Tuesday 6 December 2011

The Tuesday Tess

Headline News

George at the vets


I'm Scuppered


Mom gets a surprise in the bathroom!


Do You Love The Frozen Planet?

Tess here with the goings on in the Bell household, seams I have got the nack to keep them on their toes LOL!! 


George at The Vets

 He's got an ear infection, its ok cus mom knows the signs and took him early. Thing is, looks like its not just the turkey that will be pucked in a couple of weeks. His ear hair has got to come out. Ouch!!


I'm Scuppered

Dam it, mom caught me. See, I can get onto her bar stool that's in the kitchen where my bedroom is. My idea was to do some counter surfing. 

She's put a stop to it by turning the chair around when she going out. There must be another way?


Mom Gets a Surprise in the Bathroom


Now I think most of us dogs at one time other another have to put up with these things - gates, as George just said "The Cheek of it" anyways me and George had been working together on a way to open it, and it worked. George pushes and I jump up and move the catch, Mom had gone upstairs to the bathroom to do what folks do, so me and George put our plan into action and it worked. I belted upstairs to find mom, she was sitting down at the time and didn't look to happy.

Dad's since fixed it and we can't open it anymore, boo hoo, can you see that metal pole on the left hand side, I could get throught that gap until dad fixed it, is there anything dad can't fix!!

Do You Love The Frozen Planet

I do

Mom says I should keep quite when its on

Breaking News

We are coming up to a blogging break as from next Saturday one more post before we go, wait until you see just what I had to wear for the photo!!.
Its a wrap for this weeks Tuesday Tess
Kisses from Me
Kiss me quick Tess xxxxx


Eileen H said...

Poor George. Ouch, pain-free wishes for the plucking of his ear hair :(

I always thought you two were a clever double act. You're well and truly scuppered now.

Is it the reindeer you're excited about on Frozen Planet???

We'll miss you on your blogging break, all the more news to look forward to :-)

Kisses from us to you Tess x xx

WFT Nobby said...

Tess, one day your Mum will forget to turn that chair round, I am quite confident. You know how it is when humans are running late for an appointment - they get all flustered and forget things.

And yes we adore The Frozen Planet. I was most excited by the wolf/bison fight a couple of weeks ago (although also a bit embarrassed on behalf of my gender when the male wolf skulked off and let the female fight on by herself!)

Toodle pip!

The Thuglets said...

Well what a news update Tess! You really know how to keep everyone on their paws! Miss Livewire!

Sorry to hear about George's ouchie ears. Hope he is soon all better. Tell him a weekly dose of YP will be good for him!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Pat said...

Tess, you're my favourite news hound!
Love your Tuesday slot.
Take care of George, he'll want some tlc soon - and who knows, the two of you together may figure out how to counter surf :) xx

Rubie and Poots (her Mum) said...

Hey Tess - great job on the reportin'. I wanna know why the peeps don't want you up the steps..... what ARE they hidin'?? Good job on teaming up to break the gate system. Now you need another tack huh?

It's not nice to have the ear hair yanked out of the ear....only one thing can be said...OWWWCCHH!!

I hope you will be around to see my next post.... it was my visit to Santy Paws (he's the one who dishes out some of the Xmas treats!!) It was such a blast.

Anywho..... it's gettin' hot here.... gonna be 34 tomorrow.... and I have some napping to do.

Tail Wuggles, Rubie

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Tess, well done figuring how to get over those human hurtles. It's ashame your dad can fix things.

Bella and Roxy came running inside to bark with you at the television.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

Duke said...

We love that you're such a newsy girlie, Tess! Bummer that your evil mom thought to turn that chair around!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Finn said...

Great report! I get surprises in the bathroom too! And hope George has healed from the trip to the v-e-t!

Leigh said...

Great news reporting Tess. I so understand the battle with humans and gates ...and chairs. Whenever me and Caoimhe find a good place to explore the next thing there's a barrier there or the chairs are turned round. Poor George - Caoimhe has a LOT of ear hair and she's due for plucking soon too
:-( Have fun barking at the TV though - we enjoy that too when there's animals running about - especially dogs! Love from Magic xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh poor George. Hope the plucking isn't too traumatic.

I have to do the same as your mum - turn my chair around so that Elsie can't use it to get on my desk. She still does sometimes, though (yes, I forget to turn it round.)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Like always, I come away BELTING OUT THE LAUGHS.....YOU TWO...you are a riot!!!!!! Tessy dearest, you are a fine little reporter, a charming and wonderful little lass!!! YOU AND GEORGE ARE A TEAM of terriers that just worm their way into my terrier-lovin' heart. We will miss you sooooooooo.......

verobirdie said...

Poor George! You must be very nice to him...
You two look like perfect partners in crime :-)

How Sam Sees It said...

Ouch - can they shave the hair instead?


Chicco said...

Oh George i hope you're better now!!!!
Have a nice day.
Woof, woof,


Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Tess....what if you got up on George's back and tried to climb over the gate? Just an idea!

And did you find anything behind the Frozen Planet when you looked in back of the television? Good thinking!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

NICE work on the gate... the BREAK THROUGH CREW!!! I am sure your mom was just THRILLED when you came into the Peeple Potty Room. I'll bet it really HELPED her finish MUCH FASTER. and this is the Season to be savin TIME fur more ImPAWtant stuffs.

Love Tess Tuesday!!! GRRRRREAT JOB.

Sorry about the Infection George.. butt it is such a Manly thingy.

The Daily Pip said...

Hey Tess,

Sorry to hear about George's ear! Ouch! And nice work on the gate! My peeps once put up a "gate" to keep me out of the kitchen, but I figured out how to get through it in no time!

Your pal, Pip

Rose H (UK) said...

Poor old George, having a poorly lug-'ole hope he's feeling better soon.
Tut-tut Tess, you are getting into ALL kinds of mischief these days! I'm pleased Dad's fixed the gate - no more surprises for Mom ;o)
Hope you have a great week - but behave yourself please!
Lots of love to you both.
Auntie Rose
xx xx

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Tess, hugs to George for having a sore ear. A gate to stop you and George getting places! Unfair! Keep on trying to squeeze through hehehe. Rory says counter surfing is not that hard. You just have to try and make your legs grow longer. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Sage said...

Now, if you and George can figure out how to open that gate, I bet you can enlist him in helping turn that chair around. Counter surfing is a personal best of Toby's, so if you need any advise, send him a message.

sprinkles said...

Poor George. I'm glad your mom knows the signs of infection and got him to the vet in a hurry so he wouldn't have to continue suffering with it.

My dad's ancient beagle used to like to counter surf too. The chairs in the living room have wheels on them and she'd somehow push them through the living room and into the kitchen to counter surf when no one was home. She always got caught because she never pushed the chair back into the living room.

julee said...

Tess, thanks for keeping us up to day on your household. You guys are so smart to figure how to open the gate. And you are crazy smart for finding your own way to counter surf....you give me ideas sister!

We hope George is feeling better soon.

Have a good break.

Hoke said...

AHHHH jumping on a chair and then onto the counter!!! I didn't think of that...gonna go and try it now!!! Have fun!!

houndstooth said...

Yeeouch! Tell George we're sorry about that ear plucking. It does not sound fun at all!

Enjoy your break, Tess!


Wyatt said...

We have one of those gates too. It is to keep us out of the guest room. Stanzie thinks that it is her room and likes to make herself all 'cozy princess like' on the pretty bed.
Stanzie sends 'get well' kisses to George, xoxoxo


Unknown said...

Oh Tess, we really love your newsy reports.

We're so sorry about George's ear and hope he is okay as soon as possible.

You're such a pretty girl, Tess.

meowmeowmans said...

Great update, Tess. We sure are sorry to hear about George's ear, and hope it is all better soon. You are a clever pup, indeed, what with the way you were getting up on the counter AND how you two figured out how to open that gate!

Have a wonderful and restful break!

Anonymous said...

OMD Tess what a week!

I sure hope that George's ear feels better.

There has GOT to be a way to get on that counter. Keep thinkin bout it!

I keep Mom company in the bathroom meself, but thats just me!

I don't mind Frozen Planet but I HATE and shows that have that heart beat noise. Makes me crazy! But you Tess sure do have a way with lettin the TV know that you is snoopervisin it!

woos, Tessa

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Anonymous said...

Tess you are the gossip queen! :) Laughin myself silly over your surprise visit to your Mom in the Loo ;) BOL! Durn that handy Dad anyway eh? ;)

Waggin at ya,

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Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi George and Tess
Thank you for coming over again to visit.
Wishing you a very happy new year!
Thank you for all the smiles you have brought me last year...

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