Monday 10 May 2010

We have another member of the family, he lives up stairs with his door shut, mom won't let me in there she says its a health hazard, his name is Simon he only comes out to get his food and go to work, he's a bit on the pale side, needs to get out more.
Mind you he does always say hello to me on the times I see him.
Anyways moms been letting me go up stairs by me self (she's always behind me) but I can go quicker, this time his doors open "yea", I just had to take alook, it smelt ok to me, in fact the different smells where quite over whelming didn't know where to put me nose first. A quick scout round and the safest thing to pick up was a coat hanger, sharp exit and down the stairs. only to come up against this gate at the bottom, with mom close on me paws.

Note to self don't try to get though a space when the thing you have in your mouth is bigger, next time must pick up something smaller.
O well still got a treat for giving it back.
See yer around.


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Don't worry George, you will get faster. I wasn't as fast as I am know, but I really tried when I was a puppy. Now, I can do zoomies around Mommy whenever I want, which actually I don't do that much. Oh well!
Sally Ann, an American Welsh woman

George The Lad said...

Thanks Sally Ann that's what is called, zoomies, I just canner help me self, and get this feeling from me tail to me head and I have to run.
See yea George