Sunday 30 May 2010

Well, I don’t think I would have got up this morning if I knew we would get lost today!
The morning started OK. A bit of a lay in till 8.00 after all it’s Sunday.
Straight out for me morning walk, Breakfast on the return, then a sleep, 11.30 things start to happen, I’m getting good at picking up the pointers, peeps have to put shoes on, get my travel bag sorted and that means we are going out in the car, this time another NT place Dudmaston Hall
I was OK on the trip, at the gate a man peeps gave us a map which mom got her paws on and was told that because of Me, Me of all dogs is only aloud in this place called The Dingle. What the heck is a dingle!
Dad seamed to think mom is good at reading maps. This is the first time I’ve seem mom with a map and I’m none to impressed,

           Time for a quick drink

Then off to this place The Dingle. we'd been walking for a while and by this time should have got to a mill
pond, its left says mom
 (who doesn't seem to know left from right)
some time later we end up here, and I mean some time later, in the middle of nowhere, me legs were turning to jelly and  me pads were aching, Mom then pipes up were lost, lost! I don't want to be lost they should be looking after me, I want to go home back to me bedroom, not sleeping in a field, Dad took the map, it seamed to him better to keep walking the way we were rather than go back. So on we went.

Back on track, I was so pleased. they had me worried   

Stopped for a drink and to cool me pads off.

Then off again, we ended up on the ruff side of the lake the other side is where the peeps that don't like dogs go
Another piccy of the lake

Came across a dog friendly gate, I had got my second wind but by this time, Dad was flagging 

Then just when things are looking up,we come to this. A not so friendly dog gate with this sign on it.
What do us dogs do to upset you peeps? Mom and dad always pick me poops up, I get on with other dogs, OK some peeps can get on my pip,  just let me get on with what I'm doing


We had to walk all the way around the outside fence, I was none to pleased I can tell you.
Finally something nice, the end of moms ice cream, I think shes trying to make amends. Please dad don't let her get her paws on another map.

Safe back home, me pads are aching so time for tea and a nap
See yea till next time George xxx 


The KGs said...

You deserve that ice-cream George ! Let's hope someone gets them a GPS for next time with pooch routes clearly marked!

Sunshade said...

Hey George,

Your mom is like my mum, that's why she put me into tracking class when I was 3, so I can take her home. My sense of direction is a gazillion times better. I think next time, your parents should just follow YOU!!

ps. I don't get that no doggie allowed thingy either.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade