of days, but will be back with a Blogville Olympic Special before the games start.
Thanks for all your comments, we love hearing from you, after our rest we will be coming to visit you all.

Signing off for now.
Love and Hugs George and Tess