Sunday 14 April 2013

Belated Birthday Outing To Ludlow Castle

I have waited a long time to go on this trip, it was worth the wait as it ended up a beautiful sunny day
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Because Ludlow is a small town it can get over run with cars.
They have a park and ride, we had to wait for the bus to take us into town

Tess sat on Dad's knee

I sat on Mom's knee at the front of the bus

On our way to the Castle

Lets open the doors

A big open space inside the Castle walls.

That's my flag they are flying

Lets take a look around

Tess take's a run up some of the tower steps!!

You can see for miles out of this window

There were pigeons nesting under the wooden floor, Tess was wagging her tail so fast it's a blur!

Back at ground level while Dad went up another tower to take some photos

Can you see us with Mom

See the Church, Mom went to the top of the tower!
 photos to follow

Trying to pose for my Saturday Steps!

We just had to sit and wait

Until Mom got the photo she wanted

After a good look around

Time for a break and rest

 Mom makes her way to climb the church tower

St Laurence's Church

The Church Bells

200 Steps to the top

Can to see us with Dad?

Back down the 200 steps

Good to see you back Mom

The Feathers Hotel built in 1619 and it's Haunted

Two dog shops together

Its been a long day for us, and we are waiting for the bus back to the car

We sat a the back of the bus this time as there was more room

Time to say good bye to Ludlow, we need a sleep


Hope you enjoyed joining me on my belated Birthday outing, as I enjoyed my day

Love and Hugs George & Tess xxx

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Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

That was a fantastic birthday outing. We're surprised they let you on the bus! We love the photo your mum got once all the photo bombers left.

Thanks for another Fantastic tour!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Dougall-the-Scottie said...

A real castle! WOW! You are so lucky!

Unknown said...

What a great day you had. Love the old Tudor door and choice of music. Have serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Taryn said...

Wonderful post! How dog friendly too! Shuttle buses like that don't ever seem to allow dogs here in the US.
Thanks for sharing the B-Day trip!

Cowspotdog said...

What a most excellent adventure and certainly a wonderful birthdate treat. There is something so magical about old castles. Did you find any dragons ?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh you GUYS! ( and girls)

This was precious. Love the Smilebox music as you take us on a clandestine tour of not only a fabulous castle, but a haunted hotel! Only George and Tess....and George mi man, your day and my day, it is coming up. Let's wave that flag proudly. Are you ready to slay that dragon? I hope so!

I want to go to England just walk and listen, feel and imagine. Thank you for taking me with you.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH this is just a STUNNING post. What a CHARMING place Ludlow is. PERFECT fur the Birthday Outting. WE loved every single picture. THANK YOU fur sharing such a special day with us.

Eileen H said...

What a fabulous birthday treat, and the castle knew you wee visiting and flew your flag in your honour :-)
We had planned on going to Ludlow when we were on holiday and never got around better late than never George!

rottrover said...

What a fun day! And what a beautiful place! Thankd sor sharing it with us, George!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

George! I believe this was my all time FAVORITE post! Yes, I could see you with mom and dad.. Wow, what a magnificent Castle..
Thank you for taking me along.
Best to mom and dad.

WFT Nobby said...
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WFT Nobby said...

George, what a fabulous report on your exciting day out. It felt as though I was there with you. Gail says she has been to Ludlow a very long time ago and remembers what a beautiful town it is, but as she has not thought to take me there yet , I shall have to rely on your Mum's great photos.
Toodle pip!
PS If you look at my latest blog post you will see me relaxing in a pub, finally!

Millie and Walter said...

What a great outing. So glad the weather cooperated for you too. Thanks for sharing.


Duke said...

You sure had a wonderful birthday outing, George! We loved all of the pictures and your smilebox!

Love ya lots
Mitch and Molly

meowmeowmans said...

We think that birthday outing was definitely worth the wait! :)

Pat said...

Fabulous photos from what looks like a wonderful day out!

Matilda the Boxer said...

What a grreat trip! Thanks for sharing all the fun pics.

Ryker said...

That was an amazing Brithday Adventure. So glad we voted for this one! And the Church was the icing on the cake! Did you fall asleep on the bus? I would have!

Rubie and Poots (her Mum) said...

That was a great outing Bro!! They don't allow dawgs on buses here (unless you are an assistance dog that is) but we dont have the conjestion issues either - so we drive everywhere. I am so JELLY that you got let in to a CASTLE!! Mum goes cross eyed with JELLY-SY when she sees stuff like that - we don't have castles and old stuff like those beautiful old buildings..... sigh.....

Congrats to your mom for CLIMBING those 87 thousand trillion billion steps - whew!!

Tail Wuggles, your sis, Rubie xxx

Enid said...

Wow! Your Mum wents so high up, it made me feel rather giddy! I want a birthday outing like yours George!
Have a great week.
Enid x

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous Birthday walkie George! I bet y'all were tired after all those steps :O Mom says she would have gotten very dizzy going down 200 spiral steps. Your Mom is very brave! Glad she went up them. The views were stunning! Luved seein the photos of y'all as ants in the valley BOL. Great Great Great! Thank you so much for sharing :D

Waggin at ya,

J_on_tour said...

Great Birthday outing and a fantastic post. Always a good sign when you see it's safe with the flag to enter one of your castles George ! Impressive building too. Always worth the wait I find for the extra few minutes to get the awesome picture ... love the saturday steps shot. I have mixed feelings about spending a bit more time outside The Feathers Hotel with the camera and maybe less time inside it !!

I have links with distant friends that attend events with an organisation who regularly host town trips. Due to the location being base to one of its leaders, Ludlow is often on the itinerary. Just that little bit too far for me for a day trip with a self booked overnight stop. ... one day though I might go for it as you tempt me here.

Unknown said...

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