Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Tuesday Tess Bumper Issue

Headline News

Snap Shot of Our Christmas


Flat George's World Tour


New Year Resolutions!!!!

We're Back, no silly head gear, just us in the furs.

We have alot to get though in this post, so lets get started

Snap Shot of Our Christmas

Christmas Eve we went for a walk with our friends

The pups, Ben on the Left and Jenny on the right

Tuffy, George's long time girlfriend that goes in the pub
(Stanzie its not real love she just a friend)


George who didn't look to happy, mom made us all the same bandanny's to wear.

But he soon had a smile on his face when the walk ended at the pub

But it didn't go down well when he found out there was just water in the dog bowl and not beer, he said when its just him and dad at the pub, he gets beer in the dog bowl!

A good end to Christmas Eve


Christmas Day

 We went to Granny and Granpops, and took a walk to the Stiperstones

Its was very very windy. Mom couldn't hold the camera still

Coming back down, thats baby peeps Simon
he didn't want to come but said when we got back he enjoyed it.
We were all ready for Christmas dinner when we got back.
Mom put the camera away so there are no photos, I think she'd had to much sherry to take any good photos :)

Its at this point we would both like to say a big Thank You to all the friends that sent us Christmas cards, ecards and pressies. It was a surprize how many we got, no need to, but we loved recieving them, we are just pleased you are our friends. 

Christmas didn't end there
I did alot of this

While George did some of this!!

Dad made up this game based on "BuckaRoo"

The idea was to see how many toys
 he could put on me before I got up! thats my tail sticking up at the back, I just fell asleep for a while.

One present I will show you remember George and Dad going in that shop at Trentham and coming out with a pink bag, this was in it

A bling bling collar from George, thanks George he did say it was a good job I have a short name cus he was running out of his dog biscult allowance money!

What do you think? as I don't class myself as a bling bling girl.


Flat George's World Tour

Yes FG is off on his second year of his world tour, for those of you that don't know about FG he's a George you can download and take with you on holiday, take a photo and email it back to
The Real George
He will put it on FG's World Tour Blog, FG got to go to loads of places around the world in 2011 so lets see where he ends up this year
For full detail on how you can host him visit and see just how many places he got to in 2011 click on link

Its also on the links at the top of the blog


New Years Resolution!!

We are not happy, I had a lovely first Christmas, then I find out about this thing that folks do
 New Years Resolutions.

Bocci my blogging friend has just put up a great post on resolutions that folks make for there pets.
Go check it out its a good list of things to do this year.

Well Mom came up with one.

You won't belive this,
 To give up blogging!!!
 yes give it up.

 We had to fight our corner

We had to make a stand, time for the negotiaton table

"George don't sit down there like a wimp"

"Look Tess if she has made her mind up then that's it"  
"Don't be silly George we can pull her around that's why its called negotiation, some give and take, OK" 

"Look mom its like this, I've not been blogging that long, heck all of 3 months George as had a good run of it, we can't let our followers and readers down, we've been on a blogging break long enough"

"Please Mom don't do this, we need you to help us blog!!"

  "George help she won't listen to me!"

"Mom, I know it takes a long time to do the blog posts and we have been blogging a long time every Saturday with Saturday Steps, then Tess comes along with The Tess, but we can't stop all together, we have put a lot into this blog, plus all the friends we have made, lets just cut blogging down and see how it goes"   

Seems George's approach worked,
"Thanks George, that was close"

George has negotiated the following

The Tuesday Tess will now be The Monthy Tess

Oh well better than not at all

This weeks Saturday Steps will be the last one, but the good news is George will still be putting up posts as and when we get to go somewhere intresting.

 UK is holding the olympic games this year and we live just a short drive away from where it all started, so I can see some blog posts coming up about that.

Don't give up on us friends we have been told we can keep up with what you are doing and join in with things going on in blogland.

 She is letting us on the laptop some of the time to go visiting which we are pleased about.

So for now

Happy New Year
Hope you can join us on Saturday for a Special look back at
Saturday Steps.

Love and hugs George and Tess xxxx


Rubie and Poots (her Mum) said...

Hey Bloggin' Bro' and little Tess - FURST - I have to say how impressed I am at the shots of you showin' your toof pegs smilin' Tess - beautiful girl! I love your Bling too. Second I am SO RELIEVED that George negotiated the continuation of your bloggie..... what would I do without you two????? Whew that was close!! We totally understand if you want to scale down a bit, sometimes these blogs become a bit of a time eatin' monster - I know!! I am glad you had a lovely Christmas..... see you soon!

Tail Wuggles, bloggin' sis out..... Rubie xxx

Eileen said...

Tess, I lurve your new collar, what a generous brother you have. It suits you sweetheart :) See you had lots of other pressies too.

As for giving up blogging...my heart sank for a moment there!!
Phew, good job you both negotiated... naughty Mom.
Yep. The Monthly Tess and The As and When Someplace Interesting sounds good to me:-)

Love and hugs to you too and a Happy New Year xx xx

Bouncing Bertie said...

A great bumper edition Tess. And we are totally in awe of your precocious negotiation skills...

Oh and that collar is lovely, kind of tastefully bling, if there is such a thing.

Happy New Year!

The Thuglets said...

George Tess & Family Wishing you a a Very Happy & Healthy New Year!
George we wish you Yorkie Pud every week!
Tess thanks for all the Christmas news! Looks like you had a funtime. We love your bling bling collar.
So pleased you persuaded Mom to keep blogging..we understand absolutely how sometimes it gets a bit too much. The compromise reached is a very good one!

Big Nose POkes
The Thugletsx

Pat said...

Loved reading your bumper edition, Tess. You're looking good in your new collar. So glad you all had a good Christmas. Look forward to seeing you whenever mum has time to help xx

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Good negotiating George....great compromise. We'd miss you terribly if you just dropped out of Blogville.

Tess could join Bella in telly watching. Is it an Olympic sport?

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

Andi's English Attic said...

Happy New Year to you both!

George, you should go into the diplomatic core. Well done. Your blog is one we look forward to.

A timely introduction to Flat George as I am about to visit NY. FG will be coming with me (good job it's not the real thing, as I'm only taking hand luggage). Elsie will be staying at her Nan and Granddad's.

Andi and Elsie xx

Finn said...

We will be looking forward to this Saturday then! I love your holiday pictures and your collars!!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy George and Tess, firstly we can't let you go altogether cause we have just got to know you. Secondly we are happy to see you just every now and then when your mum can help out. Third, Stella is just green with envy about your collar Tess. She says its just fab. We're glad you had a great Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year too. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

Molly the Airedale said...

Thank goodness you convinced your mom, George! We need our George and Tess fix once in awhile, ya know!
We just love that picture of the wind blowin' back the furs on your faces!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Rose H (UK) said...

Sending happy new year wishes to you ALL!
I can understand that you'll be cutting down on the amount of posts but I'm sure pleased that you managed to negotiate :o)
On a personal note, thanks to Mom and Dad, and of course you and George for such a wonderful day, you and George were so well behaved :o)
Lots of love
Auntie Rose & Uncle Trev
xx xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WAIT!!!!!! WAIT!!! I am sad, I am sooooo sad that you will not be as frequent of a poster as usual! BUT YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART and on my blog roll, for those SPECIAL MOMENTS THAT YOU DO POST! George, Tessy and Jan, WE HAVE ENJOYED YOU SO MUCH AND LOVE THE HECK OUT OF YOU ALL!

What great smiles, antics and personality in these wonderful months, years of blogging. YOU WILL BE BACK SOON, I KNOW IT!

SENDING YOU MANY WISHES FOR SUCCESS and rest...we just love you so.

Anita and BALZAC!!!!

Taryn said...

Happy New Year!

I would be be very sad if you stopped blogging altogether! Yours is one of my most favorite and I would definitely miss you!

Moth said...

Happy New Year. We loved your report on Christmas Tess and - wow - beautiful bling! So happy that you will still be blogging even just once a month. It will make it even more exciting when it comes around :-)Looking forward to this Saturday for the steps - take care - love from Magic xxx

Pippen said...

Awesome negotiating, Tess! We're sad you won't be around as much but happy that we'll still get to see you!

Sam and Pippen

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Tess you look mahvelous in your new BLING Collar.

I am very much sorry that you will be cuttin back on Posting. BUTT cutting back is sooooo much better than NO POSTS from you.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Super collar, Tess. George has good taste. And it looks like you gots to do a lot teevee watchin' over da holly-days too. How sweet is dat? Haves a great 2012!

Patrice said...

I'd rather have a little George, Tess, and Mom than none at all.
Have a great New Year!

verobirdie said...

Please don't stop blogging, I'd miss the smiles of those two little devilsbtoo much...

Cranberry Morning said...

Well thank goodness they won that one! You MUST keep blogging. We all love George and Tess. Personally, I was glad to see them watching Bridger on the TV. lol

Is it just me, or is it true that in England there are a lot more dog lovers than over here? It seems like there were happy dogs with their owners EVERYwhere. And I don't know why restaurants don't admit nice dogs here. Sad commentary on America, I say.

So glad to hear you're going to keep on blogging. The photos of the table negotiations were the cutest ever!!

Golden Samantha said...

Hi Pals!
Belated Happy New Year! Oh my - first... George - you have the most magnificent SMILE!!! And also the cutest sister! Tess - nice to meet you! Sorry to learn of the cutbacks on Saturday steps, but we unnerstand, alright! We cut back on blogging entirely for a lot of last year, as our pawrents got very busy. Now, we're slowly coming back into it happily and it's so good to reconnect with our pals! Look forward to next Saturday's post!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon

sprinkles said...

My heart sank when I read that your mom was thinking of giving up blogging! I'm sooooo glad you negotiated with her about that and that you'll still post now and again. Yes, sometimes posts can take a lot of time. Just tell her that even a short post now and again is better than none at all!

I understand though. I get VERY busy with school and work so I totally get it. I hope you'll just cut back and not stop entirely.

I love Tess's smile! And your friends Ben and Jenny are adorable!

rottrover said...

Please don't even think of dropping out of Blogville!! cutting back's ok, but we'd miss you too much!!

-Bart and Ruby

J_on_tour said...

Wow, what a mammoth catch up & characteristic post. I thought I wrote long posts !! Glad you had a great Christmas & not such such a good New Year ... resolution (Jan) :-)
If it's any consolation, I think about giving up blogging about once a month due to the amount of time it takes and not just my contribution.
I keep in mind who would be most disappointed if I stopped. I opted to reduce my posts and input from September. I was also had to be gradually a bit ruthless on followers and commenters to keep my sanity. Your plan seems to be a good & realistic one.
Finally, Great shots at the TV & around the ... err ... discussion table. :-)

The Daily Pip said...

Oh George and Tess, these pictures made us smile, especially that one of George sitting up!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

Aww...it looks like all of you had a lovely Christmas. Thanks for sharing a part of it with us. The two of you look as cute as ever! Merry Christmas to you and your family ♥ I hope your New Year is filled with joy, good health, and many, many blessings!

julee said...

George and Tess,
Happy New Year.
We understand about mommy wanting to take a blogging break. I know you provide lots of fun and good pictures but it's a little challenging to blog every day or week.

WE would LOVE to see the Olympic games through your eyes. My mommy 'may' be in England this summer at some point and would LOVE to see you. We'll let you know if that actually happens.

Love your bling collar and you hiding under the stuff animals. That made us LOL.

Take care and we love you
Violet and company

Anonymous said...

wheew, that sure was a close call there. I thinks that you and George did a pawsome job of KEEPIN your blog up and goin! Woo Hoo!

I just love your Blinged out collar Tess, it look grrreat on you!

I look forward to you Steps review.

woos, Tessa

Michelle said...

So glad to hear from you both, George and Tess! I have missed you both. Nice to see you had such a great Christmas holiday.

Hoke said...

No No you can't give it up!!!!! We won't stand for it. George and Tess we will fight with you!!!

houndstooth said...

Whew! I was all enjoying all that fun from Christmas and then you scared me! I'm so glad you're not giving up the blog altogether! It will be really excited to see things about the Olympics from you!


The Black and Tans. said...

Gosh we sure are pleased you dug your paws in, climbed up on the table and talked your Mum around.


Silly Mummy.

Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

Anonymous said...

Whew! That was a close one George and Tess! Good thing y'all are such excellent negotiators! :D

Glad your Mom had a teensy weensy bit of sherry to celebrate the Holiday with ;) I laughed my tail off at Tess buried in toys! BOL! How many movies did she watch George? Can she still see okay? Hardy Har Har

Glad you're back! :D

Waggin at ya,

meowmeowmans said...

Great save, George and Tess! That was a close one, sweet friends. We are glad you will still be blogging, because we love you!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Smile With Your Tail said...

We liked the negotiation table, good job guys!

We're glad your going to keep blogging- we have just started reading :)


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

We TOTaLLy understand wanting to carry on and also your mama wanting to break free from the bonds of blogaholism! Seems like you have come to a good compromise with your mommy. We look forward to seeing your "steps in review" on Sat. And, of course little Tess' new monthly posts. We cut down on posts dramatically too. Not enough time in the day! Happy New Year.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog and Hootie

Road Dog Tales said...

Whew! You had us going there for a minute with the "no more blogging" threat! We totally understand needing breaks and whatnot 'cause blogging takes lots of time BUT we need to hear from you now and then!
So, now that that's settled - love the BLING collar Tess! Glad you had lots of fun during the holidays and got to hang with some of your furiends. Sounds like George and his Dad might need some "boys' nights out" alone if you girls are cramping their style, you know, with the water instead of beer! BOL!
Glad to hear FG's tour will continue this year!

The Road Dogs

lyon de clarasvals said...

Broc, Banshee and I are so glad you convinced your mom to keep blogging. We love to read about your adventures and see your beautiful pictures.

Agatha and Archie said...

Darlings,It looks like you had a lot of fun PL2 said to tell your Mom she understands about blogging and the time it takes!! ARchie is going to try to get into the Olympics We'll let you know how that goes..Love A+A

Ryker said...

My mama has had to cut back on my blog as well. Sometimes life just gets too busy. We will look forward to keeping in touch, just less frequently.
George, I just hope Stanzie doesn't read this. She will be broken hearted!
Tess, you are definaltely a Bing Girl...your brother did a great job picking out your new collar.
Happy New Year,

Pup Fan said...

Your Christmas looks like a lot of fun!

Wyatt said...

What a wonderful holiday you had and look at that blingy collar!
So glad you talked your mom into an occasional blog post. We would just miss you both something fierce if you stopped blogging all together.


P.s. Stanzie wants to go to the Valentines dance with you, George. Mind if she sends in an old picture of you 2 love birds?

Groucho said...

Wow, I just discovered your blog via the Barkalotz Boys and I'm hooked! I love your photographs and your Christmas story (love the collar Tess!). I was a wee bit envious of your wintry day - we were sweltering where I'm living 'Down Under'. Have to dash now but I'll be back for more reading soon!