Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Tess....August Issue

Headline News

Play Date


Mom's New Sign


My New Nick Name!


I'm In The Dog House Twice!


George at ASDA




Hello and welcome to this months Tess
Loads to get through


Play Date

At My Boyfriends House

"George stop him floating away!"

"Tess don't be so ruff you'll hurt him"
"He's not getting away this time George"

"Tess darling are you OK, do you want me to give you the kiss of life?" 

"BOL, I'm fine Colin really"

Hope we get to play again soon


Mom's New Sign

Mom say's she saw this sign over two years ago in a shop at Much Wenlock. She should have got it at the time.
So over the last two years has been looking out for it in other shops.
We got in from a gift shop in Staithes when we where on holiday.
Mom is well pleased, no need to look anymore.
And it's true to :)


 My New Nick Name!!

Slug Girl 
Yes that's right. 
I have to run like mad when Mom knows I've got one. I thought she would be happy that she has her very own slug catcher

  But it seams not, as I don't kill them, just bring them into the house, its up to her to kill them
I have tried eating them but they make your mouth all sticky.
Its OK the worming tablets me and George are on kill lung worms, Mom checked with the vet.


I'm In The Dog House Twice!

Well, so what, I was looking for slugs
Plus we need a new carpet anyway

I've been told I'm not allowed to take a dip in the pond

I'm looking for slugs

Looks like I've be framed!!


George at ASDA

I was there to, we went on a walk with the Telford branch of Meetup around a local country park.
The start and end of the walk was from ASDA!!

 Mom had her silly head on, the photos she took were terrible, but we had a great walk and saw some interesting things.
Thanks Meetup hope to join you on another walk soon.

We will be going back to the country park when Mom gets her photo head back on!!



We got two awards 

From Molly The Wally

 From Sweet William The Scot

Thank You Molly and Sweet William
 from the bottom of our fuzzy hearts. 
We blog to keep a record of what we get up to, and it lovely to know that you like to visit us, but what comes with blogging is the unexpected friendship from fellow bloggers
We hold you all very dear, and are proud to be part of the blogging community
Thank You


Breaking News

I've been to Consall Hall Gardens.We all went. George said he would take me one day.
 I had a lovely time, a full blog post will be up soon about our visit

Moms turning the shed into a grooming parlour!

Mmm not to keen on that idea!
I'll show you it on next months Tess.

We're meeting one of our blogging friends soon, can't wait

Don't forget the blogville Games are in full swing, click the link on the side bar for up to date LINKS

Its a wrap for this month's Tess.

You don't have to wait that long to see me again, I'll be back on Sunday, with my week two report on Pedigree Joint Care+
If you missed my first report George has put a page at the top of the blog so I can put my reports all together.
 I 'll update it each week
Thank You.

Love and Hugs George and Tess xxx


Charlene and Storm said...

hi slug girl, that is so gross, if i ever see any slugs or snails in my garden i get rid of them so stormy cant touch them, they are so gross, i cant beleive all that slime on your face i would of been straight on you with the dish cloth, yucky!!!!

well dont on trashing the carpet, i wont tell stormy about that, dont want to give him ideas LOL!!!

Charlene and Stormy

Unknown said...

Brilliant post and so funny. My what a busy time you have had. We think Asda should employ George , ASAP. Have a good day at the Olympics.
Best wishes Molly

Eileen H said...

Great issue of The Tess this month,
loving your play date with Colin...all your ears are flying...and Tess we can see you did all the running to snare your boyfriend :-)
We have to say you are gross eating those slugs...yuk,yuk!! and Mom's carpet...oh dear!
Congratulations on your awards, well deserved :-)
We've seen you at the Olympics and all your training is paying off :-)
See you soon,
Eileen and Annie xx

Leigh said...

Great report Tess as usual - so much going on at your house! You must ask your peeps for a paddling pool - it's much better than swimming in the pond - less weed for a start. Not too sure about the slug fest but looks as though you had a fun time with Colin :-) Looking forward to your next update (and PeeS we loved the Olympic pics of you and George too) - woofs and licks from Magic xx

Duke said...

Slugs, Tess? ewwwwwwwwwww

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Millie and Walter said...

Brilliant reporting Tess. Isn't it funny how you are told you shouldn't go in the pond yet while your mum was filming your antics I distinctly heard her laughing at you? Seems like mum was more amused than annoyed.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVED THIS POST from the SLUG (eeewww!) to the romp in the pond. YOUR DATE WITH COLIN LOOKS LIKE FUN and wow little girl, You have quite the GRIP! LOOK, you squeezed him so hard, you got him to gape open his snout to show us his teeth!!!

YOU ARE ALL SO wonderful. Tessy, those slugs are NOT escargot! But you are a young lass, out discovering. Have the time of your lives!

Back later my sweets! Anita

Taryn said...

I had a good chuckle over the carpet! That has happened at my house as well :-)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

TESS... I hope your DAD doesn't see this.. I'll bet he would think you and Colin are Too YOUNG to be Kissin and stuffs.

SLUGS... THOSE are soooooo cool.. I can certainly understand WHY you felt the need to pull the carpet back just a TINY Tad.

WFT Nobby said...

Oh Tess, if only you were closer. I'd so love to have you round for a play date. And George could come too of course. We'd have such fun. I love boisterous play, and would be more than happy for you to climb all over me.....
Toodle pip!

CherryPie said...

That sign would look really good in my house too ;-)

meowmeowmans said...

Great reporting, Tess! We especially liked the pictures from your play date. You all looked like you were having so much fun!

Congratulations on you awards. Well-deserved, we must say.


sprinkles said...

Congrats on the blog awards, they're well deserved!

I need to look for one of those signs!

Mojo, Digger and family said...

I want that sign! So true, so true.

Sage said...

My goodness, Tess. You've been sooooo busy, but I have to tell you, the slugs we grow here in Oregon would make you go wild! Mom is always going ick.

Rubie and Poots (her Mum) said...

That's another great report, Tess- lovely pics in the pond..... but my ma said it would mean an instant BAFF for me!! What's this about a grooming shed....I don't like that idea either! Glad you had your tongue out for it. Mum went "uuurrrrcccchhh" when she saw the picture with you and slug juice in your mouth and on your lips....I thought it was FAB! Bet you got in trouble for the carpet thing.

Tail Wuggles, say HI to bro' for me.... Rubie xxx

J_on_tour said...

Great action shots and I might look out for that sign too !!

Anonymous said...

BOL! Luv your Mom's sign. Pawfect :)

Slugs Tess? Really? Bleck! Luved the video of you playin in the pond. You were really enjoying yourself! :)

Waggin at ya,