Wednesday 16 June 2010

Attingham Park a Second Time

We've been back to this NT place called Attingham Park, I thought we'd been all around it the last time, we all know that mom is no good at reading maps, so dad picked one up, its a big place so here's some piccy's of the day. 

First thing to do is have a comfort break, and always remember to get your peeps to put it in the bin.


We'd not gone far and came to a sign, this way or that?
Dad got the map out.

I've never seen a Deer, in fact I've not see alot of things, every day is something new.
So I told dad we should go to the left

 Mom tells porky pies, her words were "if you kiss a frog it will turn into a prince" but nothing happened!      

On some more and another sign, yep its the right way.

In front of us was this, now I do steps in every walk we go on, but these looked on the big side to me, turns out its an optickaloosion. it was as flat as a pancake, I know what pancakes are yumy.

This place is so dog friendly, making the signs the right height so I can read them.  

We end up going through a big gate,  I'm on the look out

There they are

This was as close as we could get, pretty little things
Time for a break and a sit down before heading back home, mom and dad had the afternoon cream tea, and I was aloud to have a lick around the carton, gotta watch my waist line.

This is were I met Buster, his peeps were very nice to me, I had some water off them because the water on offer at the cafe was yuk, full of flys, and when mom and dad weren't looking I had some cake to.
Buster is getting on in years so he didn't want to play, that OK by me you have to respect your older doggie mates

On the way out I spotted some flat peeps

Moms having a weekend away with her girlie pals soon and she say's she will take a flat me with her.
Me and dad will have the weekend to ourselves, that could mean a pub and beer "yer", roll it on.
See Yea George
Don't forget on Friday I will be putting a post up for "Unity in Diversity"


The Daily Pip said...

I am glad you were able to see deer! We live in the city (not many deer), but a couple of times a year drive north to the woods and I get to see lots of deer. I secretly love to bark at deer, but don't tell anyone - it might ruin my nice dog image!

Your pal, Pip

Wyatt said...

What a grand day out and about. You are a good reader of maps and signs, VERY IMPRESSIVE! We will be looking for you to post about your pub visits with your Dad!


Bella and Ollie said...

That's a very nice walk you went on George.
I've seen deer before but every time I say "Hello", they get scared, I can't understand why!
Love from Bella.

Agatha and Archie said...

GEORGE WE ARE STILL HERE but we are having some computer problems and we are waiting for our new one....We are sort of borrowing one to talk to you .. Listen we have a ?.... ARE YOU OFF LEAD??? A TERRIER OFF LEAD??? Very inmpressive.....Listen, PL2 the whole time she was looking at you was making these awwww noises. nad she said if she could she would send herself thru the computer to come and kiss you.We told her she would WICKED get stuck HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH but she sort of didn't laugh..Love your pals A+A

Asta said...

you awe so lucky to have so many bootiful pawks and doggie fwiendly too..Doggie level signs..Pawfect . Did the fwoggie kiss back??hmm, no pwince well, at lest you wewe able to see the pwetty deews. My flat self went to England and fwance this spwing. It's not as god as my wound self going, but cewtainly betttew thn nothing. Going to the pub wif youw Dad isthe best I heaw
smoochie kisses

George The Lad said...

Agatha and Archie you are making me go all red under my fur, I would be happy to kiss PL2, must be better than a wooden frog. I'm I off lead well what do you think? I don't want to give to much away but I am learning folk dancing and I love standing on my two hind feet.
Lots of love George xxx

Eric said...

George, that was a wicked walkies. See you are good at reading and kissing and standing on two leggeds. I favour that myself the two legged standing mainly foxtrotting or a bit of street rather than folk dancing but I could give it a go.

Now be careful round those deer. They are not so dear in my park at the moment on account of the dear litle deer littlee 'uns. The squares had to pick me up and run the other day when one suddenly appeared and chased us...yikes. You be careful.

Wagging glad you managed to steal some cake on your smashing day out. Mind you a night at the pub would be better.

Wiry wags lad. Eric xx

Duke said...

You sure do spend a lot of time on just 2 leggies, George! Do you feel like you need to be taller?!
When mom goes off to visit gram, dad takes us to get burgers and fries and ice cream! Gosh, beer would sure be nice too!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch