Sunday 25 April 2010

Morning Walk

Well how are you all, Had a good weekend? I have been out and about, today dad dropped me and mom in Ironbridge, he went off to do his folk playing.
I was sick on the way mom Say's I'm growing out of it, I hope so. We had a nice walk along the river. With stops on the way to take piccys.

Ended up waiting for dad at the pub, and yesterday was the first bar be of the year.
I have found a great way to get treats you have to pinch things, works great, anything will do, the secret is don't give it back until you get the treat how cool is that.
I keep a tally in me bedroom,
Socks- I think I'm up to 12 they don't have to be pairs
pants- 2 pairs
Cappo-got that twice
TV remote-3 times
pens- 3
dish cloth -I cannot really count this as mom found it in me digging hole
Filters- Dad's smokes, some times from his ears lol
Bar be cue tongs- 1
Slippers- lost count
screw driver- 1
Top from a jar of horseradish-mom thinks it was this that made me sick in the evening, I don't think I will be doing that again.
Have ago guy's and girls great fun.
see you around George


The Black and Tans. said...

Ironbridge is a wonderful place. Our hooman says is "Bears on the Square" still there? It's her fav shop.


George The Lad said...

R not sure will check next time, mom say's having me saves her money, because I stop her going in the shops, it means we end up in pubs, and I do like a bit of Guinness, I got told off only last night when dad took me to the local I was asked if I was under age to be drinking!

see you around George